Mum Wants to Disown Daughter Who Spent S$170,000 on Plastic Surgery over 2 years

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On a TV program aired by Dragon TV, a distressed mother decided to turn to the media for help to stop her 29-year-old daughter’s plastic surgery habit.

Chinese woman Yu Bing plastic surgery addiction

During the talk show aired on live TV to millions of viewers, the 61-year-old Mum told her daughter she was heartbroken by her constantly changing face. She even threatened to disown her daughter if she would not stop changing her looks.

The daughter, Yu Bing, had blown S$170,000 (800,000 RMB) on 20 plastic surgery operations over just the past two years.

Yu Bing china plastic surgery

“Every time I see her, she looks different – I can hardly recognise her even though I’m her mother,” said the woman, who was not identified in the programme, to the audience.

“Now my daughter’s face has been totally reshaped, all her extended family say she looks rather like a monster. How can I not be worried?”

Yu Bing and mother appear on TV for plastic surgery talk

Yu first underwent jaw contorting and a nose job in China. Amazed at the stunning look of Korean pop stars, she visited Seoul, the world’s plastic surgery capital, for a more ambitious revamp of her face.

She had a nose reconstruction in Korea to make it higher, before realising that her eyes were “too small”.

Soon afterwards, she had the shape of her eyes altered as well as a double eyelid operation, only to find out that her “jaw had become too long”. So Yu underwent a second jaw contouring operation in Korea.

Yu Bing, who runs a clothing business with friends, said that she has a strong desire to be another Fan Bingbing, a superstar Chinese actress, famous for her white skin, pointed chin, big eyes and fine nose, though Fan strongly denies they are the results of plastic surgery – even though her friends already regard her as a “good-looking girl.”

Chinese plastic surgery to look like Fan Bing Bing

When asked about what 2016 has in store, Yu responded that she plans to “grow taller” this year by getting a surgery already gaining in popularity in which a doctor would break her shin bones to insert implants, giving her a few extra centimeters in height.

Yu’s remarks made her mother burst into tears immediately. But the younger woman kept smiling, as she said she could not control her facial expressions effectively following a recent surgery that curled her lips upwards.

This reminded us of  an example we covered back last year. Plastic surgery should not be taken to the extremes.

While we advocate plastic surgery to enhance one’s looks, we definitely do not advocate extreme plastic surgery. Or you will become hated like him.

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