Plastic Surgery addiction led to Hong Kong actress Fanny Sieh’s disfigurement

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With all that talk associating small, v-shaped face with feminine beauty, it has caused the V-shape jawline to be the new vogue.

Many women have fallen victim to this fad and have scurried to the nearest plastic surgery clinic in hopes of attaining that alluring chin structure. Fanny Sieh, a former socialite and Hong Kong actress is no exception.

However, revelations of her post-plastic surgery disfigurement, has sent shock waves across the world as many gawk at her almost non-recognizable face.

This is Fanny Sieh today.

Her face, evidently marred, has lost significant semblance of the ‘humanistic’ facial structure.

Her chin is painfully sharp and her eyes, deadly globular.

Fanny Sieh botched plastic surgery

However, Fanny Sieh wasn’t that of a complete wreck back in the days.

On the contrary she was a gorgeous lady who exuded poise and elegance, one that is rather typical of Hong Kong celebrities.

Discontented with her already beautiful façade, Fanny Sieh has undergone several transformations and umpteen plastic surgery procedures for her to get to where she is today.

So how did Fanny Sieh land up the way she is today? Let’s take a look at her gradual transformation.

Fanny Sieh before plastic surgery

Fanny sieh plastic surgery

Fanny Sieh before plastic surgery transformation

Fanny Sieh cosmetic surgery


Attractive, ravishing, elegant are just some of the words you can use to describe the ex Hong Kong actress.

As you can see, Fanny Sieh was quite an enchanting lady with a pretty face and a va-va-voom body.

But like all other women who are constantly at odds with their appearance, Fanny Sieh was far from pleased with the way she looked.

And regrettably, that triggered the downward spiral of Fanny Sieh’s appearance.

Fanny Sieh plastic surgery gone wrong

Fanny Sieh V-shaped chin

Fanny Sieh after plastic surgery


And so, the first drastic transformation begins. Fanny Sieh in the above looks terribly plastic with her overtly protruding chin.

While chin implants help women to achieve that small, sharp, feline facial structure, the chin implants have unfortunately failed Fanny Sieh, making her look awfully strange and painfully awkward.

As if she had not done enough to destroy her beautiful face, Fanny Sieh continued to indulge in plastic surgery procedures and that led to the eventual demise of that stunning actress.

Fanny Sieh post plastic surgery

Fanny Sieh botched plastic surgery

Fanny Sieh plastic surgery gone horribly wrong


And this is what we call, a complete plastic surgery fiasco. Just what in the world happened? Where is that beautiful and appealing lady we saw just minutes ago?

Fanny Sieh, clearly not satisfied with her previous chin implants has decided to make some (deadly) changes, shaving it down so sharp, it could seriously do some damage.

Fanny Sieh before after plastic surgery transformation


From gorgeous to grotesque, Fanny Sieh has made some really terribly choices when it comes to the plastic surgery department.

Her plastic surgery addiction has caused her to lose all traces of her actual self and has made her look outlandish and almost freaky.

While plastic surgery has proven to do us a good turn, making us a more beautiful version of ourselves, it could also potentially do us in just as it did for Fanny Sieh.

It is thus of great importance that we make educated choices and decisions before taking that leap into the world of plastics.

To Fanny Sieh, we say to her, ‘ Good luck and soldier on’.


[Image credits: informativos, fannyfit, mynewshub]


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  • MaryAnn

    wow this is such a drastic change

  • ronch

    I think hallooween just drew closer..

  • Fanny Sieh

    just want to correct something. she had “Stevens–Johnson syndrome” and not from surgery.

    • Elaine See

      Stevens–Johnson syndrome is a skin condition but this does not affect the bone structure, a change that is pretty evident if you look at her chin. 🙂

      • RedRider67

        Yeah. Mm hmm, Michael Jackson had vitiligo. Rose McGowan had a car accident. Yeahhhhhh but no.

  • Melanie Kellett

    I think it’s pretty sexist and completely untrue that “all women” are “at odds with their appearance”. And if the media didn’t constantly criticize women actresses for not being “perfect” and hold them up to unrealistic expectations by constantly posting pics of fake photoshopped women instead of showing a woman’s REAL beauty, flaws and all, this poor woman wouldn’t have felt the pressure that so many girls today are forced to feel every time they open a magazine or turn on the tv.

    • RedRider67

      Not for nothing Melanie…..this goes way way beyond…..this is illness, this is body dysmorphia….this is Michael Jackson level hideous…why did no one in her life intervene? The doctors who butchered her should be held accountable…

    • Marius

      it has nothing to do with the media. Plenty of women do not alter their appearance no matter what the media say. I agree with redRider67. This is just mental illness and the surgeons should be held responsible

  • Janine

    Too bad! Her face was ruined by the hands of man!

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