Disfigured woman transformed into stunning beauty on Korean reality TV series “Let me in”

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Let Me In (“Me In” is a homonym for “beauty” in Korean) is a Korean reality TV series which features women and men with physical defects going under the knife to be transformed into someone presentable. This is done with the help of plastic surgeons, who each week operate one patient who is then revealed to great fanfare at the end of each episode. 

In episode 9 of “Let Me In”, the audience erupted in excitement when the newly transformed Kim Hee Eun was revealed.

In her late 30s, Kim Hee Eun was born with a birth mark on her right cheek caused by swollen blood vessels which causes discolouration. Growing up, the birthmark grew in size and deformed her upper lip and gums as well. Small purplish spots were also present across her right cheek and it made her face disfigured and unpleasant to look at.

Kim Hee Eun birth mark on face - Let me in

Korean reality Let me in - Kim Hee Eun amazing transformation


Before she underwent plastic surgery, it was clear Kim was very conscious of her disfigurement. She had trouble socializing and difficulty finding a job. She was also crying when talking about her condition. As evidence of her self-consciousness about her disfigurement, during the interview, she was frequently seen covering the birthmark with her right hand.

She was thus selected by the doctors of the program to undergo a bimaxillary operation and other corrective jaw surgeries.

Korean Kim Hee Eun on reality TV series Let me in


At the unveiling of her new face, everyone in the studio was shocked at the transformation. The host of the show, Hwang Shin-hye commented, “You look just like Yoo In-na [Korean female actor]!” and “You are like a new actress who has just debuted!”

Kim Hee Eun after plastic surgery - Let me in Korea TV show

Kim Hee Eun after plastic surgery - Let me in


Other entertainers in the show including Lady Jane and Hong Ji-min said, “You are like a pretty flight crew serving the first-class seats!” Mir also said, “I truly feel happy with Ms. Kim’s smiles.”

Kim Hee Eun after plastic surgery on Korean TV Let me in
It makes us here at PlastyTalk truly happy when someone like Kim Hee Eun who has struggled with her looks all her life now getting a very awesome new lease of life.

With her new looks, we’re sure she’s going to live the rest of her life completely satisfied with her looks. No more covering the right side of her face with her hands, and no more being self-conscious about her looks.

She can now present herself confidently to the world.

Kim Hee Eun before after plastic surgery - Let me in korean reality


Here you can see the moment she was unveiled to the audience.

[Image credit: youtube screengrab]


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