[Part 2] Should I or Should I not? Dr Ng answers your Breast Augmentation Questions

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In part 1 of Dr Ng’s sharing session, the professional gave insight on the dos and don’ts of pre-breast enhancement surgery. But just what do we need to expect and do after our breast enhancement surgery?

Dr Ng Siew Weng is back with more tips on post surgery care for the most optimal result you can have after your breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Augmentation different modals

Qns: What can we expect right after the surgery?

Ans: There will be an instant increase in size after the surgery. One can expect swelling, tightness, pain (very manageable) as well as slight bruising post breast augmentation surgery.

The tightness stems from the skin being stretched due to the new implants but once the skin stretches and adapts to the implants, the tightness will no longer be felts.

There will also be the presence of high-riding breasts right after the surgery but the breast will fall into its natural position after 2-3 weeks with the appropriate breast massage that will be taught to my patients.

Qns: What can be done about the scar after a breast augmentation surgery?

Ans: Broadband light treatment can be done after the breast augmentation surgery to lighten the scar. Steroid injection can also be administered coupled with a scar massage technique and you can expect the scar to fade with time.

Qns: Are there any foods to hasten the recovery process?

Ans: Herbal extracts are recommended to cut down the swelling and bruising.

Qns: When is a good time to go back to office/workout routine after a breast augmentation surgery?

Ans: Depending on the fitness level of the patients, but typically patients go back to work 4-5 days after their breast augmentation surgery.

I would recommend light exercise after 3-4 weeks after the surgery and as for heavy exercise, it is best to return to it only after 3 months after the breast augmentation surgery.

Qns: What is the recovery time and how long does it take before the swelling and bruising goes down?

Ans: Bruising and swelling is expected to go down in less than 2 weeks.

Qns: How long before the breast looks and feels natural?

Ans: Typically, it takes about 6 months before the breast feels natural to the touch

Qns: Any tips for patients from personal experience?

Ans: It is important for patients to have reasonable expectation when it comes to their breast augmentation surgery. Patients with sufficient fat store can consider the fat grafting method, on the other hand, patients which insufficient fat store should consider the implant method to give the best possible result for their breast augmentation surgery.

It is also vital that patients feel at ease with their surgeons and that their surgeons should give them a comprehensive understanding about the breast augmentation surgery that they will be undergoing.

To have a surgeon who is trust worthy and be more than willing to see you through the entire process till post op is something patients should look for in their choice for their surgeon.

Patients tend to be price conscious, but it is important to know that it is the end result that matters ultimately and they should find a surgeon who can deliver the optimal result for them.

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