Man spends $200k on Plastic Surgery to look like Alibaba’s Jack Ma

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Huang Jian, a young man in Shenzhen, recently spent SGD$200,000 on plastic surgery in South Korea. The surgeries are designed to make him look like Jack Ma, one of China’s richest men and the founder of Alibaba Group.

Huang Jian plastic surgery to look like Jack Ma

Huang said he is a big fan of Jack Ma, and he is undergoing surgery in the hopes of meeting Ma in person.

Mack gets plastic surgery to look like Jack Ma Alibaba China

As a salesman himself, Huang hopes to one day meet Ma at Hupan College, a school that Ma and several other entrepreneurs opened for business start-ups in the city of Hangzhou.

Mack gets plastic surgery to look like Jack Ma Alibaba

Some netizens commented that Huang must be an excellent salesman, as spending SGD$200,000 on plastic surgery proves his abilities.

Others said it is crazy to go under the knife because of admiration for another person; to do so is not worth the money.

Unlike Huang Jian, some others do not need plastic surgery to look like their idol.

Just ask this eight year old boy Fan Xiaoqin, who has had hundreds of visitors visit just to take a photo with him.

Young boy looks like Jack Ma Alibaba - Doppelganger

Rumors on social media even had it that Jack Ma was going to pay for this boy’s education, which eventually turned out to be just, rumors.

Still, he may just grow up to be a billionaire like his doppelganger.


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