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We’re sure all of you have heard the hit song “Break It” and sung along to the likes of “Honey” “Mister” and “Step”. We know you know the dance moves by heart and can name all the singers off hand. Yes, you guessed right.

We’re talking about Korean pop group Kara, comprising of Heo Young-ji, Park Gyu-ri, Han Seung-yeon and Goo Ha-ra.

Kara plastic surgery

The group started off as a quartet with members consisting of Park Gyuri, Han Seung-yeon, Kim Sung-hee, and Jung Nicole.

Later on, the line up changed when two of the members decided to leave the group for various reasons. Replacements were found in the form of Goo Hara and Han Seung-yeon.

The group began its comeback in, 2008, starting with M! Countdown.

Park Gyuri has attributed their increase in popularity to their “pretty but natural” appeal while media reports gave credit to the band for finally finding its own identity in the music industry since the group’s debut.

But are the members of this girl group really “natural” or is it all down to Kara plastic surgery?


Park Gyuri Plastic Surgery Transformation

Let’s begin our Kara plastic surgery analysis with the person who made that quote: Park Gyuri. Looking at before and after pictures of her, one can’t deny that Park Gyuri, aka Gyuri to her fans was very attractive even as a child.

Park Gyuri plastic surgery korea kpop Kara (1)

She had that natural slim V shape jawline and a relatively sharp nose. Heck, many plastic surgeons have commented that Gyuri’s face had the golden ratio of facial features and it is rumoured that Gyuri refers to herself as “Goddess” constantly.

Is this goddess au natural or Kara plastic surgery wannabe?

Park Gyuri plastic surgery korea kpop Kara (2)

We think our “goddess” might have engaged in a little Kara plastic surgery during her pre debut days.

While she does have nice horizontal eye length, they do appear small and slightly asymmetrical.

We think Gyuri might have done a little ptosis Kara plastic surgery to open up her eyes. We don’t think it’s blepharoplasty because she already had some double eyelids, as seen in the first picture.

The only problem with her eyes were their narrowness, but judging from the second picture, we think Gyuri has handled that problem very well with Kara plastic surgery.

Park Gyuri plastic surgery korea kpop Kara (3)

As mentioned before, we think Gyuri had a pretty decent nose for Korean standards. Childhood pictures show her with a nose bridge most Koreans would kill for.

Alas, nobody is a `100% appreciative of what they have and thus Gyuri subjected herself to the next Kara plastic surgery procedure.

Comparing the before and after pictures above, we can see that Gyuri has increased her nasal height even more and has even reshaped the tip to look like most Korean celebrity noses.

Do they all go to the same surgeon? Is there a specific rhinoplasty technique we don’t know about?

Anyhow, we’ll admit that Gyuri’s nose only adds to her beauty and “Goddess” status.


Han Seung-yeon Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our next Kara plastic surgery target is none other than lead vocalist Han Seung-yeon.

Han Seung-yeon plastic surgery Kara (1)

This K-pop idol dropped out of high school to pursue a career in singing. With such dedication to making it in her career, we’re pretty sure she won’t let anyone or anything stand in her way of success.

Not even her own looks. We’re pretty sure our ambitious Seung-yeon has gone under the knife to improve her chances of making it big in the music industry.

For starters, there’s this:

Han Seung-yeon plastic surgery Kara (2)

The next Kara plastic surgery Han Seung-yeon got was a blepharoplasty. Han Seung-yeon has the most Asian eyes out there.

In the before picture, they are small and barely open, making her look half asleep. The after picture clearly shows she’s had magic epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty.

These procedures cut open the inner and outer corners of the eyes respectively to allow more of the iris and whites to be seen.

And while most people assume monolids happen due to lack of that “extra fold” is it quite the contrary.

Most Asians have an extra fold, unlike the rest of the world, which is  what makes their eyes so distinct.

That extra fold is what covers the “double eyelids”. So essentially, when someone gets blepharoplasty, they are actually getting rid of the extra fold, which as we can see from above is what Han Seung-yeon has done.

Han Seung-yeon plastic surgery Kara (3)

Then there’s her rumoured nose job, which isn’t so much a rumour when based on concrete evidence.

The first picture shows Han Seung-yeon with a very broad nose tip and almost no nasal bridge.

The second picture shows us a much improved tip where the septal cartilage has been raised to give it a higher profile view.

Also, her nasal bridge is more defined, although we would have liked if she also increased the length of her nose as it still looks short.

