[Before & After] The Shocking Transformation of Kpop Hello Venus Plastic Surgery

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They’ve made it onto the cover of popular British magazine Dazed & Confused.

They’re also the current faces for Korean clothing company Get Used.

Did we mention their infectious song “Wiggle Wiggle” that is currently the tune de rigeur?

We can’t be talking about anyone but Hello Venus, the 6 member K-pop group that is the current darling of the Hallyu industry.

Of course this level of success comes with sacrifice and at a price.

Some rock stars sell their souls.

Others just get Hello Venus plastic surgery.


Song Joo Hee aka Alice Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our Hello Venus plastic surgery discussion begins with Song Joohee, known by her stage name Alice.

Alice went trained to become a singer without her mother’s permission. Could she also have done Hello Venus plastic surgery without her mother’s permission?

Let’s find out.

Of course, having fixed her eyes, it was a no brainer that Alice would aim to get her nose done.

Her current nose is elegant and should be noted for differing from the typical ski slope nose every other K-pop idol seems to have.

She had a prominent nasal bridge before, the only thing that needed Hello Venus plastic surgery was the tip.

We reckon Alice had the tip reshaped and pushed upwards instead, which is a wise choice, considering that gravity pulls our noses down when we age.

Essentially, her nose will be looking healthy and perky well into old age!

Did Alice also get Hello Venus plastic surgery for her eyes?

Well all her pre debut pictures don’t show signs of being small and monolid, so we’ll give Alice a pass on this Hello Venus plastic surgery.


Kwon Nara Plastic Surgery Transformation

Alice’s group mate Kwon Nara, better known by her stage name Nara is no stranger to Hello Venus plastic surgery either.

Like Alice, Nara has taken drastic measures to upgrade her looks from Plain Jane to K-pop superstar.

Like Alice, Nara had Hello Venus plastic surgery to her nose.

We can see a vast difference in her before and after pictures, namely in the bridge area and the shape of her nostrils now.

It looks like she has bigger more shapely nostrils now but in actual fact, her alars have been shaved down to create a narrower, less fleshy tip.

Her bridge has also been increased in height, where before it was barely prominent, it is now much higher than before.

We’re starting to think that one of the defining hallmarks of being Korean is blepharoplasty.

Judging by all the celebrities spotting double eyelids, you’d think it was a common feature but alas!

The only thing in common they all have is probably the same plastic surgeon!

Nara is no different.

Heck the whole group might have all did the same Hello Venus plastic surgery with the same doctor.

Nara’s eyes, while big lacked double eyelids, which she now possesses thanks to blepharoplasty.


Kim Hye-lim aka Lime Plastic Surgery Transformation

Singer, composer, rapper and dancer is what the multi talented Lime, real name Kim Hye-lim has got on her CV.

Lime was part of a training program, called Pre-School Girls, that would eventually become a member of sister group After School, but was chosen to be the member of Hello Venus instead.

She was also in the pre-debut line-up of a girl group called Viva Girls; consisting of several members including Nine Muses member Kyungri, Kiss&Cry member So Yumi, and Dal Shabet member Woohee.

It’s not surprising everyone wants a piece of Lime.

Afterall the girl is talented. But would she still be just as desired if she didn’t have the right looks?

Talented or not, to stand out in the K-pop industry, one has to be ultra good looking.

How did Lime go from ordinary school girl with small, narrow eyes to big time pop star with the wide eyed peepers?

With Hello Venus plastic surgery of course.

Unlike Alice and Nara however, Lime seems to have gotten the full fireworks, that is: blepharoplasty, fat grafting and epicanthoplasty.

Just look at what an astounding difference it makes.

We do agree Lime had eye smiles before but they were never as prominent as they are now.

Technically, the fat bands beneath your eyes decrease with age, but the reverse seems to be true with Lime, which only leads us to believe she had fat grafting done to achieve this.

Do you think Lime Hello Venus plastic surgery for her nose?

If so, the difference isn’t very obvious or as drastic as what she did with her eyes.

