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You know you’ve made it big when there’s a parody video of your top hit on SNL Korea and you’re the opening act for Lady Gaga.

Couple that with your army of screaming fans and you know life is peachy. Welcome to the wonderful world of K-pop girl group Crayon Pop.

The five member group formed in 2012 under Chrome Entertainment consist of Geummi, Ellin, Choa, Way and Soyul. Such is the success of this K-pop outfit that their fanbase includes male fans called “Pop-jeossi.”

Crayon Pop plastic surgery

Behind all this success is surely hours and hours of “training” and loads of sacrifices, made in the form of diets, lack of social life and…………. the alleged Crayon Pop plastic surgery.

Of course it should come as no surprise that almost every Korean pop group has undergone the knife and Crayon Pop plastic surgery is probably no different.


Geummi Plastic Surgery Transformation

Crayon Pop plastic surgery review begins with the eldest member of the group Geummi, real name Baek Boram.

She was the first member to take on a lead role in a (web) drama production, ‘6 Persons Room’. Was she also the first member to get Crayon Pop plastic surgery?

Geummi plastic surgery korea

We begin with her eyes. While Geummi did have double eyelids from young, her eyes were asymmetrical and still horizontally short in length.

Geummi eyes surgery plastic surgery Kpop

We think they have since become much bigger with epicanthoplasty, where the inner corner of her eyes have been cut to increase length and make it bigger. This Crayon Pop plastic surgery doesn’t make much of a drastic impact on Geummi’s overall looks.

Next in Geummi’s Crayon Pop plastic surgery list is her nose.

Geummi rhinoplasty nose surgery

Pre debut pictures show her with a very unflattering nose that is flat with a very big tip. Certainly not K-pop star material.

Now however, paparazzi photos paint a different picture with Geummi toting a slim elegant nose that has increased in height and length. The shape of her tip looks the same but if you look closer, it is seemingly evident that it has been raised slightly.

Geummi had narrow alars so there wasn’t anything to shave there. Her bridge height has been increased so much, and if we’re honest it looks a bit unnatural for her Asian face.


Ellin (Kim Min Young) Plastic Surgery Transformation

We continue our Crayon Pop plastic surgery review with next member Ellin, real name Kim Min Young.

Ellin Kim Min Young plastic surgery

Ellin is is the second eldest member in Crayon Pop and was a fitting model prior to training to become a singer. She is a gamer, and plays first player shooters like ‘Sudden Attack’ and action real time strategy games like ‘League of Legends’.

Having a model background, we were expecting Ellin’s pre debut pictures to be more palatable, but alas, she is also a member of the Crayon Pop plastic surgery pack.

Have a look at the pictures below to decide for yourself if you can spot the Crayon Pop plastic surgery.

Ellin plastic surgery Crayon Pop

We’re looking at the same girl. The only thing different (aside from her hair colour) is the shape and size of her nose.

Ellin’s nose is now slim, longer, more beautiful and shapely, but the before photo tells us a different story. It does seem like Ellin got a rhinoplasty and fixed that bulbous tip that gets flares whenever she smiles.

We also can’t see any nasal definition in the bridge and dorsum of her nose in the before, but it does seem to have changed now that there’s a possibility of a silicon or ear cartilage implanting involved. This Crayon Pop plastic surgery gets the thumbs up from us.

Ellin Kim Min Young before after plastic surgery

We’ve saved the best for last, and what could be worse than your high school picture floating on the net for all to see.

Ellin used to wear glasses back in the day and we don’t think they were for hipster purposes. What’s obvious from the contrasting photos are her eyes.

Ellin’s eyes aren’t dramatically huge right now, but they are a vast improvement compared to before. Despite the spectacles blocking her eyes, we can tell they are small and have the epicanthic fold common in most Asians.

Blepharoplasty has most definitely seen to the problem and has possibly solved it, giving Ellin bigger eyes with double eyelids that she can be proud of.


Choa and Way Plastic Surgery Transformation

Next up in Crayon Pop plastic surgery, we’ve got a pair of twins, Choa and Way.

Choa and Way plastic surgery

Choa is the main vocalist of Crayon Pop and likes to be called princess.  She is also the older twin sister of Way.

