Looking at Serena Williams, you wouldn’t have guessed she had plastic surgery

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Standing at 1.75m and weighing in at 68kg, Serena William is a force to be reckoned with in the global tennis arena. Known for her formidable serves and intimidating strokes, this superstar has stormed the court, conquering her every opponent and eventually earning herself the title of world number one female tennis professional.

Fresh of her recent WTA finals crushing win over Simona Halep, the 33 year old world no.1 shows she still got what it takes on the court.

While Serena Williams’ successful tennis career has caused the media to bustle, reporting her latest crushing defeat, the athlete has also given the paparazzi another reason to hustle outside the boundaries of courts, into her personal life.

Over the years, the tennis superstar has undergone some major reconstruction to her face and body, making her shine yet brighter as she smashes her way into world number one.

So what exactly were the Serena Williams’ plastic surgery reconstructions? Let’s delve into her personal life to find out more.

Serena Williams plastic surgery


Looking her Serena Williams’ ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture, it is pretty evident that the tennis professional has gotten some work done to her nose.

Her nose in the ‘after’ picture definitely looks more put together and refined.

If you studied the ‘before’ pictures, you will realize that the alas (wings) of her nose were pretty bulbous while the ‘after’ picture looks way sharper and more polished.

There is a high chance that the Serena Williams has done a Rhinoplasty surgery to reduce the bulkiness in the nose tip area.


Serena williams breast augmentation


In the ‘before’ picture, though Serena Williams’ breast seem somewhat substantial, they unfortunately could not escape the laws of gravity. However, Serena Williams’, being the fighter that she is, has done everything she could to revive her saggy busts.

And after a very successful breast augmentation, there we have it, bam, her two ladies standing erect and proud, issuing a new challenge to gravity.

So they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Need we say more?

Serena Williams butt lift


Excuse us, but did someone just crank up the sexy because it’s getting hot in here.

Like what Nicki Manaj said, “ Oh my Gosh, Look at her butt!”

We don’t know what’s going on but what we do know is there’s a lot going on down there.

Looking at the ‘before’ picture, Serena Williams did not exactly have what we call the perfect perky butt. Sure she had some booty but they weren’t so lifted.

But, in the ‘after’ picture, Serena Williams’ butt has gone from a 6/10 to a perfect 10.

It’s sizable, it’s round (though slightly artificial) and it’s very perky.

Again, going back to the laws of gravity, we all know that’s impossible, but hey, it’s Serena Williams. You’d never know.

So now that Serena Williams has gotten herself a sexy new butt, we can all be sure to expect many ‘bend over’ poses during her matches. All you butt lovers out there, I’m sure this is exciting news for you!


[Image credit: girlbodypride.com, blacksportonline.com]


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