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4.9 stars based on 3 reviews Aesthetician
4.9 stars from 3 reviews

The Clifford Clinic

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Professional Opinion

Say Hi to the perfect nose with Ultra V Hiko Nose Thread Lift procedure

With our nose being the centerpiece on our face, it becomes one of the most, if not, the most important facial trait that ultimately dictates the harmony of our facial features. Like a centerpiece that absolutely needs to embody the essence of aesthetic perfection, our nose has to be nothing less than ideal to fulfill our facial aesthetic balance.

The Brutal Battle Against Adult Acne with Agnes Treatment

Having been blessed with almost flawless skin her whole teenage years; life played a cruel joke on Gillian, strewing her into the abysmal world of acne in her early twenties. What seemed like a teenager’s worst nightmare was now played out in Gillian’s reality when she came back from Hong Kong to a face full of angry pimples. Despite

Doctor Spotlight: Aesthetician Dr Gerard Ee

In this Doctor's spotlight series, Dr Gerard Ee sheds light on his choice of Aesthetics as a career and the reason behind his refusal to stop learning. His expertise coupled with patience, Dr Gerard Ee has undoubtedly produced remarkable results for each and every one of his patients. Obtaining his medical degree from St George’s Universi

Blogger Sherlene’s Agnes Acne Laser & Q-Switch Laser Treatment with Dr Gerard Ee of The Clifford Clinic

About 80% of people suffer from acne breakouts between the ages 11 and 30 and while it is a physical torture to deal with acne, it is also both a mental and emotional struggle for many. Ms Sherlene Lian, like many, fell victim to a case of severe acne. Sherlene has always struggled with acne since her teenage years but none was as serious as