Guide to Double Eyelid Surgery

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Double eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, is the most common plastic surgery procedure for Asians. This procedure will create an eyelid crease in an individual who does not have a crease (single eyelid), or has an indistinct crease.

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Many Asians want to have this additional crease, which will give the impression of a larger eyelid opening. For ladies, this will help in putting on make up as well, in addition to making them look more desirable. Double eyelid surgery is also very common in countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Korea and Hong Kong.

Types of Eyelid

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a. Single eyelid

b. Double eyelid

c. Non-continuous crease

d. Partial crease

e. Multiple eyelid creases

f. Double eyelid of nasally-tapered crease and widening on the outer side

g. Double eyelid with parallel crease

h. Typical Caucasian eyelid crease


 Methods of Double Eyelid Surgery

1. Full incision method

In this method, excessive fat, muscle and skin are removed simultaneously from the eyelid through incisions. While this is the most common form of surgery and can bring about the best result, it must be done by a skilled plastic surgeon to prevent the need for enhancements later on.

The full incision method is suitable for people who:

  • Possess thick eyelid
  • Have droopy eyelid or eyelashes that is constantly touching the eye

2. Partial Incision method

This method involves making a tiny incision and removing excess fat and tissues. The result is a will leave minimum scarring and swelling. The double eyelid lines will extend up to the last third of the eyes, as opposed to the full incision method where the lines go beyond the last third of their eyes.

The partial incision method is suitable for people who:

  • With excessive fat on their eyes
  • Droopy eyes with thin eyelid skin
  • Those undergoing resurgery after non incision surgery
  • Want to remove fat and muscle tissue from their eyes
  • Want good results with only minimal swelling and scarring

3. Non incision method

This method is a non-invasive method that involves using minute openings made in the eyelid to create the fold, where there are various loops that can be used to tie the knots. One additional benefit of this surgery is that it is possible to revert the eyelid back to the original state.

The non incision method is suitable for people who:

  • Have eyelids that are not excessively thick or droopy
  • Want little to no scarring and swelling
Crease Height

Crease Height

 Crease Height

This refers to how high or low the crease will be from the top of the eye lash when the eye is closed measured in millimeters. Low crease usually measures 6 to 7 mm, while a medium crease is 7 to 8 mm, and a high crease is 9 – 10 mm.

Crease Shape

There are two main crease shape for double eyelid surgery, one being tapered crease while the other is parallel crease. Depending on the face of the patient, one may be more suitable over the other.

tapered crease
parallel crease

There is also the degree of tapering for tapered crease, depending on the needs and desires of the patient. As for parallel crease, it is equal height from the inner and outer corners of the eye, and similarly there is also the different height of the crease.

Details about the procedure

The procedure usually takes about 35 mins to complete and is usually done as a day surgery procedure under local anesthesia. There is usually negligible pain during the surgery, and post operation pain is mild and controlled well with pain killers. Recovery time from the pain and swelling will take at least 10 – 14 days.

Who is able to perform double eyelid surgery?

In accordance to the directive set by the Singapore Medical Council, only plastic surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons (part of ophthalmology) are allowed to perform such surgery. The directive of guidelines for aesthetics practices for doctors can be found here. Therefore if you find a general doctor that offers such surgery, do note that this violates the Singapore Medical Council guidelines and you got to be careful.

How can I locate a Plastic Surgeon to perform Double Eyelid Surgery?

You can locate here a Double Eyelid Surgery Doctor in Singapore.

If you are looking to do any other procedure, search for a medical doctor by plastic surgery procedure.


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