Everything you wanted to know about Rhinoplasty by Dr Ng Siew Weng

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When it comes to creating a beautifully sculpted nose, Dr Ng Siew Weng is the expert you want to consult. Having undergone rigorous training in Korea, Dr Ng has adopted one of the best techniques when it comes to Rhinoplasty.

Armed with his set of expertise, this learned plastic surgeon has created the perfect nose for each of his patients, earning him the reputation of being one of the best plastic surgeons in Singapore when it comes to all things Rhinoplasty.

For those who are keen on having a Rhinoplasty (nose job) done, here are some tips from the professional himself in this Doctor Opinion segment.

Women who received plastic surgery of the nose

1) What are some of the key areas on the nose that patients are generally unsatisfied with?

Common problems include a low nasal bridge, bony hump, crooked, broad and drooping nasal tip, widened alar base and retracted columella. However, these common problems can be resolved with a  Rhinoplasty or commonly referred to as a “nose job”.

2) What does a nose job do for the overall facial appearance?

A good nose job gives the face a slimmer, sharper and more three-dimensional appearance. Also, the angle between the columella and the lip would be  greatly improved from the side profile. But more than just the front and side profile, for patient with a receded upper lip (which makes them appear older than they truly are), a Rhinoplasty well done can make them look much younger.

3) What are the different methods adopted for a nose job?

There are both minimally invasive and surgical procedures in the market now.

Minimally invasive procedures such as hyaluronic acid filler injection as well as thread insertion are unable to produce the result of an ideal nose. Besides, the Thread Insertion method is relatively new, so the long term risks of scarring and thread extrusion is still unknown

Surgical techniques include closed and open Rhinoplasty which are more versatile and can produce better results.

4) Does the L shaped implant produce the best results?

Although the L shaped implant has the ability to improve the dorsal height and tip projection. It has limited ability to augment a contracted columella or narrow the nose tip and alar base.

L-shaped implant is not commonly used during my advanced training in Korea as the use of L shaped implant for a Rhinoplasty procedure can cause frequent implant extrusion and deviation.

5) What is the difference between an open and closed Rhinoplasty?

A closed rhinoplasty involves only a small incision on the inside of the nose. However, Its effectiveness is limited compared to open rhinoplasty which visualises all the structures in the nose for definitive correction.

The typical Korean-style open rhinoplasty for an Asian nose involves a small cut across the columella, placement of silicone implant, cartilage from the nose septum and ear cartilage to achieve a natural-looking and refined nose profile. However, there are instances where some patients do not have sufficient cartilage of their own, if so, rib cartilage may be used.

6) What can fillers do for the nose and does it deliver promising results?

There is only so much filler injection can do for the nose. Although filler injection can improve the height of the nose bridge, it is not able to narrow a broad nose tip and wide alar base. While it provides immediate result, it is only temporary and lasts for about six months. There are also infrequent complications such as alar skin tissue loss and blindness.

“I have encountered several patients who had received repeated filler injections by their previous doctors, resulting in a broad and undefined nose bridge due to migration of filler. Filler in this region may take longer to resolve compared to injection elsewhere in the face.”

7) How long is the recovery for Rhinoplasty and tips for recovery?

Most patients are able to return to work in one to two weeks after the procedure. The swelling subsides after a month and the final result will be assessed in about three to six months

After surgery the nostrils are sponge dressed to prevent bleeding for 24 to 48 hours. Patient should also wear a supportive splint over the nose for one to two weeks and sutures are removed one week.

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4.8 stars from 23 reviews

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