Shocking Nine Muses (9Muses) Plastic Surgery Changes

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We all know that the Korean entertainment industry is obsessed with plastic surgery.

You basically have to get a nose job if you even want to be considered for an audition.

In an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance, singers and actresses have done their fair share of time in the plastic surgeon’s office.

A little injection here or there they can often get away with, but time after time, they come out from under the knife looking completely different to what they used to look like to the point where you have to question if it is even the same person!

However, it can’t be denied that many a K-pop idol’s career has launched remarkably after going under the knife.

Today’s focus will be on the K-pop band Nine Muses. These are the good, the bad and the ugly of Nine Muses plastic surgery and what the stars looked like before they went under the knife.

You be the judge of it.


Moon Huyna Plastic Surgery Transformation

Kicking off our Nine Muses plastic surgery discussion is Moon Huyna.

The main vocalist of the group featured in  many MVs and CFs before debuting (she has the most modeling experience among all the members in the group, ranging all the way from fashion to product endorsement), and even appeared at Seoul Fashion Week in 2011.

Of course it comes as no surprise that Hyuna’s model good looks would lead her to a career as a K-pop idol.

Double eyelid surgery is so common in South Korea that nobody blinks an eye when their idols undergo Nine Muses plastic surgery to fix their defects.

Hyuna’s eyes have been subject to Nine Muses plastic surgery. Her eyes in the after picture is NOTHING like what they were in the before picture.

Clearly, Hyuna has undergone blepharoplasty to increase the size of her eyes and make them wider than the previous slits they were.

Along with double eyelid surgery, Hyuna’s next Nine Muses plastic surgery was to get her nose done. Her nose looked nothing significant before, what with the flat top and flared alar.

Now however, things have changed once Hyuna had Nine Muses plastic surgery.

Now she has a delicate nose tip (although one nostril looks smaller than the other) and a bridge that is defined and prominent.

This Nine Muses plastic surgery pushes Hyuna from catalogue model to runway superstar!


Lee Hye Min aka Euarin Plastic Surgery Transformation

The next Nine Muses plastic surgery member is Lee Hye Min, but who goes by the name Euarin instead.

The name came about when Hyemin applied for the Nine Muses audition, but she thought it was shady so she applied under the pseudonym ‘Euaerin’, and once she won her spot, the CEO had already come to like the name so much that it became her stage name.

Her name isn’t the only thing that she’s changed about herself. Euaerin has done Nine Muses plastic surgery to her nose.

The tip has been reshaped to be less fleshy than before. Also, we can see the top of her nose bridge has more 3D definition than before where it was just a fleshy mess.

Was this Nine Muses plastic surgery a good call? Indeed, Euaerin looks much better than before with her reconstructed nose.

Further to her aforementioned Nine Muses plastic surgeries, Euaerin has also had a chin implant.

Her chin barely had any real estate on her face before but the after picture shows her with a pointy chin that has increased in surface area.

This surgery adds balance to her previously unbalanced features thanks to the genioplasty she got.

As a child, Euaerin was unfortunate to be born with single eyelids that were so tiny they barely registered on her face compared to her other features.

These days, her eyes tell a different story. They’re much bigger, wider and most importantly have double eyelids.

This she achieved through blepharoplasty and we honestly can’t say she looks any “less” Korean than someone with single eyelids.


Son Seung Ah Plastic Surgery Transformation

There’s beautiful and then there’s Son Seung Ah.

The vocalist and rapper trained for three years before joining Nine Muses during their “Dolls” promotions.

Although she was in the original line up, she postponed her debut to finish university first. Sungah has admitted to having a tattoo on her upper back.

But is that the only body modification she got or the only one she is willing to admit publicly?

Has Seungah undergone Nine Muses plastic surgery to improve her looks? Well the picture above should help clear all doubts and answer the question.

Look at her nose!

It has clearly been altered to achieve a more pointed tip towards the end. She probably did Asian short nose lengthening to add inches to her short nose, as well as inclusion of a Silicone implant to add height.


Park Kyung Ri aka Kyungri Plastic Surgery Transformation

Park Kyung Ri aka Kyungri was originally a part of Nine Muses’ first line-up, but  left for Star Empire Entertainment, then for Jellyfish Entertainment, and then for Medialine Entertainment (at the last agency is where she became a trainee alongside Hello Venus’ Lime, Dal Shabet’s Woohee, Kiss&Cry’s Soyumi, and Stellar’s Hyoeun).

However, she ultimately joined Nine Muses due to her height, and the fact that her image suited the group well.

In fact, Kyungri thinks she has the best looks in the group and wants to be the group’s mascot!

All that Nine Muses plastic surgery must have given her such incredible confidence!

Do you agree that Kyungri is the best looking Nine Muses plastic surgery member? Her pre debut pictures might change your mind!

Kyungri has lovely almond shaped eyes, but that’s about as good as it gets. She is lacking the double eyelids to complete her K-pop idol look.

Nine Muses plastic surgery comes to the rescue by way of blepharoplasty. Many people think this Nine Muses plastic surgery is only exclusive to Asians, but the fact is, as we age and the muscles of our eyelids weaken, it makes us look tired, and thus blepharoplasty will help remove excess skin and fat to make eyes look more refreshed. Think of it as the facelift of eyes.

