Korean plastic surgeon kept thousands of his patients’ leftover jaw bones as trophies in two glass towers

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A South Korean plastic surgeon faces a fine after building “bone towers” in his Gangnam district clinic filled with jawbone shards from hundreds of patients, a local official said.

The 60-centimetre-tall glass structures were filled with jawbone parts removed during surgery, said the official at the district office in Seoul.

Located in the affluent Gangnam District of Seoul, South Korea, the plastic surgeon’s office housed the two towers, which sat tall side-by-side, and filled with slender jaw bone pieces taken from hundreds of Koreans who underwent an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery to sharpen their chins into V-shapes.

The clinic specialises in jaw procedures, which are very popular in South Korea, especially among women aspiring to a thinner facial look with a V-shaped chin.

In total, they held about 2,000 pieces, each labeled with the name of the person it came from. Photos of the towers were originally posted on the clinic’s website, but were taken down after they spread through social media.

In total, these two glass towers kept over 2,000 pieces of jaw bone, each marked by their previous owners name.

In total, these two glass towers kept over 2,000 pieces of jaw bone, each marked by their previous owners name.


Over the past few years, Koreans have been particularly engrossed in facial cosmetic surgery.

The procedure, known as jaw reduction surgery, was intended for people who couldn’t chew properly because of a pronounced over or underbite.

But being the plastic surgery capital of the world, Koreans begun seeing another opportunity to beautify themselves — aside from widening their eyes and straightening their noses — many began going under the knife to sharpen their round chins into thinner V-shapes.



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