Plastic Surgery helped Lee Min Ho become the brightest star in K-entertainment

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He is everything a girl wants in her knight in shining armor – Tall, suave and seriously drop-dead handsome.

His ravishing looks coupled with his tall stature, has gotten the world entranced by his perfection. Having stolen just about a million hearts (and counting), this irresistible hunk is nowhere near done.

Lee Min Ho launched into the K-pop culture stratosphere when he played the leading role in the drama, Boys Over Flowers in 2009.

City Hunter actor Lee Min Ho plastic surgery

Ever since then, the name Lee Min Ho has spread far and wide and his fan base only grew exponentially, with hordes of diehard fans raving at anything Lee Min Ho related.

Like many other K-pop stars that went under the knife to attain a more ‘sublime’ version of themselves, Lee Min Ho was likewise unable to escape the clutches of plastic surgery.

Though Lee Min Ho was far from ugly when he debuted, however, slight changes to his facial façade made this star shine the brightest in the K-pop industry.

So what is the Lee Min Ho plastic surgery procedure all about?

What exactly did Lee Min Ho do to his face?

Let us show you the pictures and you decide before we get down to the juice.

Lee Min Ho plastic surgery

Comparing the Lee Min Ho ‘before’, way back in the ’Meh, yea ok’ days, with the ‘after’, ‘Oh my! hello there Gorgeous’ to-day, the celebrity’s appearance has apparently taken on quite a stunning transformation.

From eyes to nose to jaws, the Lee Min Ho plastic surgery journey seems to have been quite a hectic and exciting one.

Without further ado, let’s embark on this exhilarating ride as we observe the beautiful rebirth of Lee Min Ho after his plastic surgery procedures.


Lee Min Ho Eyes Transformation

Lee Min Ho eyes procedure

Lee Min Ho’s eyes are the first on the discussion panel. Looking at the ‘before’ picture, it is clear the celebrity doesn’t look the way he does today.

Hooded eyelids made Lee Min Ho seem slightly droopy, dopey and ready to call it a day.

But after a double eyelid surgery, we see a more enlivened side of Lee Min Ho.

The more pronounced double eyelids has not only widened his eyes, but it has also seemingly added more vivaciousness in the superstar, giving Lee Min Ho that little boost of ‘oomph’ that he was so severely lacking.


Lee Min Ho Nose Transformation

Next, we move on to more bumpy (pun intended) terrains of the Lee Min Ho plastic surgery journey – his nose.

Lee Min Ho Korean actor nose

Sure, the star had a high nose bridge, however, a somewhat acceptable pair of alar and a rather decent width and length of a nose bridge, just do not cut it.

So the celebrity got himself a nose that was more befitting of his celebrity status – aesthetic perfection.

As you can see from the before picture, Lee Min Ho had a slight bump on his nose, making his nose bridge look uneven.

However, with a simple rhinoplasty, Lee Min Ho was able to iron out the kinks and achieve that perfect ‘celebrity’ nose.

Lee Min Ho Rhinoplasty

Not only that, Lee Min Ho also shaved the width of his nose, making it narrower and slimmer.

And for the final touches to his nose, Lee Min Ho also underwent an alar reduction, snipping off the slightly meatier sides of his nose, making his nose much smaller than it was originally.

After so much that was being done to his nose, to be honest, we feel that Lee Min Ho’s nose is way too high, way too straight, and basically way too perfect to be real, making him deviate from the Asian-ness in him, which unfortunately makes him seem somewhat plastic.

But hey, if this is what it takes to look this good, we’re not complaining!

Lee Min Ho plastic surgery before and after


Lee Min Ho Jaw Transformation

And now we come to the final leg of the Lee Min Ho plastic surgery transformation – the jaw.

Korean actor Lee Min Ho jaw surgery procedure

One look and you can already tell that Lee Min Ho did something to the lower half of his face. The initially square-ish and long jaw is now substituted with much shorter and sharper jaw.

After a jaw reduction procedure, notice how it manages to soften Lee Min Ho’s image, injecting a hint of femininity in him, making this superstar quite the pretty boy.

This is in comparison to the ‘before’ where Lee Min Ho seems more rugged and rough-hewn due to the stronger and more masculine jaw.

And here we thought the V-shape jawline was only a craze bound by the female gender, it sure seems like this fad knows no boundaries and Lee Min Ho knew exactly what he was doing in order for him to achieve that superstar prestige.

Now that we have witnessed the key changes in Lee Min Ho, let us take a stroll down memory lane as we observe the gradual morphing of Lee Min Ho into this fine piece of art.

Lee Min Ho before plastic surgery

Korea actor Lee Min Ho before plastic surgery procedures

Lee Min Ho Korea younger days

Lee Min Ho Korean actor days before plastic surgery

Korean actor Lee Min Ho younger days

Lee Min Ho before plastic surgery transformation

Lee Min Ho before transformation

Did Lee Min Ho have plastic surgery

Lee Min Ho with long hair heirs

Lee Min Ho plastic surgery news

Kpop actor Lee Min Ho before plastic surgery

Lee Min Ho Korea actor eyes

Lee Min Ho korea entertainment nose

Lee Min Ho in suit before after plastic surgery

Korean idol Lee Min Ho underwent plastic surgery

Kpop Korea idol Lee Min Ho eyes nose jaw plastic surgery

Lee Min Ho handsome after cosmetic surgery procedures

Lee Min Ho latest news plastic surgery

City Hunter actor Lee Min Ho plastic surgery

The Heirs actor Lee Min Ho plastic surgery

Lee Min Ho drama idol look

Lee Min Ho hairstyle plastic surgery

At this point in time, it is not unexpected that many of you ladies (and men) may be experiencing some inexplicable pounding of the hearts as you find yourself ogling foolishly at your computer (we know you’re smiling as we’re speaking).

What can we say? A stunning man like Lee Min Ho is indeed a diamond in the rough and all we need is a picture of him winking and our hearts are his to keep forever.

Looks like the Lee Min Ho plastic surgery transformation is truly successful.

We really can’t wait for his next drama appearance so that we can soak in more of this Lee Min Ho awesomeness and finally know how love truly feels.

Till then, all hail the glorious Lee Min Ho!

Lee Min Ho before and after plastic surgery transformation

[Image credits:,, izpurnama.blogspot,, tumblr]


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