Nine Muses plastic surgery is like a can of Pringles; once you pop (start) you can’t stop and it looks like Kyungri can’t stop fixing her face.

The singer also underwent rhinoplasty to increase the height of her upper nose, as well as refine the tip.

Her nose tip has gone from fat to ski jump tip, aided no doubt by the insertion of a Silicone implant.


Pho Hye Mi Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our next Nine Muses plastic surgery candidate was voted by her members to be at the bottom of a beauty ranking due to her forehead!

It’s none other than lead vocalist and maknae Pho Hye Mi.

Hyemi may not have a beautiful forehead but she does make up for it with her other features. Like……

Asian blepharoplasty, commonly termed double-eyelid surgery, refers to surgery designed to place a pretarsal crease in Asian eyes that are absent a fold.

Patients typically desire to look more bright-eyed and want to make applying eyeliner easier. Patients also seek to remove the puffy and tired look associated with a fatty upper lid.

Such is the case with Hyemi’s eyes, where they’ve gone from single eyelids to double eyelids with Nine Muses plastic surgery.

The same goals exist for rhinoplasty performed on Asians as for rhinoplasty performed on Caucasians, which is to build a natural-appearing structure that blends harmoniously with the face.

However, what differs is that Asians require augmentation in contrast to Caucasians who usually require a reduction.

Hyemi’s pre debut nose was too short for her face. The tip also appeared fleshy. Nine Muses plastic surgery has solved these issues for Hyemi by shaving down her tip, having it reshaped and building up her bridge height.

The after product has served to make her bring harmony to her face compared to previously.


Park Min Ha aka Minha Plastic Surgery Transformation

Park Min Ha aka Minha is known amongst fans as the one with the “derpy face”. We don’t see anything derpy about the vocalist’s face, but we do see signs of Nine Muses plastic surgery. Read on to find out which one.

We live in a visual world. For better or worse, men, women and even children understand that outward appearance elicits opinions from friends and strangers alike.

In the middle of that lies the nose. Rhinoplasty was one of the earliest cosmetic procedures performed, and for obvious reasons.

A century ago, clothing showed little skin and fashion hid a multitude of flaws. The nose was central literally and figuratively to the appearance.

An attractive nose could, and still does, overshadow a host of other features. Having said that, we can see why Minha has undergone rhinoplasty.

Who wouldn’t with a big fat nose like? Thankfully Minha’s surgeon has done an excellent job with her post debut nose as she now spots a slimmer more defined version of her old nose.

Maybe her plastic surgeon also got rid of the “derpy” expression in her post debut photo?


Ryu Sae Ra Plastic Surgery Transformation

Oldest member of the group is Ryu Sae Ra has branched out into acting among her other talents, which include playing the piano and violin.

Sera as she is commonly known is guilty of Nine Muses plastic surgery just like the rest of her group mates.

Let’s begin with her most drastic Nine Muses plastic surgery: Asian V-Line surgery is an operation for the wider U-shaped lower face designed to reduce the chin horizontally rather than vertically and thus slim the face.

The mandible is cut in several places, bones are removed, and the remaining bone is repositioned and stabilized.

Clearly, Sera has had this Nine Muses plastic surgery because her broad U shaped face has now “morphed” into the much desired V shape.

This gives the illusion that her face is slimmer and longer.

This Nine Muses plastic surgery may be less drastic but it is dangerous none the less, coming in at number three on the risky plastic surgery list.

We’re talking about rhinoplasty of course. Sera’s nose used to be a literal straight line at the tip, and incredibly bulky to top it off.

Things changed when she got rhinoplasty to achieve the slim, shapely nose she has today, where the length has been increased and the dorsum has been shaved down to become much narrower.


Lee Hyun Joo aka Lee Sem Plastic Surgery Transformation

Lee Hyun Joo, better known as Lee Sem rounds  up our Nine Muses plastic surgery.

The media has speculated Lee Sem got a boob job but we think her Nine Muses plastic surgery is a little closer to her face.

Lee Sem’s nose did an incredible 360 turn after Nine Muses plastic surgery. The singer had flared nostrils which made the tip of her nose look wide.

Rhinoplasty has helped reshape her nose and tone down the flared alar. Her nasal bridge is also ramrod straight and longer than before which tells us she’s had a Silicone implant.

Lee Sum’s nose looks much better now than it did before and she can credit Nine Muses plastic surgery for it.

Based on the picture above, we can see that Lee Sem underwent V line surgery to achieve the perfect V shape she has today.

Her face used to be broad at the base, ending in more of a U shape. Now when she smiles, her jawline is more pointed compared to before.


Let’s go through the transformation of Nine Muses throughout the years

For as long as we live in a world driven by looks and external appearances, plastic surgery will always be a booming industry, with an endless supply of K-pop idols in the making who will be willing to undergo to achieve their ambitions.

[Image credit: fanpop, dkpopnew, onehallyu, neogaf, soompi, onekpop, kpopstarz]


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