Way is in charge of the mic as she is the main spokesperson for Crayon Pop. She is also renowned for her appetite and is the younger twin sister of Choa.

She has a catchphrase when she eats along the lines of, “the ___ is alive and jumping in my mouth!”

Being identical twins, it’s only natural that they would both look the same, and if one twin gets plastic surgery, the other one is going to have to follow suit or risk looking drastically different (for identical twins).

Choa and Way Crayon pop plastic surgery before after

So here we’ve got the twins in a before and after montage. They sure do look identical as we can’t tell who’s who, but records state Choa is on the left and Way is on the right.

Anyhow, let’s focus on their eyes. Choa has slightly bigger eyes than her twin, but she probably widened them for the photo op.

We can see they also, unfortunately but not surprisingly lack the upper eyelid crease which is what gives us double eyelidsNaturally, if one twin got blepharoplasty, the other was going to have to follow suit.

As shown in the after picture, their eyes are now much bigger, round and have now got that extra eyelid crease. Their looks jumped from 4 to a solid 8 with this possible Crayon Pop plastic surgery!

Choa and Way korean plastic surgery

It’s only perhaps natural the twins got the “K-pop combo” that is eye and what else but nose surgery, as these two features seem to be the biggest problems for Asians.

Most Asians suffer from big tip, flat bridge problems. While having an ugly nose is not a health hazard, it sure is a confidence detractor.

As pictured above, the twins “suffered” having ugly noses aka big tip, flat bridge. Sure it looks cute when you’re young to have a button nose, but as a glamorous grown up pop idol, a button nose won’t do and so we can see the twins perhaps got rhinoplasty to fix their noses.

Now we see them with longer noses, a slimmer and taller bridge as well as better shaped tips. Perhaps it’s the angle, but we think Choa (left) got a better nasal tip than Way.

Regardless, their noses are now miles better than what it was!


Soyul (Park Hye Kyeong) Plastic Surgery Transformation

We’ve reached the final member of Crayon Pop and it’s none other than Soyul, real name Park Hye Kyeong.

Soyul Park Hye Kyeong plastic surgery

Soyul is Crayon Pop’s mascot and youngest member. She is known for being very energetic and tenacious. She was previously part of a duo called Chic6 Muscats with current labelmate Jina from Bob Girls.

We think out of all the Crayon Pop members, Soyul is the most naturally beautiful. If you think her face looks familiar and you’ve seen her somewhere before, that’s because Soyul is originally a fifth generation ulzzang.

An ulzzang is a slang term which is an abbreviation of “best face” and is also at times, used to label internet personalities who gain fame for their good looks.

So was Soyul naturally pretty from young and had no need for Crayon Pop plastic surgery or is she also guilty of fixing her face?

Soyul eye surgery plastic surgery

At the most, we reckon Soyul has perhaps got blepharoplasty done. Her eye length remains the same but she does seem to have grown extra eyelid creases.

The transformation isn’t very drastic and to be honest, she was naturally pretty without it. If Soyul did getplastic surgery then it most definitely is blepharoplasty.

Her supposed double eyelids definitely make her look more attractive, but she would have been just as cute otherwise.

Soyul rhinoplasty nose plastic surgery

Soyul had a rather sharp nose when she was younger. Her tip was not too big and even delicate looking. It’s hard to tell if she’s had a nose job done as her nose looks just like it did back in her pre fame days.

Afterall ,an ulzzang is an ulzzang because of their looks and to alter that would be completely unnecessary.

Seeing as her nose has remained the same in both before and after pictures, we highly doubt Soyul did any Crayon Pop plastic surgery to her nose.


Let’s journey through Crayon Pop’s transformation, from their pre debut days to what they are now.

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (1)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (2)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (3)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (4)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (5)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (6)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (7)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (8)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (9)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (10)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (11)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (12)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (13)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (14)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (15)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (16)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (17)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (18)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (19)

Crayon Pop plastic surgery Korea Kpop (20)

What else does Crayon Pop plan to achieve in their lifetime as a group? We’ll be sure to keep you updated, but for now, let’s just dance along to “Bar, Bar, Bar”.


[Image credits: Reddit, kpopplasticsurgery, onehallyu, soompi, fanpop, seoulbeats, allcrayonpop.blogspot, kpopvikings]


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