No Hymen, No Honey!

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There is no doubt that there are many things on the rise in China; the economy, the population, the haze index.

But amongst all these, there is an addition to the list, ‘Hymenoplasty’.  What is that you ask? Well, it’s basically a surgical reconstruction of the hymen.

This news comes as no surprise since China is ranked second in countries with most plastic surgery procedures done, on the heel of the current plastic surgery capital of the world, South Korea.

It seems like being youthful on the outside doesn’t quite do it for women these days. Rather, women are looking to be new again on the ‘inside’, hence the rise of the hymen reconstruction procedure.

The procedure, aptly nicknamed ‘revirginity’, aims to cause bleeding during post-nuptial intercourse. The surgery normally lasts no more than half an hour and can cost in the region of 5000RMB (SGD1,085).

Director of gynecology at Beijing Wuzhou Women’s Hospital, Zhou Hong, said that more and more women are turning to surgery after lying to their fiancés about their sex lives.

While in some countries hymen reconstruction is illegal, in others, it is available in private clinics and public hospitals; such is the situation in many Muslim countries.

In the East, the procedure is becoming more and more common with the appeal of marrying a virgin.

There are two main methods for the hymen reconstruction procedure; either suturing a torn hymen or using a piece of vaginal tissue, complete with its blood supply and create a new hymen.

But it’s more than just being a virgin all over again for women. Doctors argue that it provides therapeutic benefits as well – some women reconstruct the hymen as victims of rape or in order to forget abusive relationships.

Regardless of the reason in getting a revirginity procedure done, one thing’s for sure, ‘Hymenorrhaphy’ is bringing sexy back!


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