MMA Ronda Rousey to undergo plastic surgery after brutal KO

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Who knew the world of MMA and plastic surgery could collide so prominently?

In UFC 193 in Melbourne Australia, Holly Holm, the massive underdog challenger, brutally KO then-current champion Ronda Rousey at 0:59 of the second round.

Ronda Rousey and Holly Holms UFC 193

After the KO, Rousey was treated by medics on the canvass, sitting up before eventually regaining her feet. She did not however manage to fulfill post-fight media obligations, requiring medical attention as a priority.

Ronda Rousey requires plastic surgery for lip damage after UFC 193

Having suffered her first ever professional defeat Rousey was given the all clear for concussion, but remained in the hospital for observation.

She also had to undergo plastic surgery on her lips to repair the split lips damage caused to her by the devastating KO.

Well in this case, perhaps the case of too much sex before this fight to raise her testosterone actually backfired on her.

If any consolation, her looks will go back to normal after lip plastic surgery, and she can go back to banging and shagging, both on and off the octagon.


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