[Part 1] Should I or Should I not? Dr Ng answers your Breast Augmentation Questions

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For those of us who are lacking in the breast department, a breast augmentation surgery almost immediately comes to mind. But like any surgery, it is essential to be more well informed about just what the breast augmentation surgery entails. In the first part of the Dr Ng Siew Weng’s sharing session, he will let us in on more details and personal experience when it comes to a successful breast augmentation surgery.

Qn: Who are the suitable candidates?

Ans: Anyone who is unhappy about the size or appearance of their breasts.

Qn: Who are the unsuitable candidates?

Ans: Those who suffer from body dysmorphia and bleeding disorder.

Qn: What can breast enhancement help in the breast department?

Ans: A breast enhancement procedure is able to resolve many aspects of the breast. From droopiness of the breast, a lack of volume in the breast, a deflation of breast volume post breast-feeding to large and saggy nipples, a breast augmentation surgery is able to counter these various problematic aspects of the breast.

Qn: Implants vs fat grafting. What are the pros and cons of the different methods adopted?


Pros of Implants

– they give you immediate results
– implants also offer assured volume
– implants only require one surgery
– the implant method is of a much lower cost than fat grafting

Cons of Implants

– the results may be as natural as fat grafting
– there is a use of a foreign object

Pros of Fat Grafting

– it gives a very natural finish

– it is all natural and does not involve a foreign object
– it may enhance a few parts of the body other than the breast since fat is removed from problematic areas

Cons of Fat Grafting

– results may not be immediate as compared to implants
– it requires more than 1 surgery to get the final results
– only about ½ – 1 cup size increase can be achieved for each surgery

Qn: Silicone implant vs Saline implant, which is a better choice?

Ans:  Saline is harder thus the breast will lose the natural softness and touch. Also, saline implants tend to leak so I would not opt for saline.

Silicone on the other hand is very safe as it contains a stable and cohesive gel which does not leak. As such, silicone implants are always the better choice.

Qn: What is done during the surgery for each method?


Implant method

– As Asians lack volume in the breast, I usually place the implant behind the muscle (subpectoral) as this method allows more tissue to cover the implant, thereby giving a more voluminous result as compared to the sunglandular method where the implant is placed in front of the muscle which does not offer the added volume that the former can provide.

The implants can be inserted via three ways. The transaxillary (through an incision from the side of the breast), periareolar (through an incision at the nipple) and inframammary fold (through an incision below the natural fold of the breast).

For the choice of incisional position, I would highly recommend the inframammary incision as this has the lowest scar visibility if done by an exceptional skilled surgeon.

Fat-Grafting Method
Fat is extracted from the body through liposuction and the fat harvested will then be separated with a centrifuge. Upon extracting the fat cells, they are then used for fat-grafting.

I use a 2-hole method where fat cells are injected evenly and repeatedly around the breast.

Qn: Any lifestyle habits to change or eliminate before the surgery?

Ans: Avoid smoking.

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