Park Bom’s drastic plastic surgery transformation shocked fans

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Park Bom, a member of girl band 2NE1 has recently made headlines with a drug scandal.

The hard-pressed 30 year-old celebrity was hit with a drug smuggling allegation and has since been struck with much more severe criticism.

However, the drug allegations scandal is but just the tip of the iceberg for this Korean popstar.

Korean idol 2NE1 singer Park Bom plastic surgery procedures

This is not the first time Park Bom has the tabloids up to their necks, as they scramble to dish out fresh from the oven speculations about her new plastic surgery transformation.

Livid by the plastic surgery allegations, the singer attributes the changes in her appearance to her lymph node disease.

Many have slammed her online, claiming that lymph node disease, though tragic, does not account for the substantial change in the eyes, nose, chin, jaw and every other her facial feature.

Having perhaps done umpteen procedures, the tabloids have almost lost track of Park Bom’s plastic surgery transformation.

Almost losing all traces of her original self, the Park Bom plastic surgery journey is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most drastic transformations in South Korea’s entertainment industry.

So what exactly was the Park Bom plastic surgery transformation? Let’s find out more.

Park Bom plastic surgery before after

Looking at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo, we see that Park Bom has indeed changed quite a bit in her appearance.

What was once a sweet and demure looking girl has transformed into one of a somewhat plastic-ish facade.

And the tragedy of it all – Park Bom does already look quite pretty to begin with.

Sweet, pure and most importantly, so au naturel. Where art thou pre-debut Park Bom?

Park Bom plastic surgery before and after


A closer look at Park Bom’s double eyelids

Park Bom double eyelid surgery

Park Bom Eyes Transformation

Let’s first start off with her eyes.

In the ‘before’ picture, we see that Park Bom has a slight crease in her eyelids.

Her double eyelids are pretty subtle, very much to the liking of typical Koreans.

Park Bom before after eyes plastic surgery


We’re guessing Park Bom could not stand the idea of being part of the typical clan and so, the decision to go big or go home.

One of the most talked about Park Bom plastic surgery procedures has to be her double eyelids.

It is perhaps through an eyelid surgery that the celebrity was able to achieve the atypical deep-set, thick creased eyelids.

Park Bom’s eye in the before picture is one that is highly sought after in South Korea today, a slightly longish almond shaped eye with just a hint of double eyelids.

The thick, parallel and deep set double eyelids are qualities that are way too foreign for the Asian gene, making Park Bom look painfully artificial.

But her double eyelid surgery is just but one of the many plastic surgery mistakes that Park Bom made on her way to ‘celebrity perfection’.


Park Bom Nose Transformation

We believe that Park Bom’s plastic surgery on her nose took her more than one try for her to achieve her ‘ideal’, considering there were quite a bit of hiccups along the way.

Park Bom Nose plastic surgery procedure

But regardless, let’s talk about Park Bom’s nose. In the ‘before’ picture, it is clear that Park Bom possessed quite a chunky looking nose.

While she had a relatively high nose bridge, the bulbous nature of her nose still did not make her look as polished and poised.

The tip of her nose was pretty meaty and can we say, ‘bottom heavy’. But Park Bom rebelled against it. Having done a rhinoplasty procedure, Park Bom was able to acquire a sharper looking face.

In the ‘after’ picture, we see that her alas (wings) of her nose are significantly reduced and the tip of her nose is much longer and sharper than before.

Park Bom cosmetic surgery nose procedures before after

Park Bom’s initial nose surgery has proven that all surgeries are not success guaranteed, thus it is crucial that you get a meticulous and skilled surgeon who pays careful attention to the slightest of details.


Park Bom Chin Transformation

We’ve got to say, perhaps the most tragic part of the entire Park Bom plastic surgery procedure is her chin.

Judging from the failed outcome, Park Bom should really put in more effort in searching for the right plastic surgeon should she decide to undergo yet another plastic surgery transformation.

Regardless, let’s discuss Park Bom’s chin.

park bom chin surgery


While Park Bom did not necessarily have a big, flat face, one that is pretty typical in Korea, she was not exactly bestowed with a sharp v shape face, a feature that is globally adored.

It seems like Park Bom took matters into her own hands and perhaps had her chin corrected.

Opting for a Chin implant, Park Bom seemingly managed to achieve this small and feminine looking v shaped chin (so she hoped).

While it did make her face seem more defined and pleasantly shaped, but the surgical blunder cannot escape the naked eye.

Looking at the ‘after’ picture, we see how the chin implant slip-up has caused her face to look slightly asymmetrical, making her chin look slanted towards the left.


Our final thoughts on the Park Bom plastic surgery transformation

We feel that the alleged Park Bom plastic surgery was disastrous on so many levels. There was not one post-surgical feature that looked better than the pre debut Park Bom.

In more ways than one, plastic surgery has seemingly ruined the inherently gorgeous celebrity. It has perhaps triggered an addiction and has most certainly destroyed her face and possibly her life.

In fact, it seems like plastic surgery, has in some very strange ways, added years to Park Bom, making her seem older than she truly is. There was probably not a need for her to go under the knife except perhaps getting a botox or two.

To that we say “Why Park Bom Why?”

So instead of crying over spilt milk, let’s just take a moment of silence as we reminisce the more beautiful and natural side of this Korean pop sensationalist, Park Bom.

Park Bom before plastic surgery

Park Bom Kpop before procedures

Kpop star Park Bom plastic surgery

Korean singer Park Bom 2NE1 eyes nose chin plastic surgery

2NE1 Park Bom Plastic Surgery

Park Bom surgery

Park Bom before and after

Park Bom boobs plastic surgery

Park Bom legs and plastic surgery

2NE1 Kpop singer Park Bom plastic surgery

Park Bom Korea Kpop 2NE1 lips nose ears plastic surgery

Park Bom hair styled cosmetic surgery

Park Bom after plastic surgery

Korean idol 2NE1 singer Park Bom plastic surgery procedures

Park Bom then and now

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