[Before & After] Did Taiwan’s Elva Hsiao have plastic surgery?

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We have seen many celebrities in their gradual plastic surgery transformation from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’.

But what if, just what if, plastic surgery was never within our reach to being with?

Would celebrities who weren’t blessed with the finest of features still survive in the cutthroat entertainment industry?

Here at PlastyTalk today, we’ll be doing something out of the ordinary in hopes to pique some interest in all of you PlastyTalkers out there.

So before we commence, here’s a quick question for all of us to ruminate on, if plastic surgery is the key to perfection today, what happens if the world of plastic surgery disintegrates before our very eyes tomorrow?

With that, let’s start the ball rolling.

Our guest today is a spicy prima donna whose popularity in Taiwan is going nowhere but through the roof. Elva Hsiao has won award after another but this has little bearing on the matter we are talking about today; we’ll leave the celebrity recognition aspect to the annual award ceremony.

What we’re in for is the Elva Hsia plastic surgery transformation but this time round, in reverse. The Elva Hsiao we know today is stunning, gorgeous and has the capacity to leave men dazed and amazed.

But would this pop star be still as raved about as she is today had she reversed all her plastic surgery procedures?

Elva Hsiao plastic surgery

The Elva Hsiao now and then.

The Elva Hsiao plastic transformation is so shocking and possibly appalling; it might just send your brain into a momentary stroke.

Wondering if this truly is the Elva Hsiao then? We can assure you, it’s very much so.

Now that you have had time to recover from that temporal mental trauma, we leave you to ponder, which Elva Hsiao do you prefer?

Now or then?

Elva Hsiao Plastic Surgery reverse transformation – Eyes

Elva Hsiao plastic surgery eyes

So picture this scenario. You spend way more time than you should on your eyes each day, mastering each brush stroke, perfecting that wing for that final touches just so you can add an inch or two to that sickeningly beady eyes.

Because well, you know, we’ve always got to be photo-ready. But alas, all you see is a pair of slit eyes in bold (because you’ve really been working that eyeliner) whenever the pictures are out. You’ve just about had it and ready to throw in the towel.

Take it from us; when posed with such predicament, it’s high time you made an appointment with your trusty plastic surgeon.

Just like our celebrity, Elva Hsiao, who got the hint and headed straight for the surgical room.

Turns out, the post Elva Hsiao’s blepharoplasty was nothing but a glaring success.

Looking at the starlet’s eyes, they now scream vibrancy, zest and a truckload of sass.

Elva Hsiao’s decision of a double eyelid surgery was really a no brainer considering she had mere slits for eyes back in the days.

With a few incisions, narrow and slit-like eyes have now become a thing of the past, giving this superstar a pair of celebrity worthy eyes.

Elva Hsiao before plastic surgery

Had the Elva Hsiao plastic surgery not occurred, this would be the Elva Hsiao that appeared on our screens today.

With that small and squinty looking pair of eyes, it’s no wonder this face almost always looks dull and dreadful.

Imagine Elva Hsiao trying to pull off a cheeky wink to enthrall her audience or worse, smizing for the camera with those beady eyes.

We’re not sure she would garner the same response she does today.

Elva Hsiao double eyelid surgery before after

The stark contrast in her eyes is enough to make you go bonkers. So was the Elva Hsiao plastic surgery a success?

We’ll let you decide.

Elva Hsiao Plastic Surgery Reverse Transformation – Nose

Elva hsiao nose rhinoplasty surgery

So Elva Hsiao’s nose is not one that’s lacking in height.

On the contrary, the celebrity had a pretty decent nose bridge for an Asian.

But gee, a decent nose bridge is unfortunately not a prefect nose bridge so of course, changes had to be made.

Elva Hsiao had trimmed her nose bridge, making it a notch slimmer and a touch more elegant.

Trimming the tips of her nose also contributed much to the almost perfect post Elva Hsiao plastic surgery transformation because really, you might as well have a note saying ‘ridicule me’ on your face had you had a chunky flabby nose and did absolutely nothing to it.

Elva hsiao before rhinoplasty

So this would happen if Elva Hsiao had not undergone rhinoplasty of any sort.

