5 Physical Traits That Will Help You Score Any Date

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In the increasingly demanding world of today, finding our Mr and Mrs Right is hard. While it’s true that compatibility –  interest, characteristics, blood type, social standing – plays quite a dominant role in determining the possibility of that second date, there is one factor that surpasses them all – Physical Appearance.

As superficial as it may sound, it holds true.

First impression does matter.

So just what are some of the physical traits that you could enhance to boost your confidence for that date? Let’s find out more!

Cherubic Face

No one likes a gaunt facial contour. Hollow cheeks and temples suck out any trace of youth within us.

With fat grafting and fillers, this can easily be remedied, giving you that healthy and youthful facial revolumisation.

Bright and Lively Eyes

During a date, most of the attention will be focused on the eyes and your smile – your smize (smiling with the eyes)!

A pair of sunken and tired eyes not only adds to your age but makes you look perpetually disengaged.

Giving your eyes a lift by filling them out with either fillers or fat makes a world of a difference.

Shapely contour

A date or an interview, looking clean and sharp always adds brownie points.

A shapely body sends a message that you take good care of yourself and your health.

A flabby tummy or batwing arms, on the other hand, may give the inadvertent impression of sloppiness and unfortunately, it reflects the message of an unhealthy lifestyle.

While flabby tummies, bat wing arms and even chunky thighs may be a cause for concern, there’s no fat pocket a hassle-free liposuction cannot help to address.

Masculine Chest for the Men

Dressing to impress and looking your best isn’t just the ladies’ responsibility.

Men, you’ve got a part to play, and it’s quite a big one.

Women love a pair of broad shoulders and a taut, muscular chest, as it indicates that the man can protect his lady.

For some men, neither going to the gym nor adhering to a healthy diet guarantees a well-sculpted chest, due to a condition called gynecomastia (man boobs).

Gynecomastia surgery can get rid of that medical condition.

Exude Feminine Confidence

Ladies, it’s all about the way we carry ourselves, but being self-conscious might actually be your worst nemesis.

For those who may not necessarily be the most secure about our bodies, there are ways around this little hurdle of ours.

Sculpting your body with a combination of liposuction and fat grafting can give you that ultimate boost of self-esteem.

Amaris B. Clinic: The Solution To Your Dream Body

Amaris B Clinic, helmed by Dr Ivan Puah since 2005, is dedicated to help men and women achieve their desired body, giving them the confidence they never knew they had.

The clinic’s signature body sculpting treatments are liposuction, fat grafting and gynecomastia surgery.

Vaser Liposuction (VASER Lipo)

Vaser Liposuction (VASER Lipo) is the modern liposuction treatment of today.

It is a targeted fat reduction treatment that is usually done on the common problem areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, neck, and chin.

VASER Lipo is a minimally invasive fat reduction and body contouring procedure that can sculpt the hourglass that you’ve always wanted or even just to get rid of stubborn small pockets such as the knees and chin.

How Does Vaser Liposuction Work?

This preferred method of liposuction uses ultrasonic energy to emulsify the fats from the targeted body parts.

The melted fats will then be aspirated through a small cannula, inserted via a small incision made. The tiny incision will be stitched up, and heavy dressings will be applied.

Patients would need to have their compression garment on for the next few weeks to speed up the healing process.

ADR-C Breast Enhancement

A majority of women find themselves increasingly discontented with either the shape or the size of their breasts.

ADR-C Breast Enhancement aims to dissolve women’s dissatisfaction with their breasts, allowing them to bring out a set of confidence they can call their own.

How Does Breast Enhancement With ADR-C Work?

Harvesting and injection are the two significant steps in the ADR-C Breast enhancement treatment process.

During the procedure, excess fat from other parts of the body is first extracted via liposuction.

After which, fat tissue will then be subjected to carefully purify and harvest to preserve the quality of the fat cells into the breast area. This is called fat grafting.

ADR-C Breast enhancement is vastly different from the traditional breast implant surgery method.

It does not only reflect more natural results, but this method is free from the risk of ruptures, leaks or even potential shifts due to the placement of the implants.

Efficiency aside, ADR-C breast enhancement also requires significantly shorter recovery time as compared to the breast implant surgery method.

Gynecomastia or Man Boobs

Gynecomastia or man boobs are the worst, to say the least. While some men are plagued by this condition due to hormonal imbalance, others are affected by gynecomastia due to a medical condition.

Regardless of the causes of gynecomastia, many men who suffer from this condition find their self-esteem plunge to an all-time low.

Afflicted by this condition, many men find themselves dejected and some even regard themselves as less than a man.

Male Breast Reduction @ Gynecomastia Surgery

A Gynecomastia surgery helps to reduce excess fat and overly enlarged glandular tissues.

With the overly enlarged glandular tissues removed during the surgery, the once flabby chest will not only be flatter but also firmer, giving you that more define and masculine appearance in the chest area.

Speak to Dr. Ivan Puah for your dream body and newfound confidence today.


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