Could this be the future of plastic surgery? Using brain waves to determine how people would want to look like

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With advances in technology as well as plastic surgery and aesthetics techniques, changing how you look is hardly an issue anymore. Rather, which new identity would you like to take on, is now the million dollar question.

They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. While you may think that a higher nose bridge will improve your overall facade, others might beg to differ. Regardless of what others may think, ultimately, it’s your face and body, and if you’re satisfied with your appearance, others’ opinion should be the least of your concern.

In light of this, photographer Scott Chasserot set out to find out how people innately, would like to look given an ideal situation. His project Original Idea explores this thought in which it combines portrait photography with neuroscience to isolate the subject’s ideal self image.

In simple terms, Scott got subjects to post for a simple headshot. He then used editing software to manipulate and changed their facial features, afterwhich he presented the altered versions to the subjects while attaching them to a brain scanner to determine which version they prefer.

Perhaps this could be the future of plastic surgery. Before surgery, a patient would be presented different versions of themselves and their own subconscious will determine how they would want to look. The plastic surgeon would then go according to this analysis to operate on the patient.

Here is the result of Scott’s project:

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (1)

For this woman, you can see the clear difference in facial shape. She wants a more V-shaped face, in addition to the change in the shape of her eyes which would require blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty. In addition, she would also require rhinoplasty to achieve a more streamlined nose. Her lips would also require lip augmentation.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (2)

The distinct difference here is the eyes. The eyes are very much bigger giving him a less Asian look. His eyebrows are also “straighter” as compared to the curved brows before. Hips lips are also slightly longer and flatter.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (3)

The  first observable difference is the eyebrows. It has a high arch which gives her face more definition. Her nose is also sharper and not as bulbous as before.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (4)

The shape of his eyes has changed from being droopy to having a more “alert” look. The eyes really does make all the difference in one’s appearance.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (5)

In reality, he had a higher nose tip. He has opted for a longer nose tip in order to give his face more balance. Also, the shape of his lips is slightly altered to have a more curvy definition. His eye brows now also have a curved end to bring the attention to his eyes.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (6)

There are many distinct differences for this woman. There are major changes to the eyebrows, the shape of the eyes, the nose and also the shape of the lips. The nose is not as bulbous as before, and the lips is now wider and fuller giving the face a more complete look. Her eyebrows in reality makes her look slightly fierce, but with a slight tweak, she actually looks much more approachable.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (7)

Firstly, his eyes in his subconscious look bigger and not as dull. The chunkier nose tip, once reduced would make him sharper looking. Also, adding on some jaw muscle removes the V shape face, giving him a more chiseled masculine face. His lips are also much fuller making him more desirable.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (8)

It is amazing how a small change to the nose now can make such a huge difference to one’s face. The green eyes also give her overall facade a pop of color, and a smaller face shape with well sculpted lips makes her more feminine than in reality.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (9)

The lady prefers a sharper V-shaped face, and also bigger eyes. Her nose has become slightly smaller and her lips also became fuller. For us the most obvious change is the shape of the face to look more feminine, and also the bigger eyes which makes her more desirable.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (10)

The face here is also sharper giving it a more distinct V-shape. The position of the eyebrow has also changed to be a more parallel type of eyebrow. Her nose is also sharper bring the attention back to the middle of the face. There’s also a slight change in the shape of the lips.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (12)

The nose is the most observable difference in this before after picture. It is now sharper and not as bulbous. Her lips have also changed to become wider, and her eyes have also changed to become more a cat-like shape.

future of plastic surgery - using brain waves (13)

This image is testament to the saying where the eyes make the person. From a once tired looking face, the changed eyes now make the face much brighter.


While you may shy away from the truth of how you really want to look, there’s no hiding from your own subconsciousness – your own brain waves. This could very possibly be the litmus test of the procedures that one should go through in order to achieve their ideal look, in the near future.


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