But hey, if she’s happy with her nose job, who are we to comment right?


Goo Hara Plastic Surgery

This next kara plastic surgery member was previously an online shopping mall model. In fact, we have previously written on Goo Hara plastic surgery.

Goo Hara plastic surgery Kara Korea (1)

You’d think being considered model material would be enough of a confidence boost, yet 24 year old Goo Hara is certainly a member of the plastic surgery club.

When asked on a talk show if she’s had plastic surgery to enhance her beauty, Goo Hara played coy and said “I never said I didn’t get plastic surgery”.

Well, not admitting is a form of admitting isn’t it? Let’s check out what she “never said she didn’t get.”

Goo Hara plastic surgery Kara Korea (2)

Did you just go “Whoa!” at your computer screen, because we sure did! This Kara plastic surgery transformation is a whole other level of amazing.

There are many things to focus on in this picture, but let’s take a look at her eyes. In both pictures she is wearing heavy eye makeup and yet her eyes in the after picture are clearly larger and wider.

Goo Hara’s eyes went from small to wide and mesmerizing. She even has that sexy cat eye slant going on. Anyone can get this look if they’re willing to undergo lateral canthoplasty.

A little cut at the corners can make tiny Asian eyes instantly bigger and more alluring. 

Goo Hara plastic surgery Kara Korea (3)

It is clear from the pictures above that Goo Hara has made the bridge of her nose higher.

The before picture isn’t so well defined, whereas the after picture, we can clearly see the height in her nose.

The tip is less refined and more bulbous than in the after picture. Looks like this Kara plastic surgery procedure worked its magic on this popstar.

Goo Hara plastic surgery Kara Korea (4)

They say that your teeth can be the deciding factor between being attractive and being ugly.

Even if a person has teeth that are straight, healthy, and symmetrical, the beauty of their smile may be compromised if the gum line is uneven or falls too far below the lip line and Goo Hara herself has admitted that she has got her teeth and mouth fixed.

From the pictures above, we see she has gone from a big gummy smile to more refined, perfect teeth.

We vote she probably had Invisalign done or had veneers fixed to fix her uneven teeth because her transformation happened rather quickly.

Her gums are less visible now which leads us to believe she’s had laser gum contouring.

As a celebrity who’s always on camera, we can say she’s probably had teeth whitening done as well.


Heo Yongji Plastic Surgery Transformation

Of course, this Kara plastic surgery review would not be complete without the newest group member Heo Yongji.

Heo Yongji plastic surgery kara (1)

Yongji is barely 21 but already has an impressive resume in the Korean entertainment industry. Do you think plastic surgery is on there as one of her past times?

Heo Yongji plastic surgery kara (2)

They say our noses and ears never stop growing even if everything else does. This is due to the forces of gravity as well as the fact that cartilage keeps growing.

If this is so, that would explain a lot. But even then, it wouldn’t explain the drastic nose transformations of some K-pop celebrities. Case in point: Heo Yongji.

The songstress is spotting a vastly different nose to what she had when she was a kid. You can’t blame gravity or cartilage growth for an increased bridge height or changing nasal tip, as seen on Yongji above.

Is it gravity or rhinoplasty? Common sense with the before and after pictures above tell us it’s the latter.

Heo Yongji plastic surgery kara (3)

We’re starting to think no Kara plastic surgery makeover would be complete without doing something to your eyes and Yongji proves us right in this before and after photo collage.

She has lovely almond shaped eyes, the only drawback is that they’re a little too short at the inner corners and as usual, there are no double eyelids.

Most Koreans get double eyelid surgery as their graduation present and we think this is probably what Yongji received for her graduation.

Perhaps mum and dad might have thrown in a little epicanthoplasty too to top it off, considering the corners of her eyes have also become wider since.


This Kara plastic surgery has come to an end, but let’s review the groups gradual transformation as a whole.

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (1)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (2)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (3)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (4)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (5)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (6)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (7)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (8)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (9)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (10)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (11)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (12)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (13)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (14)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (15)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (16)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (17)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (18)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (19)

Kara plastic surgery Kpop (20)


Although the Kara plastic surgery transformation is quite a shocker, we’re sure diehard fans are more interested in their latest music album and tour dates than their Kara plastic surgery.

[Image credits: allkpop, dailymotion, koreanwaveindo, kpopstarz, forums.soompi, ohkpop, jpopasia, koreanupdates]


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