[2018 Edition] Complete Guide to Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

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Double eyelid surgery in Singapore, or known as blepharoplasty surgery, is the creation of a double eyelid fold.

This procedure will create an eyelid crease in an individual who does not have a crease (single eyelid), or has an indistinct crease.

This surgery is suitable for patients with monolids, or those with hidden double eyelids.

This is by far one of the most common procedures in Singapore, as double eyelid surgery will accentuate the features of the eyes, which is one of the most prominent parts of the face.

Many Asians want to have this additional crease, which will give the impression of a larger eyelid opening.

For ladies, this will help in putting on make up as well, in addition to making them look more desirable.

In this article, we will discuss the very popular questions from Singaporeans on this procedure, including:

  • Why Singaporean men and women need to undergo double eyelid surgery
  • Types of eyelid that Singaporean men and women have
  • Surgery types for double eyelid surgery
  • Height and type of crease
  • Price of double eyelid surgery in Singapore
  • Can I get double eyelid without undergoing surgery?
  • Reviews of patients who have undergone double eyelid surgery in Singapore


What are the types of eyelids that Singaporean men and women have?

Depending on the genetics passed down from our ancestors, different people have different type of eyelids.

Here are 8 types of common eyelids:

a. Single eyelid

b. Double eyelid

c. Non-continuous crease

d. Partial crease

e. Multiple eyelid creases

f. Double eyelid of nasally-tapered crease and widening on the outer side

g. Double eyelid with parallel crease

h. Typical Caucasian eyelid crease

The most common for Singaporean men and women are that of the single eyelid, and the hidden double eyelid.

For many people, the height of the eyelid crease changes depending on the time of the day, and oftentimes changes with the physical condition of the body, such as when one is extremely tired.


What are the most common types of Double eyelid surgery in Singapore?

There are 3 types of double eyelid surgeries:

  1. Full Incision Method (cutting)
  2. Partial Incision Method
  3. Non Incision Method (Non-invasive)

Your doctor will recommend you the most suitable surgery depending on your needs, preference and comfort level.

Non incision methods will only have tiny incisions from the suture and hence less scarring.  Patients with less fatty eyelids and who want lower folds are more suitable.

Incisional methods are typically more definitive.  Through the longer incision, fat can be removed, muscles can be tightened to enlarge the eye aperture and anchorage of the double eyelid is more secure throughout the length.  Although the scar is longer, if performed well it heals to look like a natural double eyelid skin crease.

Partial incisional methods shorten the incision and hence the scar.  As the access is shorter, control and anchorage of the double eyelid crease at the inner and outer aspects is compromised.  This may result in shallow folds at the inner and outer aspects.

  1. Full incision method (cutting)

This is the most common type of eyelid surgery in Singapore, and is lauded for being able to create the most natural look.

In this method, excessive fat, muscle and skin are removed simultaneously from the eyelid through incisions.

While this is the most common form of surgery and can bring about the best result, it must be done by a skilled plastic surgeon to prevent the need for enhancements later on.

The full incision method is suitable for people who:

  • Possess thick eyelid
  • Have droopy eyelid or eyelashes that is constantly touching the eye

Best Candidate for Full Incision Method 

This method will create the most natural look in the long term, but the downside of this method is the longer time taken to heal (approximately 2 – 4 weeks of swelling).

Younger patients in their 20s and 30s will benefit most from the full incision eyelid surgery because this method will have the double eyelid looking natural over time. 

  1. Partial Incision method

The partial incision method is an alternative to the full incision and the non invasive method of eyelid surgery.

This method involves making a tiny incision and removing excess fat and tissues.

The result is a will leave minimum scarring and swelling.

The double eyelid lines will extend up to the last third of the eyes, as opposed to the full incision method where the lines go beyond the last third of their eyes.

The partial incision method is suitable for people who:

  • With excessive fat on their eyes
  • Droopy eyes with thin eyelid skin
  • Those undergoing resurgery after non incision surgery
  • Want to remove fat and muscle tissue from their eyes
  • Want good results with only minimal swelling and scarring

Best Candidate for Partial Incision Method 

The partial incision method is suitable for people with thin eyelids and also who desire a short recovery time. It would work best for people with droopy looking eyes and thin monolids.

