A guide to Xiaxue’s plastic surgery journey

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Have you always wondered about Xiaxue’s plastic surgery experience?

The queen of the Singapore blogosphere, Xiaxue was in fact one of the first to post online all about her plastic surgery and aesthetics experiences.

At that point in time, she obviously faced lots of backlash as plastic surgery was still something which conservative Singapore couldn’t accept. In fact, we should say Xiaxue single-handedly paved the way for mainstream Singapore to be more accepting of plastic surgery procedures.

Xiaxue’s plastic surgery blogposts showed readers that anyone has the right to want to look good, though she received lots of flak for doing such procedures on herself. In fact, she held herself with much grace and courage with all the flak received and since then, mainstream Singapore has become much more accepting of plastic surgery and aesthetics procedures.

Xiaxue has been very open about her experiences. Before we launch into Xiaxue plastic surgery procedures, let’s take a look at how she looks like when she was younger before she had any procedures done.

Xiaxue before any plastic surgery

Xiaxue at 18


Xiaxue has said that she has done 2 rhinoplasty procedures.

Her first nose job came about because she thought she had a bulbous nose. Her only requirement at that point in time was to have a smaller nose.

xiaxue with nose bandaged after rhinoplasty


Let’s take a look at Xiaxue after her first nose job.

xiaxue after 1st rhinoplasty comparison

Xiaxue talking about her experience after her 1st nose job


However, she did not like her 1st nose job because it looked crooked, and that she felt the tip of her nose was squashed in.

Let’s take a more indepth look at her “crooked” nose.

xiaxue after 1st rhinoplasty

Xiaxue after her 1st nose job


That was the reason why she went ahead to have her 2nd nose job done.

At that point in time, she also knew the type of button nose effect that she wanted – to have a higher nose tip.

Xiaxue herself has mentioned that with nose implants, she does feel her nose to be more artificial because it is harder due to all the cartilages in her nose.

So after 2 nose jobs, here is how she looks.

Take a look at Xiaxue's nose after 2 nose jobs

Take a look at Xiaxue’s nose after 2 nose jobs


Xiaxue has had also had a total of three eyelid surgery procedures done to her eyes.

She did Lateral Canthoplasty (which is the cutting the outer corner of eyes) and also Blepharoplasty (which is to cut her eyes so she can have double eyelids).

To begin with, she already has double eyelids, but she just did blepharoplasty to make her double eyelids look higher.

Let’s take a look at her before her eyelid surgery.

Xiaxue before double eyelid surgery

Xiaxue before eyelid surgery


This is Xiaxue shortly after her Canthoplasty (cutting the outer corner of eyes) and Blepharoplasty (double eyelid) procedure.


Xiaxue after double eyelid surgery

After her eye procedures


Although Xiaxue has had 2 eye surgeries, however, the desire for higher eyelid crease ultimately made the Queen of blogging undergo her 3rd eye surgery (end 2015) and this time round, an upper Blepharoplasty with a significantly higher crease.

Xiaxue double eyelid surgery 2015 (1)

Xiaxue double eyelid surgery 2015 (2)

Xiaxue double eyelid surgery 2015 (3)

So these are the major surgical transformations that she has done. What do you think of Xiaxue’s plastic surgery experience so far?

There are of course also the non-surgical procedures that she has done – namely botox, fillers, teeth straightening and gum recontouring surgery which we will now explore.



Here is our celebrity blogger undergoing botox to reduce her jaw muscles to give her a more V-shaped face.

Xiaxue undergoing Botox

Xiaxue undergoing Botox


Here’s the before and after shot of her Botox treatments. Notice her more distinct V-shaped face in the picture 2 weeks later.

Do remember that Botox takes time to take effect, that is why the picture is taken 2 weeks later.

Xiaxue Botox treatment before and after

Botox treatment before and after

Lip Fillers

Here is the celebrity blogger undergoing lip filler treatment.

Xiaxue undergoing lip fillers

Xiaxue undergoing lip fillers


Here’s the before and after image of Xiaxue’s lip filler treatment.

