Non-surgical alternatives to Facelift

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The traditional facelift will give a more youthful appearance and reverse the signs of ageing. For those who are not prepared to go under the knife, there are non-surgical alternatives to facelift which one can explore.

There are new cosmetic surgery techniques which will rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

Thread Lift

Threadlift, also known as featherlift, uses a special thread to boost drooping skin. After applying anesthesia, the doctor inserts a needle and surgical thread (or a suture like polypropylene) into the skin via a small incision which is a couple of millimeters long.

Just like sewing a piece of fabric together, when the thread is pulled tight, the muscle and tissue tighten with it and the doctor can hide this excess tissue in places such as the scalp that is not easily seen. This allows threadlift to recontour the facial skin, and the total time needed is only about 30 minutes. This procedure is relatively painless and easy, gaining it popularity for threadlift in Singapore.

Read more about Thread Lift here or find a Thread Lift Singapore doctor.


Thermage uses a radio frequency device to tighten the skin, and is best suited for younger patients with slight wrinkles. The heat of the radio frequency energy activates the skin’s natural collagen, making the skin contract and tighten.

Read more about Thermage here or find a Thermage Singapore doctor.


Botox has become increasingly common for use in facial rejuvenation. Botox is injected under the surface of the skin and paralyzes the underlying muscles. It can be used to remove fine wrinkles, and is often used to enhance the look of other procedures such as skin resurfacing and filler injections.

Read more about Botox or find a Botox Singapore doctor.


Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment which uses safe ultrasound technology to lift and tighten the skin naturally. This procedure works by stimulating collagen production by delivering focused ultrasound energy to the skin’s foundation layer typically addressed in cosmetic surgery—without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

Read more about Ultherapy or find an Ultherapy Singapore doctor.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers is another non-surgical alternative to facelift which can restore youthful fullness to one’s face. It can be used to hide scars, remove fine lines, reduce wrinkles and enhance shallow contours. Dermal fillers is a good alternative because it can offer many benefits of a facelift, but without the downtime associated with such a surgery.

Read more about dermal fillers or find a dermal fillers Singapore doctor.


4D Facelifting Package (Silhouette Threadlifting + Liquid Facelift + Fillers) $7,000

What is 4D (Silhouette Threadlifting + Liquid Facelift + Fillers) Facelifting?

Silhouette threads address the 3 dimensions of ageing by lifting and tightening sagging skin thus lessening unsightly wrinkles. The addition of the liquid facelift with hyaluronic acid fillers tackles the 4th dimension of ageing; volume loss.

Colin Tham Hsien Jen

Plastic Surgeon


Customised Plastic Surgery Package

Why look to a customised package?

Every patient may have their own individual needs, and Dr Ng will be able to specifically identify the exact combination of treatment that one might need. Get a customised package today!

Ng Siew Weng

Plastic Surgeon


Q-switch + HF Laser x 10 package $3000

What is Q-switch + HF Laser?

An anti-pigmentation and radiance laser, combined with a medical grade facial, to remove comedones, cure acne and get rid of pigmentation.

Gerard Ee

Aesthetic Doctor

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