[Before & After] All about Kpop Rainbow Plastic Surgery

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K pop stars are constantly in the spotlight and a lot of money rides on their appearance and looks.

Singers especially are always pitted against one another or given a lot of flak when they do not look paparazzi ready.

In a world where looks are everything, it’s no surprise then that many are turning to plastic surgery to give them that extra boost.

Joining the ranks of many girl groups who’ve had work done is Rainbow.


Go Woo Ri aka Woori Plastic Surgery Transformation

Go Woo Ri, better known as Woori was a fixed member cast of Invincible Youth 2 and Let’s Go! Dream Team, both in season two and of the TV sitcom I Need a Fairy.

She has since found fame as the main rapper and lead dancer of Rainbow where her talents and beauty have shined through.

Pre debut photos have shown Woori was lacking in the latter department though, until she sought the help of Rainbow plastic surgery.

We wouldn’t blame Woori’s plastic surgeon if he decides to put Woori’s face as advertisement for his practice.

After all, he did some amazing Rainbow plastic surgery to her nose.

Woori makes a great before and after Rainbow plastic surgery poster as her nose has gone from very short and ugly to very slim and pretty.

Her tip has been narrowed down and raised beautifully.

Credit should be given where credit is due and we think Rainbow plastic surgery is to be credited for this amazing transformation.

Woori’s eyes have had a little touching up too and we don’t mean by way of Photoshop.

Woori had droopy eyelids in her high school photos due to an over relaxed levator muscle.

Post Rainbow plastic surgery, her eyes have become much bigger thanks to ptosis surgery, which tightens the droopy muscle, thus lifting the upper eyelid and revealing more surface area of the eyeballs.

Oh Se Mi, aka Seungah Plastic Surgery Transformation

In fan forums, Oh Se Mi, aka Seungah is constantly rated as the hottest member of Rainbow.

With her doe eyes, and doll like features, we can’t help but throw our vote behind her as well.

But is she all she’s cracked up to be or are we really admiring a Rainbow plastic surgery doll?

Of the pre debut pictures of her that we managed to get, Seungah seems to have had rhinoplasty done to her nose.

While the tip is still as bulky as before, notice her nose bridge between her eyes has been raised to near impossible height with a Silicone implant no doubt.

Perhaps Seungah should consider shaving down her bulky tip as well?

Kim Jae Kyung aka Jaekyung Plastic Surgery Transformation

Leader, vocalist, main dancer and face of the group.

It’s no surprise Kim Jae Kyung was chosen to be the face considering she has a very attractive face, one that sells magazines and launches fashion lines.

Childhood pictures show Jaekyung to be attractive, but even  the attractive have their hidden flaws and insecurities and Jaekyung, unlike Seungah, felt the need to get Rainbow plastic surgery to address these insecurities.

Jaekyung  is living proof of Rainbow plastic surgery. In this case, she has had work done to her nose.

Her high school graduation photos have been a hot topic on popular online community forums.

In the photos, Jaekyung almost looks the same as her present self, but almost is never the same as is.

We can see she has tweaked her nasal tip to become narrower than previously.

Her alar was previously a weak shaped M but now it’s a very pronounced M shape.

Her nose bridge is also distinctively higher and more prominent than before.

As a kid, Jaekyung had big round eyes which made her aegyo material, aegyo being the Korean slang for cute and coquettish.

However, Jaekyung lacked the real aegyo sal, aka eye smiles beneath her eyes.

In this after picture, she is barely smiling but her eye smiles, (which only shows up when you smile widely) are very prominent.

We’ll put this down to either fat grafting or Jaekyung getting dermal fillers to put increase the pouches of fat beneath her eyes.

Noeul Plastic Surgery Transformation

Vocalist and sub rapper Noeul made headlines when she was photographed with excess belly fat on stage.

Some of the nasty comments posted by fan forums include: “For a girl group, it’s a bit too much”, “Well this is what you get when you force a size 26 to wear size 25”, “Now we know why Rainbow has such a hard time getting popular”,  “ Oink oink” and the worst: “ As if being the ugliest in the group wasn’t enough, she even has stomach fat….” Wow, people can be so mean online!

Is it a wonder these girls are pushed towards Rainbow plastic surgery?

