[Part 2] Doctor answers your Q&As on POST Double Eyelid Surgery

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In part 1 of Dr Ng Siew Weng’s sharing, he taught us about the different methods adopted when it comes to an Upper Blepharoplasty surgery aka double eyelid surgery.

And while what Dr Ng Siew Weng shared was extremely useful for all of us who are interested in a double eyelid surgery, it is also important to learn about what post Upper Blepharoplasty brings. Let’s see what the professional has to say about post Upper Blepharoplasty.

Qns: What can I expect right after a double eyelid surgery?

Ans: For most patients, you will experience swelling and also tears accumulation. These are all very common post double eyelid surgery effects.

Qns: What are some post surgery care that I can take note of?

Ans: Antibiotic cream will be given to my patients. It is important for patients to sleep with their head up as this helps to reduce swelling. For those who opted for the incisional method, sutures will be removed after 1 week.

It is also crucial that patients do not carry heavy load as that can cause more bruising.

Qns: Are there any types of food that will help hasten the recovery process?

Ans: I normally encourage my patients to opt for herbal extracts.

Qns: What is the recovery time for both the incisional and suture method double eyelid surgery?

Suture method:

Recovery time is much faster. Usually the swelling goes down by 2 weeks with noticeable punctures at the suture points. But it will be gone in about 3 months.

Incisional method:

Recovery time is slightly longer. There will be a prominent scar for the 1st 4 weeks, however, the scar will be unnoticeable in about 3 months. Scar cream can be used to help speed the process up.

Qns: When can I go back to work after double eyelid surgery?

Ans: This typically depends on the patients themselves. Patients are able to go back to work 2-3 days after the surgery if their work is sedentary. However, if they do not want others to notice, they can go back to work in a week.

Qns: How long does it take before my eyes look completely natural after a double eyelid surgery?

Ans: It takes about 2-3 months to look completely natural.

Qns: Are there any tips for patients from personal experience?

Ans: It is important for patients to thoroughly understand their eye type and choose the method that’s best for his or her eyes. Patients should seek a plastic surgeon who is willing to go thoroughly explain to their patients the different methods used and to discuss all options with him or her. It is also crucial to find a surgeon who is experienced and skilled so that the patient is ensured the most ideal result for their double eyelid surgery.

To understand about PRE double eyelid surgery, read Part 1 of Dr Ng’s Q&A.


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