What plastic surgery procedures did Jolin Tsai undergo?

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Dubbed ‘Asia’s Dancing Queen’, this sassy chick is one hell of a pop diva in the Asian music market. The Taiwanese singer and dancer first came on screen in 1998, at a mere age of 18.

Being a sweet young thing she was, Jolin Tsai entered the industry with a burst of vivacity and a dose of coyness, just what it took to give the entertainment industry a little ‘perk-me up’.

This breath of fresh air was soon unstoppable as she erupted the entertainment scene with her dynamic dance moves and sublime vocals.

Jolin Tsai plastic surgery before after change

They say with rising fame, comes great responsibility (problems) and they can’t be more right. Jolin Tsai finds herself constantly having to deal with a mire of speculations regarding her ever-changing appearance.

With relentless attacks on how drastic her change is, it has definitely piqued our interest here at PlastyTalk.

Speculations of the Jolin Tsai plastic surgery transformation you say? We definitely want in!

Just what is the Jolin Tsai plastic surgery transformation all about? Let’s look into the crystal ball and find out more.

Before we delve deeper into the specifics, let’s just take a moment to view the drastic change in this Jolin Tsai plastic surgery transformation.

Jolin Tsai Plastic surgery

Yikes, and so it seems, the speculations could hold true.

Looking at the difference, it must have been quite an onerous journey in the Jolin Tsai plastic surgery transformation. So much to see and definitely a ton to talk about.

Without further ado, let this eye feasting, tongue-wagging session begin.


The Jollin Tsai Plastic Surgery Transformation – Eyes

Jolin Tsai plastic surgery eyes

Correct us if we’re wrong but this before and after collage makes the perfect summation of the Jolin Tsai plastic surgery transformation.

Perfect set of eyes, nose, jaw. You name it, she’s got it (done).

But let’s hold our horses and kick start the discussion by plunging into the world of blepharoplasty.

From doe-like to Angelina Jolie, Jolin Tsai’s eyes have indeed seem to have taken on quite a stunning transformation.

While the pop star had rather globular eyes (an attribute that is of great significance in any pop industry), however, her eyes, unfortunately lacked that hint of femininity and sultriness, an absence, the celebrity noticed and quickly fixed.

Notice how an epicanthoplasty, (cutting the inner corners of the eyes) almost instantly transforms that adolescent girl into a mysterious seductress?

Epicanthoplasty exposes the eyeline completely from the inner corners of the eye, giving the celebrity a more refined, vivid cat-like eyes.

Judging from the before and after picture, we see that Jolin Tsai’s eyes are infinitely sharper with a more elongated finished, giving her that seductive teardrop eye shape.

If we look harder, we also notice that Jolin Tsai’s double eyelids are also more conspicuous. Her initial tapered and slight crease is now replaced with a set of parallel eyelids, giving her a more deep-set looking pair of eyes.


The Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery Transformation – Nose

Jolin Tsai nose plastic surgery

Believe it or not, your nose is the deciding factor if you look delightfully dainty or downright dowdy and the above picture is the perfect example.

Looking at the before, Jolin Tsia did not exactly possess the slenderest of noses.

Bluntly put, it was bulbous, big, wide and it has most certainly conquered ¾ of her face.

Cursed with a bulbous nose, the pop diva knew that rhinoplasty was her only means to achieving the beauty that the media so vehemently dictates.

And so, an alarplasty and a rhinoplasty later, Jolin Tsai is now officially accepted by the painfully superficial and terribly critical entertainment industry.

With that narrow and tall nose bridge proudly erect, and a pair of beautiful alar sculpted to perfection, Jolin Tsai is now ready to take any stage and rock any photo shoot without having to worry about her nose stealing her thunder.


The Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery Transformation – Cheek/Jaw

Jolin Tsai cheek and jaw plastic surgery

Just when you think we’re ready to call it a day with the Jolin Tsai plastic surgery transformation, we’re actually far from done.

So after having her eyes and nose done, like the other gazillion celebrities, Jolin Tsai probably still felt that she was far from perfection and we can completely empathize.

Having that signature wide, flat and broad face, brutally divulges the sheer Asian-ness in Jolin Tsai, and the celebrity wasn’t too upbeat about that.

After all, who likes a masculine looking face on a petite feminine frame? And so, perhaps, Jolin Tsai had her facial contours altered.

Undergoing a zygoma reduction, Jolin Tsai’s temporal bone is now trimmed to a narrower and slimmer finish.

Notice the space between her eyes and ears is now smaller than before, giving her that perfectly sleek and feminine facial contour?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the magic of a zygoma reduction.

Jolin Tsai Zygoma jaw

Fixing her protruding Zygoma is but just the tip of the iceberg to tame that broad, masculine facial contours of hers.

Jolin Tsai had more to hustle in order to achieve that perfect V shape facial contour.

Her exceedingly strong jawline did nothing but reminded Jolin Tsai of how terribly inadequate she was and it was only a matter of time that she rid herself off such masculinity.

A possible jaw reduction or botox could be applied to straighten that angular jaw into a more palatable looking jawline.

And we got to say, it was one of the best moves in the possible Jolin Tsai plastic surgery transformation.


The Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery Transformation – Breast

Jolin Tsai breast augmentation

Yes we heard you. Double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, jawline reduction are making their rounds one too many times and you are just about done with them. But hey, look what exciting buzz we’ve got here.

Like the other 984983834987 Asians out there who are lacking severely in the boob-y department, Jolin Tsai’s genetics seemed to adhere very (if not too) closely to the Asian roots.

Looking at the picture, there is just no two ways about how Asian Jolin Tsai truly is but all of that changed when the celebrity decided to defy the works of nature.

From mere bumps in the chest area to a pair of behemoth knockers (breast impants), have we gotten your attention or what?

We’re pretty sure we’ve knocked your socks off in this segment of the Jolin Tsai plastic surgery transformation.

May we advise, Stop ogling and start breathing!

Now that we have revealed all of the the possible Jolin Tsai plastic surgery procedures, it is time to take a look at the transformation of this pop star from plain-vanilla to exceptional beauty.

Jolin Tsai before procedures

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Jolin Tsai plastic surgery before after change

Did Jolin Tsai do plastic surgery

While it is clear that God hasn’t spent too much time on this pop diva, Jolin Tsai took matters into her own hands, molding and sculpting herself to near perfection.

The Jolin Tsai plastic surgery transformation has indeed come a long way but it is without a doubt a success, since the superstar is looking more fantabulous than ever.

Good Job Jolin Tsai but let’s just stop at there, shall we?

Because well, it’s just too much of a good thing. #justsaying

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