This before and after collage shows Noeul underwent Rainbow plastic surgery for her nose.

It might have been a cute little button nose before but it was too fleshy at the tip to be considered pretty.

Noeul has had it tweaked at the tip, so we can see nostril shape and not just a blob of flesh at the bottom.

Also her bridge of her nose has become taller and more pronounced than before.

We can put this down to a Silicone implant that helps raise the height by a few inches.

Yoon Hye aka Yoonhye Plastic Surgery Transformation

Just when we think the members of this Rainbow plastic surgery entourage can’t get any hotter, Jung Yoon Hye aka Yoonhye proves us wrong.

Both of Yoonhye’s parents are classical musicians so it’s no surprise Yoonhye has followed her parents footsteps into a musical field.

Probably the only thing different Yoonhye did from her parents was get Rainbow plastic surgery.

Other pre debut photos show Yoonhye with large eyes, so we won’t accuse her of Rainbow plastic surgery here, not when she’s clearly squinting her eyes in the pre debut picture and wearing circle contacts in the after one, but how cute was Yoonhye as a kid?

Moving on, this before and after collage definitely has Rainbow plastic surgery written all over it.

Her ridiculously fleshy at the tip and is the type of nose that wouldn’t be photogenic from any angle, as seen above.

Now that she’s got a nose job, she photographs well from any angle.

Her tip has been shaved down so much it gives hope to the rest of us with fleshy noses who think we stand no chance in hell of ever having a beautiful nose!

Yoonhye, you’re our pinup girl for nose jobs done well!

Kim Jisook Plastic Surgery Transformation

Main vocalist Kim Jisook was in a rock band that won many awards before her debut with Rainbow.

The one award they forgot to hand Jisook was award for best Rainbow plastic surgery transformation! Just take a look below.

Where do we even begin with this picture?

No one should have to face the horror of having their hideous old school photos posted on the internet like this, but alas for Jisook, that’s a little too late.

Well, at least she had good teeth before, but that’s not our main focus.

Our main focus is on her eyes.

Jisook has had all the Rainbow plastic surgery done to get her eyes to the size and shape they are now.

First up, she’s definitely had double eyelid surgery to fix her monolid eyes.

We can see the extra crease above her eyes.

Jisook has also had dermal fillers to create aegyo sal beneath her eyes.

These Rainbow plastic surgeries have made her much more bearable to look at.

That and the fact that she lost her glasses and spruced up her hairstyle!

The final Rainbow plastic surgery that made Jisook more beautiful was a nose job.

Jisook’s nose was short and lacking in height and prominence.

Rhinoplasty has helped transform her nose into a feature that actually suits her face, with better nose bridge height and a less fleshy tip than before.

Cho Hyun Young Plastic Surgery Transformation

She’s been chosen to feature as a female assassin for the online shooting game Black Squad so it’s no surprise that main vocalist Cho Hyun Young is one hell of a looker.

But backtrack a bit into her high school days and Hyunyoung wasn’t exactly pin up poster girl material.

Our Rainbow plastic surgery meter points to her nose.

Hyunyoung’s nose is decidedly more pronounced in the bridge area and more raised at the tip.

Her surgeon must have used a Silicone implant or Gore-text to achieve this, although most people also opt to use their ear cartilage as the chances for body rejection are much reduced.

Of course, it doesn’t surprise us that we’re closing this Rainbow plastic surgery analysis with the subject of Hyunyoung’s eyes.

Blepharoplasty is the most requested plastic surgical procedure in South Korea and it’s people like Hyunyoung and her like that contribute to the rise of double eyelid surgery.

Besides the aforementioned surgery, Hyunyoung also got lateral canthoplasty to lengthen the shape of her eyes horizontally.

Overall, both these procedures have helped increase the size of Hyunyoung’s eyes and make her more visually appealing.

Afterall, you never saw a not hot female assassin right?


Rainbow plastic surgery over the years…

Gossip, nasty comments, rumours and rumours of rumours are all part of the territory of being a K-pop idol.

Nobody said it was easy, but hey, when you get all the perks, the five star treatment and the bank balance, it’s all worth it right?

The group members of Rainbow must surely think so!


[Photo credit: dkpopnews, popscreen, onehallyu, soompi, fanpop, gossipkorea, asianbite, kidchan, pinterest]



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