  1. Non incision method (non-invasive)

This method is a non-invasive method that involves using minute openings made in the eyelid to create the fold, where there are various loops that can be used to tie the knots. One additional benefit of this surgery is that it is possible to revert the eyelid back to the original state.

The non incision method is suitable for people who:

  • Have eyelids that are not excessively thick or droopy
  • Want little to no scarring and swelling

Best Candidate for Non incision method (non-invasive) 

This procedure works well for people who have hidden double eyelid and/or thin eyelid skin condition. This means depending on the condition, you may have natural double eyelid from time to time. For these candidates, the non-invasive method would be a good option.


What other procedures are done at the same time as double eyelid surgery?

Patients will sometimes undergo double eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasy at the same time.

Blepharoplasty is for double eyelid creation, while epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty is to make the eyes look bigger.

Epicanthoplasty (inner eyelid surgery) is a very popular procedure for clients who want to eliminate the Mongolian fold, which is prevalent among asians.

Epicanthoplasty is to increase the horizontal length of the eyes for the inner eyelids, while a lateral canthoplasty procedure is to increase the length of the outer eyelids.


What height and type of crease should I get for my double eyelid surgery?

Crease Height

This refers to how high or low the crease will be from the top of the eye lash when the eye is closed measured in millimeters. Low crease usually measures 6 to 7 mm, while a medium crease is 7 to 8 mm, and a high crease is 9 – 10 mm.

Crease Shape

There are two main crease shape for double eyelid surgery, one being tapered crease while the other is parallel crease. Depending on the face of the patient, one may be more suitable over the other.


tapered crease
parallel crease

There is also the degree of tapering for tapered crease, depending on the needs and desires of the patient. As for parallel crease, it is equal height from the inner and outer corners of the eye, and similarly there is also the different height of the crease.


What is the recovery time for double eyelid surgery?

For the three methods, this is the recovery time needed:

  1. Full incision method – 2 to 4 weeks of swelling, 3 to 10 months to start looking natural
  2. Partial incision method – 1 to 3 weeks of recovery, 2 to 4 months to start looking natural
  3. Non incision Method (non-invasive) – 3 to 12 days to recover from the stitching


How to ensure proper recovery after double eyelid surgery?

Depending on the method of surgery, recovery takes anywhere from 3 days up to 10 months as seen from the segment above.

In the days after the surgery, there would be swelling, so cold compresses will help to reduce the swelling.

Ensure that you take the anti swelling medication that your doctor prescribes to you.

You can also use eye drops to prevent the eyes from drying.

During recovery, it is also important to avoid any activities which might affect the eyes. Any activity that increase blood flow to the eyes should be avoided, and this includes sporting activities, lifting, crying and also bending down.

Try to also keep the head elevated in an upright position as much as possible so as to minimise bruising.


What is the price of double eyelid surgery in Singapore?

The final price depends on the doctor and clinic. In general, here is the approximate pricing for double eyelid surgery in Singapore, which includes surgeon fee, reviews, consultation, anesthesia and also GST:

The price for full incision (cutting) method is between $3600 – $5200.

The price for partial incision method is $3200 – $4500.

The price for Non incision method (non-invasive) is $2800 – $4000.


Can I get double eyelid without undergoing surgery?

The good news is, yes, you are able to get double eyelid without undergoing surgery.

  1. Double eyelid sticker/tape

Double eyelid tape or double eyelid sticker would be a good option. There are many types to choose from, clear, double sided or perforated, and they come in many shapes and sizes depending on your eye. They are also inexpensive and can be easily found in beauty shops.

However, the downside is the tape or sticker might come off easily, and you have to apply it ever time you go out of the house.

  1. Double eyelid Glue

This is an alternative to the sticker, is more comfortable and would be more subtle in terms of appearance. It is however harder to apply and needs lot of practise to get it right.

