Did Angelababy undergo plastic surgery?

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She’s labeled ‘Hong Kong Goddess’ and ‘Hong Kong’s Million Dollar babe’ by the Japanese media.

She has captured the hearts of innumerable men and made countless women insanely jealous of her.

Single-handedly bringing beauty to a whole new level, many find it almost impossible to peel their eyes away from her stunning perfection.

The 25 year-old actress/model has taken the media by storm with her unparalleled beauty and the frenzy is not about to die down.

Men worship her; women envy her.

This goddess is none other than Angelababy.

Angelababy plastic surgery

Angelababy has flooded the media scene with her heavenly looks and has received much attention from people around the world. While her appearance has garnered her many fans, her exceptional beauty has left many speculating if Angelababy had undergone plastic surgery.

Rumours of Angelababy’s plastic surgery procedures has left the goddess beyond distressed.

In one publication, Angelababy stated,
”Those people keep harping on about the rumors as if my whole face is fake. That old photo was taken when I was wearing braces so my face looked swollen. Moreover, the camera angle wasn’t good,”

She also said that she would get medical proof that she was “all woman” and not a collection of parts. So is it true that there could really be someone this perfect in this world or are we just a bunch of hateful, cynical individuals? Angelababy plastic surgery, yay or nay?

Let’s find out.


First, let’s take a look at Angelababy then and now…

Angelababy before and after plastic surgery

Angelababy before and after transformation


We got to say, the before and after picture of Angelababy is pretty drastic.

Of course, make up and dressing play a pivotal role in one’s transformation and we have absolutely taken that into consideration.

As make up and dressing have their limitations, it is almost impossible that one’s facial features and bone structure can be altered drastically.

So is it Angelababy plastic surgery or Angelababy au naturel? Let’s put her under scrutiny and do a detailed analysis.



Angelababy eyes transformation

Angelababy eyes transformation


It is clear that Angelababy has natural double eyelids to begin with.  However, looking at both the before and after picture, we do see a difference between the two sets of eyes.

In the before picture, though Angelababy has double eyelids, we see that they are not as distinct as the one in the after picture. Moreover, notice how the crease in the before picture is not as thick and pronounced as the one on the after picture?

In the after picture, Angelababy’s eyes are exceptionally sharp and very nicely shaped as compared to the before picture.

Could there be a possibility that Angelababy did plastic surgery procedure on her eyes to mold and correct the shape of them, making her eyes more prominent and pronounced? If so, is the Angelababy plastic surgery considered a success?



Angelababy nose transformation

Angelababy nose transformation


Now that we’ve covered the eyes, let’s take a look at the nose. Looking at the before picture, it does seem like Angelababy has quite a high nose bridge, so we’re not going to debate if she did a nose job to raise her nose bridge.

The juice lies in the alas (wings) of her nose. Notice in the before picture, the alas are much wider and the tip of her nose is also broader as compared to the after picture, where the alas seem mysteriously tamed.

Also, it seems like the width of the nose bridge is slightly narrower than before .

Did Angelababy get plastic surgery done on her nose or could the answer be simply good contouring skills?



angelababy chin plastic surgery

Angelababy chin transformation


And now, we come to the most highly talked about Angelababy plastic surgery rumor. The jawline/chin.

In the before picture, it is clear that Angelababy doesn’t have the slimmest jawline neither does she have the sharpest chin. She has a more U shape chin and her jawline is pretty broad.

And if we look harder, we see that the bottom of her chin is almost a flat base, suggesting that her bone structure in her chin is round, not sharp.

However, as we study the after picture, we witness quite a drastic change in her facial structure. The flatness of the chin has sharpened into a perfect V, giving her face an overall lovely oval shape and because of that huge change in her facial shape, it has caused many to speculate that Angelababy had plastic surgery done on her chin.

So was it a chin implant or could it simply just be some shedding of baby fats that contributed to the extreme facial structure change in Angelababy?


 And there’s more?

Angelababy chin transformation

Angelababy chin transformation from a different angle


Looking at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures above, we are able to witness quite a difference between the two, especially in the chin section.

Notice Angelababy’s chin is much sharper and her face has a more distinct shape in the ‘after’ picture than ‘before’.

The drastic changes between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of Angelababy seem to have unfortunately added a few years to her age, making her look older than she truly is.

Angelababy’s extreme v-shape facial contour seem to have cost her that babyish and sweet looking face.

Now that we are finally done with the scrutiny, let’s go back to the question. Do you think Angelababy did plastic surgery?

If so: Team Angelababy plastic surgery vs Team Angelababy Au Naturel. Which team are you on?


Which transformation do you think Angelababy looks best?

We have seen the many facets of Angelababy through the many transformations that she has engaged in.

While Angelababy has indeed become a more stunning version of herself, however, the extreme change that we witness of Angelababy have us terribly curious.

How did this ugly duckling transform into this beautiful and attractive swan?

Was it really plastic surgery that made Angelababy the gorgeous lady she is today, or was she simply a late bloomer?

Looking at these two pictures of Angelababy, which do you think is the more beautiful version of Angelababy?

Angelababy 1st transformation vs 2nd transformation (post plastic surgery)

Angelababy 1st transformation vs 2nd transformation

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Update on Oct 15: Renowned Chinese plastic surgeon Qi Zuoliang examined Angelababy in the presence of her lawyer, notaries and reporters and concluded that she did not do plastic surgery.

Update on Oct 20: Taiwanese plastic surgeon Hsieh Tung-ying analysed the images and cast doubts on the earlier conclusion, saying that Angelababy “seems to have an extra wand-like thing at the back of the nose”, and also wondered if her studio really shared her scans, and not someone else’s, with the media.


[Image credits: zimbio, fansshare, soompi, online forums]


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  • u-live -under-the -rock

    She was never an ugly duckling, she got prettier that’s all

  • MaryAnn

    she keeps denying that she did plastic surgery. but i mean the changes are so big

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