Look at the shocking botched surgery of this Thai model after doctor secretly injects silicon into her face

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Thailand is known for 2 things. 1) Beautiful girls 2) More beautiful girls.

With a country filled with eye candies, it’s no surprise that many Thai ladies are paying a visit to their plastic surgeons in hopes of becoming their country’s finest beauties. Like every other Thai model who aspires to make it big, this Thai chick headed straight to a plastic surgery clinic to buy herself a prettier facade.

Sadly, unlike others with their happily ever afters, this model’s journey is about to become her worst nightmare

Before we delve deeper into this unfortunate story, let’s first take a look at her before the tragedy struck.

sexy thai model plastic surgery gone wrong after doctor messes up (1)

sexy thai model plastic surgery gone wrong after doctor messes up (2)

sexy thai model plastic surgery gone wrong after doctor messes up (4)

sexy thai model plastic surgery gone wrong after doctor messes up (5)

Blessed with pretty face and a sick body, this Thai model was a beauty to begin with. But alas, with much dissatisfaction with her thick and broad nose bridge, this model decided to undergo rhinoplasty to have it altered.

It was reported that she had spent quite a hefty sum on her nose, only to have it go horribly wrong. But that’s not even the worst part, her botched nose job could have potentially left her permanently disfigured.

Thai model disfigured after botched plastic surgery

What was supposed to be a routine rhinoplasty surgery quickly spiraled out of control. The doctor had taken advantage of the fact that the Thai model didn’t quite comprehend the procedure she was undergoing and unscrupulously injected silicon into her nose as well as the area between and around her eyes.

Thai internet model plastic surgery gone wrong

Needlessly to say, the surgery took a tragic turn for the worse and she now has to deal with the consequences of the doctor’s unethical doings, having to drain out all the fluids from the infectious flesh on her face.

Thai model botched surgery drain fluids from face

If we can learn anything from this model’s experience, it is that, in our quest for perfection, always do a thorough research on your plastic surgeon to avoid a tragedy this Thai model experienced.


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