Just what’s the secret behind Kpop Secret’s plastic surgery transformation?

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It’s no secret that the Korean Wave, or Hallyu, is giving Korea more of a spot on the world stage. And one of the ambassadors of this Korean Wave is none other than South Korean girl group Secret.

From their fashion sense to their favourite dish, everything they do intrigues and influences fans and gossip sites alike.


Naturally, as public figures, every aspect of their life personal or professional is scrutinized by the public. And being a K-pop star, the one scrutiny you can’t escape is the constant speculation of plastic surgery.

We’ve decided to give Secret plastic surgery the full 15 minutes of fame by analysing each member’s surgery.


Hyoseong Plastic Surgery Transformation


We begin this Secret plastic surgery review with Jun Hyoseong, stage name Hyoseong.

Fun fact: Hyoseong’s name is derived from the word 유성 which is Korean for meteor, due to her father and maternal grandmother seeing a shooting star on the day of her birth.

While Hyoseong may be a bona fide K-pop star now, she didn’t always have such glittery beginnings.


For instance, there’s this pre debut picture she probably cringes at and wishes she could make disappear.

This shows that Hyoseong got a little Secret plastic surgery done to…………………………you guessed it, her eyes!

Aside from makeup and circle lenses, Hyoseong got blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty to deal with the problems of having single eyelids and small round eyes respectively.

It’s hard to look cute or come hither when your eyes are not on the same page as you.


While there has been speculation that Hyoseoung got secret plastic surgery for her nose, this picture removes all doubt of a nose job. Hyoseoung’s nose is all natural although how long it will remain this way remains to be seen.

Hana Plastic Surgery Transformation


It’s no secret that our next contender in the Secret plastic surgery analysis has had plastic surgery. In fact, she’s had it one too many times that fans have lost track of her constantly changing looks.

The fan blogs we’ve lurked tell us Hana, born Jung Hana but better known by her ex-stage name Zinger used to be the ugliest of the group.

She used to get flak for not being as pretty as the others and perhaps this has taken its toll in the form of Secret plastic surgery.

It’s rumoured Hana underwent rhinoplasty four times before arriving at the nose she has today.

We’re not sure how true this rumour is but what we do know is that Hana has definitely had work done to her nose.

You don’t need to a magnifying glass to see the changes in the before and after picture! Her old nose seemed bulky at the tip and not exactly photogenic.

Now, she’s sporting the Rolls Royce of nose jobs with her new and improved nose that is sharp, high, tall, slim, narrow and all other positive adjectives you’d use to describe a work of art.

Well, if she really did take four Secret plastic surgery procedures to arrive at this perfect nose then it was all worth it no?


We suspect the perfectionist streak in Hana was what prompted her to get more surgery and fix the rest of her “defects”. So, what are Korean’s biggest grouse besides their noses?

Can you guess from the pictures above?

Well yeah, her eyes of course! Hana transitioned from small narrow boring eyes to wide eyed wonder. We think her new eyes look fantastic and if you’re wondering which Secret plastic surgery procedure achieved this, it was epicanthoplasty.

It’s amazing what a little extra white space on your eyes can do to your overall look.


Hana also underwent genioplasty aka chin augmentation to increase the length of her chin. Hana’s chin was short, receding and not in balance with the rest of her altered features.

After getting rhinoplasty, it only made sense to get a chin implant to suit the new length of her nose. Hana’s chin implant adds length to her face and proportions out the rest of her features evenly.


Jieun Plastic Surgery Transformation


Before she was known as Jieun, talented singer and K-pop star, she was Song Ji-Eun, ordinary girl trying to make it big in the K-pop world.

Before her debut with Secret, Jieun was set to debut as a four member girl group with others, but plans did not go well.

It was a while before Jieun finally debuted with Secret. Perhaps Secret plastic surgery is her secret (pun intended) to success for finally making it in the cut throat entertainment industry?


Let’s see……. Before picture: small squinty eyes with single eyelids? Check. After picture: large, wide eyes with double eyelids? Yes.

Then the evidence is clear: Secret plastic surgery was done using blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty to achieve the desired outcome.