Xiaxue lip fillers before and after

Xiaxue lip fillers before and after

Nose Fillers

Xiaxue has also undergone nose fillers, and here is the result of the treatment.

Xiaxue nose fillers before and after

Xiaxue nose fillers before and after

Teeth Straightening – Invisalign

Since over here at PlastyTalk, we define plastic surgery as any procedure that enhance your features (on any part of your body), we shall also include teeth straightening (could be braces or any procedure which straightens the teeth, but in this case, Xiaxue used invisalign).

Here is Xiaxue’s problem with her lower row of teeth. As you can see, her smile is affected because her lower row of teeth is crooked.

Xiaxue's lower row of crooked teeth

Xiaxue’s lower row of crooked teeth (before)


Invisalign took 10 months to complete for her, and here is her result after that period of time.

Xiaxue after teeth straightening

Xiaxue after teeth straightening


Now let’s take a look at the comparison of Xiaxue’s before after pictures of her teeth straightening procedure using invisalign.

Xiaxue teeth straightening before and after

Xiaxue teeth straightening before and after

Gum recontouring (gum reduction) surgery

Xiaxue said that people told her she has a very “gummy” smile and that her teeth is too “short” especially when she smiles, so she went ahead for gum reduction surgery.

For a normal person, the length of the teeth is usually slightly longer than the width of the teeth. Thus she makes a good candidate for gum contouring surgery because her teeth is squarish.

Gum recontouring surgery utilises a laser machine to slowly carve out (carve the gums) the perfect shape of the teeth that one is looking for. This will in turn sculpt the perfect smile.

Xiaxue gum recontouring surgery

Xiaxue gum recontouring surgery


As can be seen below (circled in red), you can see the visible difference in Xiaxue’s gums after gum contouring. The middle right tooth has not be recontoured yet.

teeth contouring visible difference


Here is the before after picture of her successful gum recontouring (gum reduction) surgery.

Xiaxue gum recontouring before and after

Xiaxue gum recontouring before and after


Xiaxue’s perfect smile

In the before picture below, you can see that Xiaxue’s tooth is very squarish with lots of gum showing, and this is especially evident when she smiles. After gum recontouring surgery, the smile becomes more feminine with more of the teeth showing and less gums.

So after 10 months of teeth straightening with invisalign and also gum contouring surgery, here is Xiaxue’s perfect smile.

Xiaxue's perfect smile after teeth straightening and gum recontouring

Xiaxue’s perfect smile after teeth straightening and gum recontouring surgery



Here is a list of the Xiaxue plastic surgery procedures:

1. Two rhinoplasty surgeries

2. Three eyelid surgeries

3. Teeth straightening

4. Gum recontouring

5. Botox (recurring)

6. Lip fillers (recurring)

7. Nose fillers (recurring)

Remember that with botox and fillers, they do last for only a few months so one will have to keep going back to touch up.

Xiaxue plastic surgery transformation

Xiaxue’s plastic surgery transformation


What do you think of Xiaxue’s plastic surgery transformation?

In a recent interview (Sep 2014), Xiaxue has said that if not for her son Dash (1+ yrs old), she would have gone for more plastic surgery at the drop of a hat.

Well you can be sure that once her son grows up, she will be back with more procedures, and PlastyTalk will be here to cover it.

Now read more about Xiaxue’s ex-BFF, Dawn Yang plastic surgery transformation.


Finally, here is a video of Xiaxue’s sharing about her plastic surgery experience.

Part 1

Part 2

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  • Rachel Torres

    She has done a lot of procedures but she still looks a bit above average. She also photoshops (admittedly) so her pictures don’t bear her true likeness.

  • Rachel Torres

    Idk if her nose jobs improved her looks significantly. I found these pictures on a site for gurus.

  • Tami Menzed

    I’m jealous, I’d sell my soul to devils for surgery and be a barbie. and to be honest she isn’t so pretty in reality, have you seen her videos? I mean, the most is photoshop and make up, her face isn’t so thin, her face and head is really big for her body

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