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You can’t listen to the radio without having heard “Something”, “Darling”, “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Female President.” The K-pop group responsible for such hit music is none other than Girls’ Day, a four member South Korean girl group under the management of Dream Tea Entertainment, a subsidiary of KOSDAQ-listed agency Wellmade Star M.

The group consists of four girls who perform under the stage names of Sojin, Minah, Yura and Hyeri.

Girl’s Day Plastic Surgery

Much publicity surrounded their debut by way of Youtube, Twitter, fan forums and dance flash mobs.

It’s no wonder then that fans the world over are interested to know the every move of this K-pop girl group.

What we’re interested in is whether or not these girls have made a move to alter their looks with Girl’s Day plastic surgery. Let’s start dissecting!


Park Sojin Plastic Surgery Transformation

We’ll begin with the leader of the group Park Sojin, better known to fans as Sojin. Fun fact: Sojin majored in Mechanical Engineering at Yeungnam University so we know she’s no airhead but a beauty with brains!

Park Sojin Plastic Surgery Korea (1)

While the lead singer might have been pretty before, we do think being a celebrity might have pushed her to undergo a little Girl’s Day plastic surgery to improve her looks.

Park Sojin Plastic Surgery Korea (2)

This being the 21st century, we managed to find old photos of Sojin on the internet and boy did she look a lot different back then.

What else came to mind other than she’s got herself some Girl’s Day plastic surgery done too. Why do we say so?

For instance, she had typical Asian eyes, far from her glamazon self today. We can see her eyes have widened tremendously since her high school days.

This horizontal lengthening of the eyes was achieved through lateral canthoplasty, where the outer corners of the eyes are cut to make it wider. Fun fact: while the skin of the eyes can be cut to make it longer, an obvious sign of someone having had this surgery is the lack of eyelash growth in that area.

So the next time you see someone with suspiciously wider eyes check for eyelashes or lack thereof!

Park Sojin Plastic Surgery Korea (3)

Hmmm, what Girl’s Day plastic surgery can you infer from the photos above?

If your eyes keep focusing on her nose you may be on the right path! Because we smell a nose job here!

The pictures show Sojin with very different noses. In the first picture, it’s short and flat with a bulky tip. The second pictures shows her with a tall, slender nose. While the tip used to be an inverted U shape, it has now become a very slim inverted V shape thanks to rhinoplasty and tip reshaping. This Girl’s Day plastic surgery has improved the overall appearance and facial harmony of Sojin.


Kim Ah-Young aka Yura Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our next Girl’s Day plastic surgery profile is Yura, real name Kim Ah-Young. Yura only joined the group after two of the other members left, but regardless, the fans have grown to love her and it’s as if she was part of the group the whole while!

Kim Ah-Young aka Yura Plastic Surgery (1)

Just like with Sojin, we dug around on the net and found some old pictures of her for comparisons sake. And what do you know we think she’s another suspect on the Girl’s Day plastic surgery list!

Kim Ah-Young aka Yura Plastic Surgery (2)

Wow, what big eyes you have Yura! While it’s obvious she’s wearing circle lens, we can also see the shape of her eyes have changed drastically.

Her eyes used to be asymmetrical and very small and narrow. On top of that, she is severely lacking double eyelids.  So what Girl’s Day plastic surgery did she get?

We spot blepharoplasty (for double eyelids) and epicanthoplasty to increase horizontal length of the eyes. While her eyes have vastly improved, we can still see her right eye is slightly smaller than the left. Unfortunately, there’s no surgery to correct that yet.

Kim Ah-Young aka Yura Plastic Surgery (3)

What other Girl’s Day plastic surgery did Yura get? We’ve got her down for rhinoplasty as well. In her younger days, her nose stood out for being ugly. She had very wide alars and a non-existent nose bridge. Now, thanks to rhinoplasty and nose reshaping techniques, Yura is able to have a slimmer, taller, narrower nose. The higher bridge she has beautifully divides her eyes giving it better symmetry than before.


