[Before & After] The Plastic Surgery Transformation of Kpop group Miss A

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They’ve topped the K-pop charts. They’ve sold millions of albums worldwide. They’ve got fans that could rival the population of a small country.

They are none other than Korean pop group Miss A, a four member Korean-Chinese K-pop girl group based in South Korea.

The group was previously known as the “Chinese Wonder Girls” and originally had five trainees formed by JYP Entertainment.

Fast forward to 2010, and the group shrunk to 3, but they finally had a name Miss A, and more importantly, fans who adored them.

The group consists of Fei, Jia, Min, and Suzy.

The A in Miss A stands for Asia.

This series will look at the plastic surgery of Korean girl groups and today, we’re focusing the spotlight on Miss A plastic surgery.

Miss A plastic surgery

The above photo is a before and after photo contrasting the girls when they first started out in 2010, and how they look now.

You’ve got to admit they’ve come a long way and certainly look more professional.

What is the secret to their success?

Could a little nip and tuck have helped elevate them from Plain Jane’s to true Korean pop idol status?

Let’s dissect the Miss A plastic surgery, member by member.


Miss A Lee Min Young Plastic Surgery Transformation

We’ll start with singer Lee Min Young, better known to her fans as Min.

The 23 year old has certainly undergone a major transformation since becoming a member of the Korean girl group.

The Miss A plastic surgery photos below should speak for themselves.

Miss A Lee Min Young plastic surgery

Same face, same angle. What’s different here? Her eyes of course!

In the first picture, her eyes are visibly smaller and very narrow.

The second picture has got her looking all doll like with her wider, much improved eyes.

We think blepharoplasty might have helped shape her eyes from typical run of the mill Asian shape to beautiful big peepers.

This Miss A plastic surgery is a winner for us.

So is blepharoplasty the only plastic surgery Min got to upgrade her looks or is there more than meets the eye?

We’ll put YOUR eyes to the test and see if you can spot the next Miss A plastic surgery on our girl.

Miss A min plastic surgery nose eyes

This Miss A plastic surgery a no brainer and anyone with a functioning pair of eyes will be able to spot the plastic surgery here.

What else can it be but her nose!

Her previous nose, as shown in the before picture is short and ends in an ugly snub.

We can hardly see any nasal definition going on nor is there any height in the bridge area.

The after picture shows her with a long, elegant nose.  Her tip is more raised and there is more shape than there was previously.

We reckon tiplasty and nose augmentation have helped this Miss A member achieve a much more lovely nose.


Miss A Wang Fei Fei Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our next Miss A plastic surgery candidate is none other than Wang Fei Fei, known to her fans as Fei.

Miss A Wang Fei Fei plastic surgery

This 27 year old stunner has been the centre of constant speculation over her looks.

Are they natural or store bought?

This before and after picture of the starlet answers the question more than any press release ever could!

Wang Fei Fei miss A plastic surgery

We’re waiting for the day where we can do a feature on a Korean or Asian celebrity who has NOT gotten eye surgery of some sort levitra genérico precio, but we guess today is not the day because this next paragraph will be dedicated to Wang Fei Fei and her suddenly improved, much bigger eyes.

As the pictures above demonstrate, Fei had rather typical small Asian eyes.

Fast forward to the after picture and the windows to her soul have become wider and more alert looking.

Wang Fei Fei had “slitty”, sleepy looking eyes in the first picture and we think she might have undergone ptosis correction to make her eyes less sleepy looking.

This surgery shortens the muscles that open the eye so that it does not droop down always and give the person a sleepy look.

We’ve got to admit that Fei is lucky enough to have natural double eyelids and so the only thing she needed was to make her eyes bigger and wider.

The next Miss A plastic surgery on Wang Fei Fei would be something all of you who read PlastyTalk regularly will be familiar with.

See picture below for clue.

Miss A Fei plastic surgery

We’ve got to admit the rhinoplasty isn’t very obvious, but that’s the sign of a good nose job isn’t it?

When everyone is forced to play the guessing game, that’s when you know your surgeon has done a good job.

While the tip of her nose remains the same in both pictures, her nasal bridge has definitely been elevated to a certain extent.

The increased height helps make her nose look narrower and slimmer, and as far as we are concerned, your nose can never be too slim or narrow.

Beats having a flat, bulbous, fleshy nose any time.


Miss A Bae Suzy Plastic Surgery Transformation

Up next in the Miss A plastic surgery is the youngest member of the dynamic quartet, none other than Bae Suzy, better known as Suzy to her fans.

