Japanese beauty vs Korean beauty. Which team are you on?

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When it comes to Asian beauty, many are quick to point out female celebrities from both South Korea and Japan. Needless to say, these female celebrities have garnered much attention and hype on their ravishing appearances.

While many are in awe of the celebrities’ unparalleled beauty, however, when asked if they could identify which nationality the celebrities belonged, more often than not, they find themselves all at sea.

While many regard South Koreans and Japanese to be very similar, often not being able to tell a difference between the two, their styles and appearances however, vastly differs in reality.

What exactly are the differences between the beauty perceived by Koreans and Japanese? Let’s put that under the microscope.

For a more comprehensive understanding, we’ve come up with a top celebrity representative from each country that we believe possess the epitome of beauty in their respective nations.

From Japan, we have the iconic Ayumi Hamasaki, a famous model and actress who has gained popularity all across Asia.


Japanese vs Korean Beauty - Ayumi Hamasaki

Japanese vs Korean Beauty (3)

Difference between Japanese and Korean girls


Over at Korea’s side, we have Kim Sa Rang, voted the top ten most elegant actresses in South Korea.

Japanese vs Korean Beauty - Kim Sa Rang

Japanese vs Korean Beauty Kim Sa Rang

Japanese vs Korean Beauty (6)


While celebrities from both Japan and Korea turn to plastic surgery to enhance their features, we notice that both Ayumi Hamasaki and Kim Sa-Rang, who are absolutely gorgeous individuals, have opted for different procedures, making them quintessentially Japanese and Korean respectively.

What is then the difference between the two?

Japanese vs Korean Beauty Plastic Surgery

One of the most distinct features that set both Japanese and Koreans apart is the eyes. Japanese generally inherit larger eyes compared to the Koreans, whose eyes are not only smaller but also comes usually single eye lidded.

Also, if you notice, the Japanese eye is much rounder while the Korean eye is more longish.

As both Japanese and Koreans have very different eye shape and eye type to begin with, they thus have very different ideals when undergoing an eyelid surgery.

Possibly inspired by Anime or the Western culture, the Japanese are bolder in their approach when it comes to double eyelid surgery, meaning to say, they opt for the much thicker, parallel eyelids, similar to that of the Caucasian.

The post surgery Japanese eyes aspire to be the most striking feature on their faces, robbing all other facial features of any attention. They are usually very big, round and ‘open’ due to the pronounced double eyelids, giving the illusion of innocence.

The Koreans on the other hand, are big on the idea of a paradoxical world –  ‘natural’ plastic surgery or the ‘no makeup’ makeup, where they slap tons of make up on their faces to make their faces seem so natural and exude this effortless beauty. You get the idea.

Because Koreans are bananas for the natural looking beauty, they are sure to keep their eyes as ‘naturally Asian’ as possible. So what is this ‘naturally Asian’ you ask.

If you look at Kim Sa-Rang, her eyelids are very different from Hamasaki’s. Kim’s eyelids are much smaller and thinner than her counterpart’s and this is very archetypical of what Koreans desire. A slight slit gives the eyes a subtle lift and brightness without compromising on the naturalness of their looks.

While Japanese dig the whole large and Anime sort of eyes, Koreans on the other hand, have an inclination towards a longish and teardrop-like kind of eyes, making them sexier and more feminine compared to the innocent and ‘kawaii’ Japanese.

Japanese vs Korean Plastic Surgery Beauty

The other distinction between Japanese beauty versus Korean beauty is the skin. Although both Japanese and Koreans fancy radiant skin, however, you will notice that the ‘glow’ both Ayumi Hamasaki and Kim Sa-Rang emit are relatively different.

Looking at Ayumi Hamasaki on the left, we see that she displays a very healthy bronzy glow. Slightly sun-kissed and matt complexion but smooth, radiant skin nonetheless.

However, Kim Sa-Rang on the right has a completely different texture to her face. We all know that Koreans are known for their dewy look. In Kim Sa-Rang’s picture, we can see how her skin has this somewhat moist and refreshing touch to it, displaying an otherwise different sort of healthy and radiant skin.

Comparing both Ayumi Hamasaki and Kim Sa-Rang, we also see a different shade and tone to their skin color. While Ayumi is fair, Kim Sa-Rang has taken the word ‘fair’ to a whole other level, speaking volumes of Korean’s ‘skin beauty’ standard.

Koreans are not very open to the idea of bronzer and blush as they feel these make up products butcher the translucence of fair skin. While it is common for celebrities around the world to use bronzer to contour their faces, Koreans however, seldom adopt such make up technique as they do not want to ‘taint’ their milky white faces, allowing their faces to look fairest possible.

All in all, Koreans and Japanese vary in their appearances. While Japanese are inclined towards a younger and more innocent façade, the Koreans on the other hand opt for a more feminine and ladylike features.

Team Japan or Team Korea, which team are you on?

[Image credit: wallerz.net, modsimsimsinfo.com, koreandrama.com]


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