Queen of K-pop, Lee Hyori, turns to plastic surgery to keep a tight hold on reign

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They say, you need three qualities to stay at the top of one of the most cutthroat entertainment industries.

1) Cattiness

2) Versatility

3) Plastic surgery

But is that true? Let’s put the observation to the test.

She is the Queen of K-pop but many call her the Diva with an acid tongue.

Lee Hyori breast implants boob job

Her candidness and complete indifference to criticisms (a Korean version of Jennifer Lawrence), makes her pretty much one of the hottest and most bad-ass celebrities in the Korean pop industry.

Cattiness ✔

Although she debuted as a member of a popular girl band Fin.K.L, she decided to broaden her horizons, going solo to help catapult her into explosive fame and she couldn’t have made a more right decision.

Girl band or solo, she’s up for both.

Versatility ✔

Before we dive into the third and also the most interesting quality, we first need to make known that our Queen of k-pop is in her thirties.

It’s not rocket science but it only makes sense to look pretty darn stunning to survive in a billion dollar industry, whose primary focus is really on appearance.

And so, even after an aeon later in the industry but never allowing the years to catch up to her, we’ve got to say, if that’s not leaving a breadcrumb trail of plastic surgery, we don’t know fwhat is.

But, we’ll first put this quality on hold and commence our investigation. Find out if it’s true at the end of the article.

Plastic Surgery ?

So who are we talking about? Let us formally introduce our next guest. She is none other than Lee Hyori, the sexilicious Diva aka, the Nation’s Fairy.

Lee Hyori’s appearance has made some subtle changes since she debuted and she’s looking as fabulous as ever.

So the question is, is plastic surgery her saving grace?

Lee hyori plastic surgery

Lee Hyori, then and now.

From a plain Jane next door to the sultry secretary. She definitely looks a scale hotter than God had intended.

So how did this change come about?

Fasten your seatbelts and sit tight because we’re starting the exhilarating Lee Hyori plastic surgery transformation ride.


Lee Hyori Eyes Transformation

Lee Hyori Kpop eyes transformation

Unless you have naturally sizable eyes with a pair of very visible double eyelids upon entering the Korean entertainment industry, a blepharoplasty is almost like a rite of initiation into the K-entertainment clan.

While Lee Hyori had a slight double eyelid crease, it was the width of the eye that she didn’t see eye to eye on (no pun intended).

Remember we talked about how Koreans fancy the longish almond like eyes because it is sultry and all things perfect?

Well, Lee Hyori wanted just that and opted for a lateral-canthoplasty.

Notice how her eyes are slightly longer than before, adding a hint of seductive flavor to her overall façade.


Lee Hyori Nose Transformation

Lee Hyori plastic surgery eyes

Bulging nose ✗

Low nose bridge ✗

Flaring alar ✗

So the Korean Entertainment industry says…

Because bulbous nose tips are not tolerated in the K entertainment, rhinoplasty naturally finds its way into the list of the Lee Hyori plastic surgery nose transformation.

Looking at the picture, we see that Lee Hyori’s alar is definitely trimmed suggesting an alarplasty.

Also, alterations to the nose tip also made her nose sharper and more presentable.

Overall, her face definitely looks more proportionate than before, needless to say, way hotter than ever.

Lee Hyori double eyelid surgery


Lee Hyori Jaws Transformation

Lee Hyori plastic surgery nose

Any words that remotely allude to the idea of  ‘broad jaw’ or ‘angular jaw’ are highly offensive in the Korean society because you’re basically telling the lady ‘you’re a man’

And because of such association, Korean women are often on a hunt for a less angular jawline and a more V-shaped face.

Imagine the immense pressure Korean celebrities face when it comes to the sensitive topic of jawline and it evidently got to Lee Hyori.

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture above speaks for itself.

Looking at the Lee Hyori’s jawline, it is evident that the slightly angular jawline before, is tapered off to a gentler V, giving her face a very palatable finish.


Lee Hyori Breasts Transformation

Korean Lee Hyori breast augmentation

Breast augmentation procedures aren’t really a big hit as compared to procedures such as blepharoplasty or rhinoplasty since the Koreans are still pretty conservative in that aspect. (showing too much skin is highly frowned upon)

But the Lee Hyori plastic surgery transformation has to be one that ‘go big (again, pun not intended) or go home’.

Like many Asian women, Lee Hyori is part of the itty bitty community.

Being the Diva that she is, she needed something more than the rest and decided to get herself a pair of devastating breasts with breast augmentation.

From the picture above, we see an equally devastating change as Lee Hyori transforms from a pretty flat chested lady to one who has a set of full-fledged blossomed bosoms.

What can we say? The Queen is hot!

To give her credit, Lee Hyori really wasn’t that ugly to begin with.

In fact, she was a pretty decent looking girl before she had all those silicon shoved into her.

But because the K-pop industry is so terribly demanding, her above average looks weren’t quite enough to keep up.

Regardless, let’s take a look the Lee Hyori plastic surgery transformation and decide if she truly needed to have surgery done at all.

Lee Hyori before plastic surgery

young korean lee hyori picture

young Lee Hyori Kpop

Teenager kpop star Lee Hyori

Kpop entertainment Lee Hyori growing up

korean celebrity lee hyori young

Lee Hyori plastic surgery transformation

Lee Hyori plastic surgery double eyelid surgery

Korean celebrity Lee Hyori cosmetic surgery

Lee Hyori jaw plastic surgery

Lee Hyori double eyelid surgery procedure

Korean superstar Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori nose plastic surgery

Kpop Lee hyori rhinoplasty and jaw surgery

Lee Hyori eyes nose jaws plastic surgery

Lee Hyori married after plastic surgery

Lee Hyori boobs surgery

sexy korean lee hyori sexy

Lee Hyori hot after plastic surgery

Lee Hyori body cosmetic surgery

Lee Hyori married endorsements eyes nose jaw breasts

Lee Hyori marriage after procedures to her eyes nose breasts jaw

sexy lee hyori

lee hyori sexy body after plastic surgery

Korean lee hyori hot after plastic surgery

sexy hot korean godess Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori makeup and plastic surgery

Lee Hyori breast implants boob job

Lee Hyori eyes surgery

Lee Hyori contact lens eye surgery

Sexy Kpop Lee Hyori plastic surgery

mature hot sexy lee hyori

To survive the cutthroat Korean pop industry for a few years is quite a feat, but to survive it for 17 years (and counting) and still remain at the top, is a whole new ball game.

She’s got the cattiness, versatility and plastic surgery, you can be sure this Diva is not about to be squeezed out of competition anytime soon.

So back to the three qualities we started the article off.

We can now be sure that to make it to the top, these qualities have to be checked.

Cattiness  ✓

Versatility  ✓

Plastic Surgery (definitely ✓)

And so, after all these, we’ve come up with the perfect equation to sum up the Lee Hyori plastic surgery transformation.

The Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery transformation = Lee Hyori + Divine– Mediocrity



[Image credits: 24-7kpop.‪, soompi, allkpop‪, kpopstarz, listal, 24h


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