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Look up Top 10 most popular Korea actress 2015 on Google and there she is, coming in at a decent number 6.

With stiff competition from a deluge of inconceivably gorgeous women and not forgetting, in one of the most intense entertainment industries in the world, we must say, that’s quite a feat.

Interestingly, unlike the typical Korean female celebrities that knock your socks off with just a flick of their hair, our number 6 Korean actress doesn’t quite have the same effect (at least in our opinion).

But just like the other Korean celebrities, the celebrity had to get her brand of Lee Bo Young plastic surgery on, before she was even considered a position in the unforgiving Korean entertainment business.

Lee Bo Young rose to stardom when she starred in the television drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’. While we may not have watched the drama, let’s hope our version of ‘We Can See Your Plastic Surgery (Lee Bo Young)’ would be more captivating.

With that, let the drama begin.

‘We Can See Your Plastic Surgery (Lee Bo Young)’ Ep 1 (eng sub)

In the 1st episode of ‘We Can See Your Plastic Surgery (Lee Bo Young)’, we take you back in time when our Miss 6th was nothing more than a dorky looking kiddo.

Four eyed, broad face, slit-like eyes, bulbous nose; she’s checked just about every (unwanted) box, relegating her to the side of the world that is deemed, aesthetically challenged.

But after working her plastic surgeon’s fingers to the bone, we’ve got to say, this Lee Bo Young plastic surgery has done much good for this celebrity who hadn’t had the best of features.

‘We Can See Your Plastic Surgery (Lee Bo Young)’ Ep 2 (eng sub)

In the 2nd episode, we’ll be delving into the eye department of the Lee Bo Young plastic surgery transformation.

Pre debut Lee Bo Young reveals a glaringly uneven pair of eyes.

With one eye larger than the other, it goes without saying; blepharoplasty has joined the queue for the Lee Bo Young plastic surgery transformation.

Like the new school kid that skulks around on the first day of school, trying his hardest to fit in, Lee Bo Young’s awkward single eyelid faces the same predicament.

Unwelcomed, Unwanted and Uncool, it brought nothing but disharmony to the facial structure and there was only one thing that can be done – to rid off it.

Looks like post blepharoplasty fixed Lee Bo Young’s eyes good.

The discordant eyes that couldn’t see eye to eye (no pun intended) have finally come to consensus and it sure looks like larger, longer, equal doubled lidded eyes were the final decision for the Lee Bo Young plastic surgery transformation and may we please say, it’s a pair of eyes well done.

‘We See Your Plastic Surgery (Lee Bo Young)’ Ep 3 (eng sub)

Welcome back to another episode of ‘We Can See Your Plastic Surgery (Lee Bo Young)’.

In this episode, we’ll be shedding light on yet anther astounding Lee Bo Young plastic surgery procedure.

Here’s a hint, this feature lingers below the eyes and nestles comfortably above the lips.

There we have it, it’s none other than a Rhinoplasty.

It sure seems like Koreans have this wacky fascination with their eyes and nose considering they all almost undergo similar procedures to have them whipped into shape.

But looking at Lee Bo Young’s nose, just how can we blame her for undergoing a Rhinoplasty? It’s huge, it’s bulky, it’s everything but attractive.

Trimming the alar was but just one of the many procedures she had to undergo to achieve her final slender and more palatable nose.

The raising and narrowing of her once short and broad nose bridge have unquestionably brought her nose to greater heights (again, no pun intended).

Overall, the Lee Bo Young plastic surgery transformation has granted Lee Bo Young a slimmer, longer and daintier nose, that’s something she really can’t ask for more.

‘We Can See Your Plastic Surgery (Lee Bo Young) – Final Ep (eng sub)

Regrettably, all good things come to an end and alas, we’re come to the final episode of the Lee Bo Young plastic surgery transformation drama.

So far, the Lee Bo Young plastic surgery transformation has uncovered works done to the eyes and nose, but that’s not all that the Lee Bo Young plastic surgery transformation entails.

Lee Bo Young, slim as she was, was however, betrayed by her jarringly broad facial bone structure.

The slim V shape facial contours that have been conscientiously making its rounds in the plastic surgery clinics was something Lee Bo Young could only dream of and not attain, until she made yet another trip to her plastic surgeon’s clinic.

Her angular jaws that murdered every ounce of femininity in her facial contours were shaved off and replaced with a much gentler jawline, allowing Lee Bo Young to regain much of her womanliness and definitely obtaining a sweeter façade.

To that we say, it’s one hell of a great Lee Bo Young plastic surgery choice.

A Korean drama is no success without a quick glimpse of the highlights in the drama series.

So grab a soda and some popcorn while we screen the gradual transformation of the Lee Bo Young plastic surgery transformation drama, ‘We Can See Your Plastic Surgery (Lee Bo Young)’.


And so, just like every other Korea celebrity, we begin with the very humble beginnings of Lee Bo Young.

But the hassle is well justified considering Lee Bo Young is looking pretty fabulous in her recent pictures.

All in all, we got to say, the Lee Bo Young plastic surgery transformation had a good run and with that, the curtains come down on our very own drama series, ‘We Can See Your Plastic Surgery (Lee Bo Young)’.


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