Doctor Spotlight: Plastic Surgeon Dr Marco Faria Correa

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In this Doctor’s spotlight series, we feature Dr Marco Faria Correa. Originally from Brazil, Marco Farria Correa first came to Singapore in 1996, and got his full registration from the SMC in 2005. Crowned with several prestigious awards, he lets us in on how he never stops learning and how he made Body Sculpting his speciality.

Dr Marco Dokter ahli bedah plastik Kompas/ Priyombodo (PRI) 20-04-2009 (untuk rubrik sosialita)

He earned the prestigious title of ‘Master in Body Contouring’ and was crowned the ‘Most Outstanding International Leader in Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery’ on” Advances in Body Contouring” at 1ST World Congress in 2009. Dr Marco Faria Correa, whose patients leave his clinic with nothing but smiles plastered to their faces, is undoubtedly the crème de la crème in the plastic surgery realm.

Hailing from Brazil, said to be the number one country when it comes to all things plastic surgery, Dr Marco received his full registration with the Singapore Medical Council in 2005.

This highly acclaimed plastic surgeon first set foot in Singapore in 1996 to conduct workshops and perform a surgical demonstration at the invitation of the Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons and after he was invited to work in Singapore, Dr Marco has never looked back ever since.

But being ‘Brazil’s Finest’ doesn’t stop Dr Marco from learning and garnering the latest techniques that cater best to his patients. “l always attend conferences and I try to learn any new techniques in my field. I go and check for new learning that can help my clients. I always attend meetings, not only to teach but also to learn what other doctors are doing. ln the medical field, we have to be always updated.”

Dr Marco’s unceasing thirst for betterment makes him one of the most kept abreast plastic surgeons with the most up-to-date techniques adopted. When it comes to his patients, Dr Marco goes by the doctrine: “I am here to help those who do not accept the way they are. Tell me what is disturbing you and I will provide the solution.”

To many, Dr Marco is not just a plastic surgeon, but also, a life saver. To the 61 year old plastic surgeon, “Cosmetic plastic surgery is something very enjoyable especially when you see how thankful the patients are when you restore their self-confidence; when you restore their life.

They treat you as one of their best family members. They treat you with love because they really think that you have restored their self-confidence. They feel like another person most of the time.” Dr Marco’s conviction in restoring one’s confidence through aesthetic improvements has undeniably helped not just the several disgruntled patients, but also their families.

For a perfectionist like Dr Marco who simply can’t bear the thought of his work being second best, the renowned plastic surgeon has honed his craft and made Body Sculpting his speciality. His patients come from far and wide, specifically requesting for tummy tuck, breast lift, breast implants and face lifts. To Dr Marco, a job well done is “when it keeps people guessing” and this is the very reason Dr Marco has patients flocking to his clinic.

It’s all about adroitness and subtlety when it comes to being an exceptional plastic surgeon and this is what Dr Marco can offer in the creation of the perfect balance in every of his patients.

Marco Faria Correa

Plastic Surgeon

Mount Elizabeth Novena
38 Irrawaddy Road #10-26
Singapore 329563


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