From Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner – the insane transformation of the Kardashian family patriarch

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For those of you who are avid fans of the reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you would know the Kardashian family is not your ordinary household.

Fraught with rumors, shenanigans, paparazzi and drama, this high-strung family is probably all you need for a Saturday night high.

But while it is usually Kim Kardashian making headlines with her overindulgent naked photos or an immensely banal decision to go blonde, Bruce Jenner has now stolen the Diva’s thunder with a more newsworthy headline – Gender Transformation.

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn - Kardashian (1)

An extreme transformation that sent shockwaves across the world, Bruce Jenner, the suave jock of the 70s, is now the ravishing beauty, Caitlyn Jenner.

Bruce Jenner has spent majority of his life hiding Caitlyn Jenner from the world but is now ready to let us in on the secret woman behind.

Known to be an amazing father and a sporty individual, Bruce’s athletic side (won the 1976 Montreal Olympics Gold for Decathlon) is but a distraction and concealment of his deepest darkest secret; a secret not even the closest of kin knows.

Caitlyn said: “Underneath my suit I have a bra and pantyhose [on]. They know nothing about me.”

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn - Kardashian (2)

Now, after a good 50 years, Caitlyn Jenner is ready to meet the world and while Bruce’s ex-wife, Kris Jenner, is not taking too kindly to this transformation, there is absolutely no stopping for Caitlyn Jenner.

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn - Kardashian (3)

From Bruce to Caitlyn, Bruce Jenner had to undergo several surgeries to achieve a more feminine façade.

Pretty as she is now, the price of Bruce Jenner’s new face chalked up to a hefty $70,000.

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn - Kardashian (4)

Caitlyn’s facial feminization surgery (estimate $25K) is but one of the many procedures she had to undergo for that drastic gender transformation.

Facial feminization surgery aside, it is believed that Caitlyn Jenner underwent a brow lift (estimate $12K), cheek implants (estimate $8K), Rhinoplasty (estimate $15K), Trachel shave (shaving of Adam’s apple) (estimate $10K), Botox (estimate $800), lip fillers ($500).

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn - Kardashian (5)

And like any woman who covets a pair of beautifully sculpted bosoms, Caitlyn’s gender transformation would not be complete without a pair of feminine bosoms.

It is estimated that Caitlyn’s new chest costs about $20K, a sum Caitlyn was ready to part for that overall feminine touch.

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn - Kardashian (6)

Now that Caitlyn is done with the basic feminization surgery, the million dollar question remains, will Caitlyn undergo a sex reassignment surgery for her to be deemed a legitimate female?

Our money is on a Yes oh Yes. After all, it’s 50 years of concealment, it’s time to go big or go home!

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn - Kardashian (7)

Regardless, the Caitlyn Jenner that stands before us is a true and rare beauty. Although it’s a pity she came out 50 years too late, but as they say, better late than never.

Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn - Kardashian (8)

With all that’s said and done, let’s now sit back and enjoy Bruce’s final masterpiece.

And to Caitlyn Jenner, we say, “Welcome to the cattier side of the world, sister!”


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