Eyebag removal surgery gave Diana her a pageant deserving makeover

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After being a pageant contestant, Diana became more self-conscious than ever. While the pageant contestant worked religiously on her daily skincare routine to keep herself looking young and perky, however, her skincare routine was limited when it came to what nature had ‘blessed’ her with.

And while Diana was contented with her appearance, she felt that there was no harm enhancing it further.

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Diana’s eyebags have always been a nagging issue for Diana. Despite having her beauty sleep, the pageant contestant found it a challenge looking rejuvenated and refreshed the following day.

When it seemed all eye creams and a good night’s sleep, were insufficient to alleviate her eyebags, Diana decided to take matters into her own hands and paid Dr Shens a visit.

In spite of his busy schedule, Dr Shens was extremely patient in his explanation and was very forthcoming with the information that he was sharing. Prepping Diana for her expectation prior to and after the surgery, Diana found herself more assured about her eyebag removal surgery after her consultation with Dr Shens.

On the day of surgery, Diana was a bunch of nerves, however, Dr Shens’ cheerful disposition calmed her down. 20 minutes later, the surgery was done and Diana can finally take a breather.

For Diana, post opt was the period that she feared most, only because she had a low threshold for pain. However, the fact that no removal of stitches was required, Diana was not as nervous about the recovery.

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After the first few hours after her surgery, Diana experienced double-vision which was normal after an eyebag removal surgery.

After a few hours of rest, she woke up to nausea and vomiting, a common occurrence for Diana each time the anesthesia wore (since each individual is wired differently, different individuals have different reactions to anesthesia).

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Diana immediately placed icepacks and felt better during the night.


Day 1

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On day 1 of post-opt, Diana awoke to some blood traces on her pillow. While was slight swelling and discharge, however, she did not experience any pain in the eye area.

Diana was out and about on day 1 of post opt. Running her errands as per normal although there was significant swelling in the eye area.


Day 2

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The swelling in the eye area was reduced significantly, however, Diana experienced slight discomfort around her eyes whenever she laughed or smiled. Diana applied ice packs to relieve the swelling which helped quite a bit.


Day 3

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The swelling was almost gone, leaving what seemed like dark eye circles.

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Diana was back to work by day 4 with light make up and concealer. The result of her eyebag removal surgery was so natural that none of her colleagues even noticed.

Diane eyebag surgery removal singapore blogger (7)

By day 7, Diana was as good as new and according to the pageant contestant, “Totally no regrets at all. If anyone has the same problem like me, go for it, you will not regret!”

Read more from Singapore blogger Diana Ong at her blog, or you can contact Dr Shens (Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu).

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