Jieun’s eyes are a far cry from the tiny peepers they used to be and the only thing missing from making them perfect would be the aegyo sal she used to have when younger.

Who knows, she might be getting fat grafting next.


It is said that a prominent nose is a dominant feature and flat noses are recessive genes showing up.

Going by that, it seems as if more than half of Asia got the wrong end of the genetic stick.

Now, there are two things you can do about it: either accept yourself, warts and all or head to the surgeon’s office for a little Secret plastic surgery.

If you’re an international K-pop star like Jieun, you probably did the latter. The singer had a little Secret plastic surgery done to her nose.

As a child she had a short flat nose with a big snout that didn’t compliment her face. These days however, thanks to technology, Jieun can walk tall and proud with her new beautiful nose that looks like a nose most models have.

We wonder if all that silicone feels uncomfortable in her nose.


Sunhwa Plastic Surgery Transformation


Baby of the group Sunhwa, born Han Sunhwa had a tough life growing up.

The East Asian Financial Crisis certainly made things worse, and if anyone knows the value of hard work and money it would be the 25 year old singer.

This has no doubt made Sunhwa the go getter she is today and we’re pretty sure she did everything she could to get a call back to the audition. Including Secret plastic surgery.

In fact, we just might have found a worthy contender to Hana’s insane amount of Secret plastic surgery!


A person’s smile is the first thing most people notice so if you smile and your smile reveals crooked teeth, you’ve already made a bad first impression.

Sunhwa was a victim of crooked uneven teeth. Her teeth made her look like a cannibal on some B grade horror flick.

Prompted by self-consciousness or someone’s jibes, Sunhwa made it a mission to get her denticles fixed. Being a celebrity in the limelight, we doubt Sunhwa got traditional braces.

Instead she must have opted for porcelain veneers, which is a quick fix route to the perfect megawatt Hollywood smile.

Porcelain veneers are custom made tooth coloured materials designed to cover the front surface of the teeth to improve their appearance. We think Sunhwa’s smile is now camera ready!


Orthognathic surgery sounds like something you wouldn’t do unless you have severe jaw problems that interfere with the functioning of your daily life.

Who would voluntarily undergo extensive surgery on a part of their face just for aesthetic reasons? South Koreans would!

These people take beauty measures to the next level by undergoing jaw surgery for aesthetic instead of medical reasons.

Sunhwa is one of many celebrities who have undergone this much talked about Secret plastic surgery, heavily marketed in Korea as V line surgery.

If you don’t already know, this Secret plastic surgery shaves down much of the mandible bone, thus making the face shape slimmer and smaller from the front view.

While it’s true Sunhwa’s jawline is no longer square and bulky we don’t think the risk of nerve damage and facial paralysis is worth the trouble, but to each their own.


Risky jaw surgery aside, what’s a little blepharoplasty in comparison? Yep, Sunhwa’s third Secret plastic surgery was done to her eyes!

Look how she goes from small narrow slits to slightly wider eyes in the before and after collage. We think a little lateral canthoplasty would have opened up her eyes a little more but it’s all good.

The double eyelids have worked their magic on her millions of fans.


With this final Secret plastic surgery, Sunhwa has officially beaten Hana in the plastic surgery score. What else could it be but the most requested plastic surgery procedure in Asia: rhinoplasty.

Sunhwa unfortunately wasn’t blessed with the best of noses, but fortunately was blessed with a bank balance to remedy that and fix it she did with the help of Secret plastic surgery.

She went from flat nose (decent tip but too big alars) to sharp, elegant nose with more narrow alars. Get a nose too narrow and you could risk looking like Wacko Jacko so in all, this Secret plastic surgery was a success in that sense.


So how have the girls changed over the years? Aside from their costumes, let’s go through their physical transformation as a group.


















Will the girls of Secret be getting anymore Secret plastic surgery? We can’t speak for Hanna or Sunhwa but who knows, we might be adding more inches to this article in the near future.

Till then, you’ll just have to put their music on full blast and dance your worries away.

[Image credits: forums, blogs]

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