Did Jay Chou’s wife Hannah Quinlivan undergo any plastic surgery transformation?

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With a concoction of part Australian, part Korean-Taiwanese in her, the 21 year-old showbiz personality is one stupefying beauty, not to be missed.

Her unique appearance had initially caught the King of Mandopop’s attention, but it eventually stole his heart.

While this gorgeous couple tried to keep their relationship under wraps, staying way under radar for years, however rife speculations of their clandestine dating has set the media bubbling with curiosity.

So after keeping the lid on their dating life for four years, the truth behind the love life of Jay Chou and his belle was finally corroborated after the Taiwanese singer proposed to his 21 year-old girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan.

Hannah Quinlivan nose job

However, photos of Hannah Quinlivan’s younger days recently surfaced and have sprouted much conjecture about her going under the knife to refine her appearance.

We’re dying to find out just what these rumours about the Hannah Quinlivan plastic surgery is all about.

But first, just who is this Hannah Quinlivan, who has the audacity to shatter the hopes and dreams of millions of other Mrs Chou wannabes?

And is she truly deserving of the Mandopop King, Mr Jay Chou?

Let’s find out.

Hannah Quinlivan

There you have it, presenting, Mrs Jay Chou.

Judging from her looks, well, not too shabby indeed. She’s pretty, cute, and beautiful, all jumbled into one.

Unfortunately, pictures of Hannah Quinlivan’s past don’t quite live up to her current beauty standards.

And here is why.

Hannah Quinlivan plastic surgery

As you can see, Hannah Quinlivan wasn’t always the beauty we see today.

Squinty eyes, crinkled nose and an impish smile was the Hannah Quinlivan of the past, a far cry from the sophisticated and elegant lady of today that exudes perfection in almost every possible way.

It’s no wonder tongues are wagging, accusing Quinlivan of undergoing plastic surgery.

But could it perhaps be just a terrible picture captured at a terrible time? Or did Mrs Chou really undergo some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her facial features?


Hannah Quinlivan Nose Transformation

Hannah Quinlivan plastic surgery nose

Hannah Quinlivan rhinoplasty nose procedure

Looking at Hannah Quinlivan’s nose back in the days, we see that she has quite a broad and wide nose bridge.

Not only that, notice that the tip of her nose is rather meaty, giving her face a cuter and innocent touch to her appearance.

However, when we look at the Hannah Quinlivan now, we see that her nose bridge is much narrower and more slender than it was before.

In addition, the alar of her nose seems to have been trimmed and not forgetting the tip of her nose, it is evidently sharper and less roundish.

A very possible rhinoplasty procedure that was performed instantly replaced the cutie element in pre-surgery Hannah Quinlivan with a more put together and poised post-surgery Hannah Quinlivan.


Hannah Quinlivan Jaw Transformation

Hannah Quinlivan jaw procedure

Hannah Quinlivan jaw transformation procedure

While most of Hannah Quinlivan facial features remain pretty much the same, the jawline is the part that seems to have taken on quite a drastic change from its before and after pictures.

It is therefore very possible that Hannah Quinlivan’s jawline is actually the chief cause of the Hannah Quinlivan pastic surgery speculations.

Looking at the before picture, we see that Hannah Quinlivan’s lower half of the face is pretty roundish and also has a relatively broad jawline.

Though many argue that it is a loss of baby fats that attributed to the change in facial structure, it is however almost impossible to alter the broadness of the jaw structure with merely weight loss.

Rather, it is more likely that she received help from a combination of botox and fillers to help achieve that perfect V-shape facial structure.


Transformation over the years

So how has Hannah Quinlivan transformed over the years? Let’s take a look.

Hannah Quinlivan younger days picture

Hannah Quinlivan plastic surgery procedures

Hannah Quinlivan plastic surgery transformation

Hannah Quinlivan nose and jaw procedure

Hannah Quinlivan plastic surgery change

Hannah Quinlivan nose jaw cheek chin transformation

Jay Chou girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan plastic surgery procedures

Hannah Quinlivan jay chou gf transformation

Hannah Quinlivan married Jay Chou had plastic surgery

Hannah Quinlivan plastic surgery transformation over the years

Jay Chou wife Hannah Quinlivan procedures

Hannah Quinlivan Jay Chou girlfriend

Hannah Quinlivan married jay chou

Beauty Queen Hannah Quinlivan cosmetic surgery

Did Hannah Quinlivan have plastic surgery

Hannah Quinlivan jaw augmentation

Jay Chou girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan before marriage

Hannah Quinlivan nose job

Hannah Quinlivan eyes surgery

Did Hannah Quinlivan have double eyelid surgery

Hannah Quinlivan pretty looks after plastic surgery

Hannah Quinlivan transformation

Beauitful Hannah Quinlivan after her cosmetic surgery transformation

So did Hannah Quinlivan actually get plastic surgery done? Even if she did, but so what?

Look at Hannah Quinlivan now, all beautiful and gorgeous. Looks like the Hannah Quinlivan plastic surgery procedures were indeed very successful, considering she hooked herself quite a catch.

But whatever the case is, we wish Hannah Q(ueen)livan and the King of Mandopop a blissful marriage and all the very best.


Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan married

[Image credits: pixgood.com, www.japalangblog.com, ‪features.insing.com, hkcinema.ru, soompi.com, weibo]


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