[Part 1] Doctor answers your Q&As on PRE Double Eyelid Surgery

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Upper Blepharoplasty, aka Double eyelid surgery is one of the most coveted surgeries for many Asians. However, seeking the perfect pair of alluring and appealing baby blues that is uniquely yours requires a lot more homework before you make the best decision for your eyes.

With the advancement of technology, there are several types of double eyelid surgeries that are suited for different types of eyes. Which surgery suits you the best and why? Find out more from our professional, Dr Ng Siew Weng, as he shares with us just what exactly a double eyelid surgery can for your eyes.

How to care for your eyes after double eyelid surgery

Qns: Who is suitable for an upper blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery)

Ans: Those who are unhappy with the shape as well as the size of their eyes. Also, for those who have droopy eyelids, either from a set of loose eyelid skin or those who suffer from ptosis.

Qns: What is the difference between the suture method and the incisional method?

Ans: The suture method does not require any incisions, thus does not leave a scar. It is done by the running method where 3-5 knots are woven in and out of the eyelids.

The incisional method on the other hand requires incisions. There will be an imperceptible scar, however, the incisional method is more lasting as compared to the suture method.

Qns: Does everyone suit the suture method?

Ans: Unfortunately no. The suture method is only suitable for patients who have no excess skin, no extra fat pad on their eyelids, does not suffer from ptosis and generally suitable for younger patients.

Qns: What are the pros and cons of both the suture and incisional method?

Pros of suture method                         Cons of Suture

– It does not require incisions,             – the suture might loosen with time
thus, it leaves no scars                           thus, it might not be permanent

– quick recovery time
Pros of incisional method                    Cons of incisional method

– The result is permanent                    – Since it involves cutting, it leaves a slight scar

– The result is more ideal


Qns: What is done for each method?

Incisional method:

Incisional method is pretty standard. The incision is made, the excess skin is trimmed and multiple sutures are done to create more scarring. (the more inner scarring made, the more stable the double eyelid crease is.) However, the result can be vastly difference even though the same methods are applied. The subtlest of detail lies in the plastic surgeon’s skill and that makes a world of a difference.

Suture method:

For the suture method, different surgeons adopt different types of suturing. For most surgeons, they adhere to the 3-knot method. This method creates less inner scar formation and thus may result in a less secure crease.

I adopt the 5-point method, which is more tedious method. However, I believe that the 5-point method is more secure, thus ensures a more stable double eyelid crease and is less prone to the loosening of the suture.

Qns: What can an Upper Blepharoplasty aka double eyelid surgery do for the eyes?

Ans: A double eyelid surgery can rejuvenate a person’s face, giving them a fresher appearance. Of course, it can give you a set of bigger eyes and help to bring about symmetry to entire face. Also, a double eyelid surgery can help to make one’s eyes less fierce and less sleepy.

Qns: Are there any lifestyle changes before surgery?

Ans: It is always good to stop smoking before any surgery.

Read here for Part 2 of Dr Ng’s Q&A on what to expect POST double eyelid surgery.


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