Guide to Labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty, also known as Labioplasty, labial reduction or labia minora reduction, is a vagina surgery aimed at reducing the shape and size of the labia (“lips” surrounding the vagina). The surgery can correct the labia minora (inner labia) or the labia majora (outer labia), which are the folds of skin surrounding the vulva. This procedure can be done purely for cosmetic reasons, or for underlying health reasons such as intersex.

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The size, colour and shape of the labia vary differently from women to women, and often change with age and also after childbirth. There is also a group of women who have been unhappy with the size of their labia since childbirth and labiaplasty surgery will aim to correct that problem.

Labiaplasty Singapore


Who is suitable for this surgery

There are two groups of women who will undergo labiaplasty – those for aesthetic reasons and those for medical reasons.

Medical reasons

Ladies with overly large or thick labia may find constant irritation in tight fitting pants or they are playing sports or other physical activities. Many of these women with large labia may have been born with large labia, or it comes as a consequence of childbirth. Some women also develop a large labia after puberty. In these cases, labiaplasty will reduce the tissue from the labia.

Aesthetic Reasons

For this group of ladies, this surgery is largely drive by the habits of the modern day women. Women are now demanding more options for the need to look good, even down there. This is driven by the fact there is a very open discussion these days on one’s sexual problems and needs. Most women will seek the sculpting of the labia to achieve a better look for themselves and their sexual partner. This also includes women who are older and want to return to their youthful look.


What is the procedure like?

The two common forms of labiaplasty are the wedge method and the trim method. This procedure lasts a lifetime, and even childbirth does not undo this surgery.

Wedge Method

In the wedge method, the operation will reduce the size and length of the labia by removing a “V” shaped wedge of unwanted labium. The edges of this open space (resulting after removal of the unwanted area of labium) are then sutured together, forming a straight line (or “I” shape) with no visible scar along the labial edge. It not only reduces labial size, but it does so without stripping away the natural margins of the labia, therefore preserving a completely normal appearance of the female genital structures. Also, this avoids the need to create a scar running the length of the labium, thereby minimizing the possibility of prolonged uncomfortable oversensitivity during an extended healing phase.

However, if it happens to be the appearance of the labial edge itself, to which you mainly object (because of the dark labia margin color and/or thickness) then this method may not be your ideal choice. Again, as a labiaplasty patient you must help your plastic surgeon with this important decision.

Trim Method

This is the more common technique among plastic surgeons since it is easier to perform and to understand. Since many patients request that their labia minora be reduced to the level of their labia majora (or even below that level) and that the dark labia minora edges also be removed (to give them a pinker and more youthful appearance) the trim method is frequently chosen.

With this type labia reduction, the surgeon trims off a long strip of the edge of the labium, removing that unwanted portion. The new cut edge is then sutured so it will heal promptly and, hopefully, form minimal scar. This accomplishes two significant changes for the patient. Firstly, it will help achieve labia reduction, removing the thick, dark labia margin, and leaving a pinker and more delicate labial edge. It also reduces the excess length of the labia minora, positioning them more inconspicuously just within the natural folds of the labia majora.

As a concession, the new pinker labial edge does contain a surgical scar that, on occasion, may be overly sensitive. In addition, many believe this technique excessively alters the natural appearance of the female genitals, because it has removed the normal appearing edge and replaced it with an edge different in color (pinker) and different in texture.


Benefits of Labiaplasty

This procedure helps to increase hygiene, symmetry and self-confidence of the patient. After this surgery, the irritation caused by the labia when wearing tight clothing or when doing physical sports also decreases. It will also be able to remove irritation during sexual intercourse, and there are also some patients who reach orgasm faster.


How is recovery like?

In this case, the simpler the procedure, the shorter the recovery time. The patient should be able to return to work in about a week after labiaplasty, and strenuous activities should be avoided for one month. Sexual intercourse should also be avoided for at least four weeks. During recovery, if the patient has her period, she should not wear tampons. Also, tight fitting thongs and restrictive clothing should be avoided to allow the labia area to heal nicely.


How can I find a Doctor for Labiaplasty in Singapore?

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