  1. Make up

Another method is by make up, where if you draw a black line across your eyelid, it would mimic the shadow a double eyelid crease would create.

  1. False eyelashes

While this will not create a double eyelid per se, it creates the impression of a double eyelid because of the fold above the false eyelashes. This just involves the strategic placing of the false eyelash, and will come easily with practise.


What happens during double eyelid surgery?

On the day of your surgery, proceed to the operating theater relaxed and be ready for a new look.

  1. Markings and measurements

Before entering the operating room, your Doctor will make markings for the exact double eyelid you want. You will check to see if that is how you would like it to be before proceeding for the procedure.

  1. Sedation

A sedative will be administered to you to make you more comfortable for the procedure.

Local anaesthetic will then be applied to your eyelid.

  1. Surgery – Depending on the method you choose

Surgery will commence depending on the method that you choose to proceed with, incision, partial incision or non-invasive.

  1. Recovery room 

Once the surgery is over, you will be brought to the recovery room for the sedative to wear off. And the recovery process begins!


Reviews of patients who have undergone double eyelid surgery in Singapore

Here is one patient sharing her experience.

I have this droopy eyelids problem, so I underwent upper and lower eyelid correction to correct this problem. It was done via fat transfer to my eyelids, and after that I had laser to treat my face. I feel it’s a job well done from what I can see.

Here is another sharing her review.

The reason why I chose to have double eyelid surgery is because as I’m nearing 40, my eyelids are sagging. I have natural double eyelids, but the sagging causes my eyes to look small. So I want to have my eyes appear brighter and bigger and have my features more alert overall. The procedure took about two hours, and was relatively painless as anaesthesia was used. It was a LA procedure, and I was awake the entire time. When the doctor started on my right eye after finishing with my left eye, there was a slight discomfort as probably the anaesthesia wore off, but it was still very manageable. Three months after the procedure, I’m proud to say I have very natural looking double eyelids.

You can find here for more reviews of double eyelid surgery in Singapore.


How to ensure that I get the best results from my double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery is a common procedure in Singapore. When you visit the clinic for consultation, it is best to ask the doctor or plastic surgeon to show you some before after results of their patients.

  1. Discuss the type of eyelid and height of crease that you want

It is also best to discuss in detailed the type of eyelid and height of the crease you want. It is also important to talk to your doctor about the recovery process and the follow up needed after the surgery.

  1. Discuss with your doctor the method which suits your circumstance

Depending on your preference, your doctor will recommend you the best method that suit your needs. An important point is also the recovery time. If you have a physically intensive job, or that you are not able to leave work for an extended duration period of time, the non-invasive method might suit you better.

If on the other hand your job is backend facing, or that you can take some time of work to recover, the incision method might suit you better.

  1. Proper Recovery after the procedure

It is important that you follow the instructions of your Doctor to have a proper recovery to ensure the best results.


How to find the best double eyelid surgery doctors in Singapore

In accordance to the directive set by the Singapore Medical Council, only plastic surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons (part of ophthalmology) are allowed to perform such surgery. The directive of guidelines for aesthetics practices for doctors can be found here.

Shenthilkumar Naidu

Plastic Surgeon

3 Killiney Road, #09-08
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

1 2 3 4 5
4.8 stars from 10 reviews
1 2 3 4 5
4.8 stars from 10 reviews

Colin Tham Hsien Jen

Plastic Surgeon

304 Orchard Road
Lucky Plaza #05-06
Singapore 238863

1 2 3 4 5
5.0 stars from 3 reviews
1 2 3 4 5
5.0 stars from 3 reviews

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For the full list of best doctors performing double eyelid surgery in Singapore, please visit here.

In summary, here is the complete guide to all you need to know about double eyelid surgery in Singapore.

It is important to feel comfortable with your doctor, so do schedule a consultation with the doctor to see if the methodology of their surgical techniques matches what you have in mind.

Be very clear and communicate up front the result that you want.

Do view pictures of the before and after of the doctor’s patients during consultation, and discuss the type of result that would be suitable for you.

Here’s to beautiful double eyelids!


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