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6 ways for men to appear more confident and successful

Cash. Car. Condominium. Credit card. Country-club membership. The 5 magical C’s, aka the yardstick of every man’s social standing in Singapore, is undoubtedly, the goal that every man lusts after.Achieving that 5 C’s is evidently, no walk in the park and for many, it is a tedious uphill climb to the peak of success.And while it ma

6 tell-tale signs of aging and how to tackle them

For all of us ladies, the dreadful term ‘aging’ is almost jarring to our ears. And with the plethora of negative connotations surrounding the word ‘aging’, we can’t help but cringe when the years start to pile up on us.With aging, comes the ugly consequences of a loss of volume and couple that with the laws of gravity that’s at play

7 Busted Myths about Liposuction

With a myriad of misconceptions surrounding the idea of liposuction, it’s no wonder many of us find ourselves dismissing liposuction as a viable option when it comes to our fat reduction and body contouring solution.A foggy understanding and clouded judgment on liposuction are but hindrances in the search of our perfect body.So, just what

Gynecomastia 101: The Common Questions

While it may be every woman’s dream to inherit a set of well-sculpted breast, it is however, every man’s nightmare to find a pair of ‘man boobs’ aka Gynecomastia, hanging from their chests.For most men, Gynecomastia robs away their self-esteem and has become a stumbling block in achieving the masculine male body.But it is more than

A more confident you with ADR-C Breast enhancement procedure

About the female body with age Taut, shapely, voluptuous – are some words to describe a youthful feminine body. Unfortunately, with the laws of gravity working closely with the inescapable grasp of aging, the female body takes a drastic shift for the worse as we pass the big 30.The once taut and curvaceous bodies have now slackened into a me

Combat the Chinese New Year Calories with Amaris B. Clinic

It is no secret that the Chinese New Year goodies are basically tons of fats in disguise and with the festive mood in the air, our stringent diets become more lax and our exercise routine... well, what exercise?An indulgent diet and a lack of exercise is essentially the perfect recipe for weight gain. While losing that additional weight tha