Miss A Fei rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery

We think Suzy is a cutie and being only 21 years old, perhaps her face is 100% natural?

We hate to think that someone this young might have got plastic surgery in her teen years, so let’s see if this Miss A Suzy plastic surgery assumption is true or not.

Miss A Suzy plastic surgery

Just like her fellow group mates, Suzy seems to have followed suit and gotten a few surgical alterations done to her face.

First up, as we can see from the picture above, Suzy has gotten a nose job.

Unlike a lot of Asians, Suzy’s nose wasn’t too hideous before and actually seems cute for her face.

But hey, her new nose looks just as nice too.

As with Min and Fei, we can see an increase in nasal length and height.

Her nose tip has been refined a little with the alars being reduced to a certain extent.

suzy miss A plastic surgery

We’d like to note that Suzy seems to be one of the rare Korean pop idols who has yet to get double eyelid surgery, but from the picture above, we venture to say she might have got something far more dangerous: zygoma reduction.

Zygoma reduction aka cheekbone reduction does what it says: reduce size of protruding cheekbones.

While the procedure usually shaves off barely an inch or two, those few inches shaved off the zygomatic bones do make a front view difference as to how broad and wide your face appears.

Asians, unfortunately have these flat, broad faces and zygoma reduction helps to tone done the edges, leaving the face looking more narrow and giving it a gentle look overall.

The broad cheekbones might have made Suzy look young and cute in the before picture, but we’re definitely going to give the thumbs up to her sleeker, more sophisticated looking face in the after picture.


Miss A Meng Jia Plastic Surgery Transformation

Last but not least, we come to the final Miss A plastic surgery: Chinese actress and singer Meng Jia, short name Jia.

Miss A meng Jia plastic surgery

Meng Jia has your typical Chinese face, small monolid eyes, flat nose, wide and broad face.

So how did she make it to become one of the members of Korea’s most successful girl group?

Well, if the answer isn’t obvious by now, then you’ve been sleeping through the last 8 paragraphs.

As with most Asian starlets, Meng Jia set out to correct her flat Asian nose.

To be honest, it’s not any better but I guess we’ll give her points for trying.

See below to know what we’re talking about.

Jia Miss A plastic surgery

Flat, flat, flat would be the only adjective we’d use to describe her nose before.

Her nose in the after picture isn’t anything spectacular but definitely better than what it used to be.

We can see a straight, more defined bridge happening in the second photo.

Her tip seems to remain unaltered.

Perhaps she likes it that way, but to be honest, we think she should have gone all the way and raised the tip a little and given it more shape.

Meng Jia Miss A

Being Asian, Meng Jia also did what almost every other Asian has done.

This seems to be a common theme throughout all our articles, so it shouldn’t surprise you that the singer got her eyelids done.

Jia Miss A double eyelid surgery

Verdict at PlastyTalk? We definitely like the after picture more!

In the before picture she looks unfriendly and uninterested in life. Thank goodness she decided to get her eyes fixed via double eyelid surgery.

The last thing a Korean pop group needs is a member who looks bored and mean to her fans (even though we know she’s anything but!)


Miss A Plastic Surgery Transformation over the years…

So there you have it! A complete look at the Miss A plastic surgery, member by member.

Now let’s have a look at Miss A plastic surgery transformation  as a group.

Korea kpop Miss A

Miss A plastic surgery transformation

Miss A Suzy Jia Fei plastic surgery

Miss A korea girl band before plastic surgery

Kpop girlband Miss A surgery procedures

Korea Miss A Suzy Fei Jia cosmetic surgery

Suzy Min Fei Jia Miss A plastic surgery

Miss A cosmetic surgery plastic surgeon

Miss A Korea zygoma reduction

Miss A kpop members plastic surgery

Miss A Fei Suzy Jia Min undergoing cosmetic surgery

Miss A plastic surgery procedures nose eyes jaws chin

Miss A Korea Kpop surgery

Miss A Korea cosmetic surgery

Miss A nose eyes jaws chin surgery

Miss A double eyelid surgery rhinoplasty chin augmentation tiplasty

Miss A celebrate birthday in Korea

Miss A Kpop girl group

Miss A after plastic surgery transformation suzy fei jia min

[Image credit: kpopstarr, jpopasia, ducatiperformanceparts, Neogaf, tumblr, imgkid]


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