High as her nose bridge is, we see that the width is a tad too broad, making her nose stand out like a sore thumb.

It sure doesn’t help that her other features aren’t as prominent to help assuage that ginormous raging nose.

Elva Hsiao plastic surgery before after

Comparing the two noses, which would you say is the prettier nose?

Looks like Elva Hsiao really needed that rhinoplasty to tame that nose before it reigns havoc in her overall facial appearance.

Elva Hsiao Plastic Surgery Reverse Transformation – Jaw

Elva Hsiao jaw plastic surgery

Elva Hsiao has definitely scored points for her pointy chin because well, they are certainly very much on point.

Because this highly acclaimed procedure is adopted by most (if not all) celebrities, jaw reduction naturally found its way onto the list of Elva Hsiao plastic surgery procedures.

Thanks to the jaw reduction procedure, gone were the days where Elva Hsiao had jaws so broad, many actually confused her with Clark Kent.

The celebrity can now stand tall and proudly claim that she is part of the dainty feminine community.

We at PlastyTalk can’t help but feel ecstatic and very much relieved for her.

Elva Hsiao jaw reduction procedure

“Oh, But Elva, what strong jaws you have”

Do we all witness the tragedy before us? Yes, that’s right.

Elva Hsiao’s set of strong jaws just about massacred every ounce of femininity in her.

Looking at the picture, it was without a shadow of a doubt that the celebrity was in serious need of the Elva Hsiao plastic surgery transformation fix to turn that hideous boxy jaws around.

But hey, what if the Elva Hsiao plastic surgery was completely out of the picture? We shudder to think.

Elva Hsiao jaw surgery before after

So here goes, had the Elva Hsiao plastic surgery not taken place, we would probably have to make do with a manly looking diva on stage and let’s be real, that’s not something you want to wake up to, or maybe… (we’re not judging)

Now that we’ve reversed the Elva Hsiao plastic surgery transformation, let’s go back in time to see how the celebrity would actually look without any procedures done.

We hope you’ve got a strong stomach for this because the following images might not be easy on the eyes.

Elva Hsiao after plastic surgery

Elva Hsiao did plastic surgery eyes nose jaw

Elva Hsiao breast surgery

Elva hsiao nose rhinoplasty surgery

Elva Hsiao sexy hot cosmetic surgery

Elva Hsiao breast implant plastic surgery

Elva plastic surgery

Elva Hsiao plastic surgery before and after

elva hsiao plastic surgery before after eyes nose jaw ears

Taiwanese mandopop elva hsiao plastic surgery

elva hsiao taiwan singer had plastic surgery

Taiwan singer elva hsiao double eyelid surgery

Cute elva hsiao surgery

Elva Hsiao Hong Kong singer plastic surgery

Elva hsiao plastic surgery taiwan before after

Elva Hsiao before and after plastic surgery transformation

Elva hsiao breast eyes nose ears jaw surgery

Elva plastic surgery before after

taiwan singer elva hsiao mtv cosmetic surgery

Elva hsiao before plastic surgery after

Elva before transformation on her eyes nose jaw

Elva Hsiao chinese singer surgeon

Elva before and after plastic surgery

Elva Hsiao jaw reduction procedure

elva hsiao album before surgery

elva hsiao young days

young elva hsiao before plastic surgery

When elva hsiao was young before plastic surgery and after

young elva plastic surgery

Elva nose eyes surgery

elva hsiao sexy

elva hsiao cuo de ren

elva hsiao biao bai

Now that we have presented the Elva Hsiao plastic surgery transformation in reverse, let’s go back to our question, what would be of our hottest stars if plastic surgery did not intervened?

Had Elva Hsiao not undergone any plastic surgery procedures and looked the way she was in the past, would you, Elva Hsiao fans, be still as fanatic?

The Elva Hsiao today is way more appealing and enchanting than she was in the past and there’s just no two ways about it.

So before we get all critical and judgmental about celebrities undergoing plastic surgery, shouldn’t we be treat plastic surgery with much gratitude and perhaps even a tinge of reverence since ultimately, we, the fans now have more eye candies to ogle at and that’s never going to be a bad thing.

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