All you need to know about the new filler in the market – Hyaline

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Dr Carmelo Protopapa

Dr Carmelo Protopapa

Good news for beauty product addicts who previously had to choose between safe but short-lived Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers, and non-HA fillers that feature longer sustainability but are rather dangerous. You can read more on the different types of fillers here.

A groundbreaking product has arrived in the market ― Hyaline, the world’s first CaHA+HA combined filler, a compound of calcium and hyaluronic acid. HA fillers currently account for about 80 percent of the domestic filler market and non-HA fillers such as CaHA and PCL, another dermal filler, hold the rest.

The premium facial filler, invented in February this year by Italian plastic surgeon Carmelo Protopapa, is now being used in 12 countries including France, Russia and Israel.

Korea, a well-known plastic surgery destination that has tourists flocking to Seoul, will welcome this new invention, although some wonder how this is different from existing products and if it is worth paying up to three times the standard price.

Dr. Protopapa talked to The Korea Times this week about his new product.


Q. What was your main focus when developing Hyaline?

A. At present, many types of filler are available in the aesthetic market, but most of them don’t represent any improvement over the others. We are always looking for an ideal product that doesn’t yet exist. We try to find something very close to perfection.

Q. Please explain the effectiveness and safety of Hyaline.

A. Hyaline was put on the market worldwide in February 2014 after a premarket evaluation that lasted about two years. The premarket evaluation was carried out in five different countries ― France, Israel, Brazil, Russia, and Poland ― and achieved very good results. No adverse effects were reported with a total of 10.000 syringes used in these countries.

Q. Please tell us about the trend for fillers in Europe.

A. Despite the global economic crisis, the HA filler market still has a positive growth of 7 percent. This is due to the safety this kind of material has for patients and its intrinsic “natural benefit” for tissue. But, unfortunately, HA also has some important limits that prevent its indiscriminate use. The most important limit is its durability.”

Q. Please advise patients what to consider before and after filler injection.

A. Like other fillers, after a Hyaline injection patients should avoid exposing themselves to intensive UV for two weeks. The best advice is to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Q. What’s the difference between Europe and Asia with respect to standards of beauty?

A. Even considering that some universal parameters exist, the standard of beauty is not absolute. Each country and its people has its own concept and needs. This is easy to understand if we consider that the shape of the face, the skin, and color are substantially different for each race. However, presently there is a trend that the majority of people follow: western countries are considered the model to start from. For this reason, all Asian people look very carefully to western countries and especially the Italians and the French. For this reason the standard of beauty is not so much different.

Q. Have you tried your new invention? If yes, how did it feel when injected?

A. Of course, before I proposed my product in the current market or to my colleagues, I tried it myself. Only after accurate and sure results did I start to propose the new products to others.

I remember a few days after the first treatment my first patient was back in my office claiming that the effect looked so natural that she doubted if it was real. But, looking at pictures I had taken of her before the injection, she was convinced and very satisfied.

Just to emphasize, the natural effect is one of the most important keys to success with injectable fillers.


Source: KoreaTimes


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