Her breast grew naturally from C to F cup and you will not believe what happened next

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Here is one for those of you who always wanted bigger breast but don’t want to go under the knife. Unfortunately in this particular case, it shows that going au-naturel doesn’t necessarily mean its a good thing.

This woman from China has found a natural way to make her bust more bountiful – increasingly from a C cup to an F cup without the need for breast augmentation.

40-years old Ms Wang from the city of Jinhua for all her adult life has had a very respectable C cup breast. To many people, C cup is already very sizable and apparently she felt the same way.

Four years ago one day, her breast started to increase in size and her breasts began to gradually grow bigger. It was first to a D and then quickly to an F cup, all within two years.

Being unable to find a bra that will fit her very sizable new bosoms, she had to take two bags to tie around the neck to lift her heavy chest, attracting unwanted attention from others. In fact, her breast had became so elongated that it sagged down to her naval. Her body, arms and legs however, remained very slim.

Breast sagged till naval illustration

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As her breast became so huge, she began to experience severe discomfort that made her unable to sleep at night. Being unable to tolerate this condition any longer, she went to Tong Yun plastic surgery centre in the city of Jinhua and pleaded with the doctor, “I’m suffering, please cut off my breasts!”

As it turns out, she is diagnosed with a medical condition called macroomastia, which is a serious medical condition where the breasts grow to an unsustainable size, in this case, about 2.5kg.

As related by the plastic surgeon Dr Tong, her condition only got worst the past two years as her breasts instead of growing bigger, started to grow long instead.  That was why she needed to use the bag to tie around her neck to lift her breast.

She had difficulty breathing, difficulty sleeping and difficulty standing up because her chest weighed so much. On top of that, she attracts strange stares to her huge chest which to a Chinese woman is utterly embarrassing.

In the end, because of this medical condition, Ms Wang required the removal of the entire breasts.

To ensure the success of the breast removal procedure, Dr Tong invited two other renowned plastic surgeons from Italy and Spain to operate on her.

Even with three plastic surgeons, the entire procedure still took 10 hours.

Approximately 2.75kg and 2.25kg of tissue was removed from the left and right breast respectively. That’s a total of 5kg of tissue from the breast!

In the case of the 40 year old, Ms Wang has showed us the flip side of the coin, where she turned against the mindset of the bigger the bust, the better it is. While many go under the knife to achieve a more heaving bosom, Ms Wang, on the other hand, has taken the road less traveled, going under the knife to achieve the exact opposite, relieving herself of much discomfort and unwanted attention.  So for those of you who are contemplating a breast enlargement procedure, keep in mind, F (cup) does not always stand for Fabulous.


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