Bang Minah Plastic Surgery Transformation

Next up, we’ve got Bang Minah, better known by her stage name Minah. She is the visual and main vocalist of the girl group Girl’s Day, under Dream Tea Entertainment.

Bang Minah Plastic Surgery Korea (1)

Like her fellow group members, Minah is currently pursuing a degree in broadcasting. What else has she been up to besides getting a degree?

A blast from the past, we see Minah with bangs and……tiny Asian eyes.

Bang Minah Plastic Surgery Korea (2)

Stardom and bigger bank balance has afforded Minah the ability to improve her “tiny Asian eyes” with double eyelid surgery.

Her eyes had decent horizontal length the only thing missing was that precious extra fold. With blepharoplasty, Minah has been able to create double eyelids, thus enhancing her eyes and making them look much bigger than before.

We’re glad this Girl’s Day surgery has improved Minah’s overall look, as she does look way better with bigger eyes!

Bang Minah Plastic Surgery Korea (3)

Why stop at your eyes when you’re on a mission to turn yourself from Plain Jane to K-pop superstar? Nope, Minah went all the way in her Girl’s Day plastic surgery and got a nose job done.

We’re not at all surprised. After all, nose jobs are practically the standard entry requirements to becoming a Korean celebrity.

So here we’ve got a before and after picture of Minah. While at first glance, her nose seems almost similar, a closer look will tell you she’s had a little tweaking done to the tip.

It is much higher now thanks to the silicone implant. Also, we notice the alars are slightly narrower than before.

The nasal bridge has also increased in height to accommodate the increase in the tip. The fact that her nose job isn’t very obvious and is hard to tell makes this a good Girl’s Day plastic surgery done well.


Lee Hyeri Plastic Surgery Transformation

Youngest member of the group Lee Hyeri is perhaps now famous for that brief clip of her showing aegyo at her instructor from Real Men. We would like to focus on something else altogether.

Lee Hyeri Plastic Surgery girl's day kpop (1)

High school pictures are stories unto themselves and from this high school picture, we can tell that Hyeri has had some Girl’s Day plastic surgery.

Lee Hyeri Plastic Surgery girl's day kpop (2)

We can’t help but notice how her eyes have suddenly become bigger and wider in the after picture. Makeup does NOT create such a huge difference.

We’ll put this down to her having had epicanthoplasty done. This surgery helps make the eyes horizontally wider thus making the eyes bigger.

As you can see in the first picture, Hyeri did not have double eyelids, but now she seems to have “developed” them, no doubt with the help of the plastic surgeon’s knife!

We can tell blepharoplasty has helped enable her to be able to wear the eye makeup she can wear now.

Lee Hyeri Plastic Surgery girl's day kpop (3)

Nobody will ever accuse Hyeri of having a pretty sharp nose that’s for sure. Did the star do anything to alter her otherwise fat and flat nose?

We have reason to believe it might be 100% natural. Or not. You decide. The before and after pictures show us someone with a flat bridge and a thick, wide nasal tip.

While the thickness of the ala remains consistent, as shown in both pictures, the size of the ala has been greatly reduced through tiplasty.

We can also tell the silicone implant has increased height for her nose bridge as well as raised the tip slightly.

It’s very unfortunate Hyeri has such thick alars as they are usually a dead giveaway that the person does not have a naturally tall and sharp nose.

We wish plastic surgeons would come up with a solution for this, but for now, Hyeri’s nose job is suitable for her face.


This Girl’s Day plastic surgery discussion is not over yet! We’re now going to review all the changes the group has undergone.

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (1)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (2)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (3)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (4)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (5)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (6)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (7)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (8)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (9)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (10)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (11)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (12)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (13)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (14)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (15)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (16)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (17)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (18)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (19)

Girl's Day plastic surgery korea kpop (20)


Girl’s Day has certainly come a long way since their pre fame days. Will they continue to evolve or have they reached their peak? Only time will tell.

[Photo credit: greatandgreen, girlsdaydaily, fyeahyura3.minus, blogkoreaboo, pinterest, viva, dizzle.minus, seoulbeat, allkpop]


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