UK Man gets SGD$40k Plastic Surgery to look like Footballer David Beckham

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According to The Sun, a jobless teenager by the name of Jack Johnson spent SGD$40,000 to look like his idol, ex Manchester United legend David Beckham.

Johnson did a variety of cosmetic procedures, including Botox, tanning injections, lip fillers and having his teeth done, in order to emulate the 41-year-old dad-of-four.

Johnson has funded his plastic surgery largely with loans, and since he is unemployed, he is paying back those loans with his SGD$24,000 a year welfare cheque.

Even when critised, Jack Johnson has no regrets whatsoever, “I wouldn’t look how I do today if I hadn’t taken out loans so no regrets.”

Johnson is thinking of undergoing liposuction to slim down so he can be as toned as Beckham.

He is even thinking of changing his wardrobe to fill it with branded fashionable apparel so he can look like his idol.

And here is a side by side comparison:

What do you think?

He also claims that he’s going to change his name to Beckham via deed poll, as well as training to become a professional footballer. Only after he’s had his gastric band next year, though.

My oh my…..


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