We do think she’s had the tip reshaped and the bridge shaved down to make it narrower and more defined than before.


Yooyoung Plastic Surgery Transformation

Latest member to join the group, Yooyoung is also the maknae of the group.

We’re pretty sure you have to be 21 to legally get plastic surgery but then again this is Korea where such formalities don’t apply.

Most of us take our chins for granted and view it as a non-entity in the overall  quest for beauty.

Yet, a misshaped chin can make a vast difference to our facial profiles.

As we can see from the before and after picture above, Yooyoung’s chin has somewhat elongated over the years.

She has good facial proportion for the upper two thirds of her face but her weak chin destroys this symmetry by being too short.

Yooyoung remedied this “problem” by getting genioplasty to increase the surface area of her receding chin.

Her new chin is in proportion with the rest of her face and contributes to her facial symmetry.

Nose jobs usually go hand in hand with chin augmentation as the length of the chin directly correlates with the length of the nose.

From the collage above, we can see Yooyuong’s nose has become visibly slimmer, higher and longer.

In the same way as genioplasty, rhinoplasty involves inserting an implant to reshape the nose.

This Hello Venus plastic surgery has helped perfect Yooyoung’s face.


Seoyoung Plastic Surgery Transformation

Joining this Hello Venus plastic surgery is new addition to the group Seoyoung.

Having officially joined the group last November, Seoyoung has already made her mark in the vocals area, but what we’d like to know is if she’s already succumb to Hello Venus plastic surgery like the other veterans of the group.

Perhaps Seoyoung is still fresh or has a really good publicist as we can’t seem to find any pre debut pictures of her floating around (…yet).

Perhaps the only thing fake about her is the colour of her hair.


Ahn Chae Young aka Yeoreum aka Summer Plastic Surgery Transformation

This leaves us with the final member of the Hello Venus plastic surgery dissertation Ahn Chae Young, better known by her stage name Yeoreum or Summer.

The 19 year old is also the latest addition to the pop outfit and newly crowned maknae of the group.

Let’s check out if Yeoreum is a participant of Hello Venus plastic surgery.

Let’s begin with her eyes.

It’s quite clear there is something different in the way she looks.

Like maybe her eyes have become slightly bigger?

If you can’t pinpoint the difference, it’s because Yeoreum has had epi and lateral canthoplasty, which serves to make the eyes bigger horizontally.

Unlike double eyelid surgery where results are immediately obvious, epicanthoplasty is not something very common and thus while the results are visible, it isn’t quite an outrageous difference that would be noticeable by everyone.

Now that we’ve confirmed that Yeoreum has had Hello Venus plastic surgery to her eyes, did she also do her nose like most Korean starlets?

We think Yeoreum has maintained the shape and length of her nose judging from the pictures above.

She has the same tip shape and the same bridge height and nasal length.

So perhaps, Yeoreum is saving this Hellow Venus plastic surgery for later or she really is truly satisfied with the way her nose looks.

While this Hello Venus plastic surgery may be non surgical, it is nonetheless a procedure that alters the way a person looks and many a Korean celebrity has given lip service to it.

We’re talking about Yeoreum’s lips of course!

Back in the day, Yeoreum had a thin upper and lower lip that made her look severe even when she smiled.

Fast forward to her Hello Venus days and Yeoreum has been spotting much luscious, fuller lips, both top and bottom.

This lunch hour lip augmentation is relatively simple and just involves injecting the lips with a filler of your choice to get a plumper version of your original lips.

We can’t deny the amazing results on Yeoreum’s lips! They sure make her look kiss worthy 24/7.


Hello Venus Transformation over the years….

Now that we’ve discussed Hello Venus plastic surgery to the bone, let’s chronicle their rise from their pre debut days to big names they are now.

Regardless of their aesthetic paths, one thing’s for sure, the girls of Hello Venus have enthralled us with their infectious tunes and catchy dance moves and for that we are forever grateful.


[Photo credit: koreaboo, onehallyu, soompi, fanpop, allkpop, kpopstarz, neogaf, imgurkid, minus]


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