5 Non-Invasive And Minimally Invasive Body Sculpting Treatments In Singapore

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From non-invasive to minimally invasive treatments, the choices are limitless when it comes to hewing your body to perfection.

Here are some of the popular body sculpting treatments – VASER Lipo, Gynecomastia Surgery, SMART Lipo, VASER Hi-def lipo and HYPOXI®.

There are a staggering 85 percent of women and 63 percent of men being dissatisfied with the contour of at least one body part.

From non-invasive to minimally invasive treatments, the choices are limitless when it comes to hewing your body to perfection.

Just which body sculpting technique should you adopt and what can you expect from these treatments?

1. VASER Lipo 

For those who are diligent at the gym but are unjustly rewarded for all the hard work, VASER Lipo might just be your answer to your shapely ever after.

The stubborn fats that seem to always wiggle their way back to the tummy, arms, thigh and hips, regardless of the stringent diet and hours hitting the gym, have finally met their match!

The state-of-the-art technology behind VASER Lipo allows obstinate fats to be directly targeted without injuring the delicate areas around the area, making this procedure one of the most highly sought after treatments in the market when it comes to battling stubborn areas.

Ultrasonic waves used in VASER Lipo are accurately inserted into the stubborn areas, resulting in the liquefying of the fat cells which are then removed, leaving the once stubborn area, stubborn-free, making it a key body sculpting treatment.

2. Gynecomastia Surgery

Aging, drug side effects, a hereditary disorder, obesity amongst many other reasons have contributed to the obnoxious condition called Gynecomastia (man breasts).

The presence of man breasts has seen to ripping confidence levels in men, and with it afflicting about 20% of men, Gynecomastia is not all that uncommon, but that does not mean you have to live with this embarrassment and insecurity.

One of the most effective ways to rid off this condition is to have a gynecomastia surgery which promises a masculine physique.

With the removal of the excess fat and glandular tissue that is sitting in the chest area, the procedure restores the masculine contours of the chest and not to mention, the re-establishment of self-confidence. 

3. SMART Lipo

SMART Lipo fixes the smaller areas such as double chin, upper arm and even love handles.

With its proficiency in tinier areas, it pays close attention to the smallest of details. SMART Lipo adopts focused laser technology to work its magic.

With laser target on these smaller and stubborn areas, the fats are effectively and efficiently zapped away in mere minutes.

Moreover, with an added bonus in promoting collagen growth, Smartlipo takes the body contour procedure to the next level!

Not only is the stubborn areas fixed, but you are also left with bouncier skin which looks and feel as good as new!

4. VASER Hi-def lipo

For those who have been hitting the gym religiously and you are just a tad shy of that perfectly defined, athletically built, VASER Hi-def lipo is just the perfect body sculpting treatment procedure for you.

Employing a 3-dimensional body sculpting treatment, VASER Hi-def lipo works carefully and meticulously zaps away the fat that surrounds your muscles, giving you that perfectly chiselled silhouette like that of a pro-athlete.

Like a skilfully carved gem for that extra shine, VASER Hi-def lipo precisely and thoroughly sculpts your body, giving your hard earned body at the gym that added boost of definition and contour.

With VASER Hi-def lipo, you’d never need to work out like a pro-athlete to look like one.

With more than 13 years of experience in the aesthetics industry, Dr. Ivan Puah’s extensive background in the aesthetics field and his keen eye for detail have allowed his patients to enjoy a seamless experience in their body sculpting journey.

Patient and empathetic, Dr. Ivan Puah, together with his team at Amaris B. Clinic, works closely with each and every of their patient.

Understanding and discussing in depth about his patients’ expectation and end goal, Dr. Ivan Puah tailors the treatments according to his patients’ needs, delivering the body they have always envisioned.

From non-invasive to minimally invasive body sculpting treatments, Amaris B Clinic offers a wide range of body contouring and body sculpting procedures, allowing every patient’s expectations to be met.

With hundreds of satisfied patients at Amaris B Clinic, Dr. Ivan Puah and his team never disappoints with their comprehensive knowledge and exceptional skills.

Have an insecurity with your body? Speak to Dr. Ivan Puah today.


Burning away stubborn fat takes more than just diligence, it sometimes takes a lifetime of patience and yet, still… zilch results. Moreover, with stubborn fat, comes yet another problem – cellulite.

Worse than stubborn fat, the tricky thing about cellulite is that no matter how skinny you are, you can almost never outrun cellulite naturally, should it decide to come after you.

Moreover, while exercise does provide respite from cellulites, its results are more often than not, slight to negligible.

With stubborn fat and cellulite getting in the way of a perfectly sculpted body, HYPOXI® is here to make the nightmare all go away.

Able to burn stubborn fats three times more effectively than your usual fat loss programme, you will be pleased to learn that HYPOXI® does more than just that!

Not only are you able to burn more fat at an accelerated speed, HYPOXI® exterminates cellulite like no other, giving you that smooth and taut skin texture, probably no amount of exercise can ever grant you.

The advanced vacuum and compression technology behind HYPOXI® trigger your body’s natural system which in turn helps to burn more fat and cellulite in those targeted areas efficiently.

Want to burn fat and cellulite fast and effectively and at the same time, getting that perfectly toned and sculpted body the most natural way? It is only possible with HYPOXI®!

Ivan Puah

Aesthetic Doctor

140 Arab Street
Singapore 199827


4D Facelifting Package (Silhouette Threadlifting + Liquid Facelift + Fillers) $7,000

What is 4D (Silhouette Threadlifting + Liquid Facelift + Fillers) Facelifting?

Silhouette threads address the 3 dimensions of ageing by lifting and tightening sagging skin thus lessening unsightly wrinkles. The addition of the liquid facelift with hyaluronic acid fillers tackles the 4th dimension of ageing; volume loss.

Colin Tham Hsien Jen

Plastic Surgeon


Botox + Filler (Jaw & Chin & Nose) $2000

Why do Botox & Fillers?

This is a V-shape holistic face procedure, designed to enhance one's looks giving a sharper facial profile and a more beautiful face.

Gerard Ee

Aesthetic Doctor


Customised Plastic Surgery Package

Why look to a customised package?

Every patient may have their own individual needs, and Dr Ng will be able to specifically identify the exact combination of treatment that one might need. Get a customised package today!

Ng Siew Weng

Plastic Surgeon

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