Who in Kpop group Dal Shabet had plastic surgery?

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The meaning behind the girl groups’ names has become the latest topic of conversation.

Recently, on the online community forums, a post titled ‘the girl groups’ names’ explains the names of girl groups, including SNSD, Wonder Girls, KARA and 4minute.

The name of one group we found interesting was Dal Shabet, which means sweet sherbet.

One thing’s for sure, this 6 member girl group produces music that is every bit as refreshing as the dessert they’re named after.

But we’re not here to talk music, we’re here to talk Dal Shabet plastic surgery.

Park Mi Yeon aka Serri Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our Dal Shabet plastic surgery begins with lead singer, vocalist and dancer Serri, real name Park Mi Yeon.

Serri has a professional gymnastic background, one which led her to win a gold medal at a National Aerobics Competition.

She was also a model in the music video for “Very Good” by ONE TWO. Serri was also an ulzzang in her younger days, ullzang being the Korean slang word for someone who makes a living based on their good looks.

So was Serri always the looker she is now or has Dal Shabet plastic surgery played a part?

Judging from the photos above it seems like Serri is the real deal, although to be 100% sure we’ve got to view her childhood photos for proof.

Till then we’ll give her a Dal Shabet plastic surgery pass.

Cho Ja Young aka Ah Young Plastic Surgery Transformation

Cho Ja Young, commonly known by her stage name Ah Young is the most talkative of the group.

She’s also obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology and as everyone knows, those Greek and Roman statues have well sculpted faces.

Could Ah Young’s obsession have driven her to get more sculpted features with Dal Shabet plastic surgery?

Greek and Roman noses are admired the world over for their beautiful profiles and elegant physiques.

No surprise then that Ah Young’s nose has become progressively……..Roman along the years.

She didn’t have any nasal bridge definition in the before photo but everything changes when we reach the after photo where her nose is all slender and sleek, right down to the well defined tip.

We say Dal Shabet plastic surgery has been at work here!

They say the eyes are the window to one’s soul.

Well Ah Young’s eyes are saying that hers is the result of Dal Shabet plastic surgery! Observe the two contrasting photos above.

In the first picture, she lacks symmetry and double eyelids.

The second picture has got her all wide eyed and circle lensed.

By now we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the Dal Shabet plastic surgery procedures required to get this look: Blepharoplasty of course!

Yang Jung-yoon aka Jiyul Plastic Surgery Transformation

Next up in the Dal Shabet plastic surgery line up is Yang Jung-yoon, better known as Jiyul to fans.

She was a live backup dancer for Nassun & G.O’s “O-IWI-O”.

She was also an actress in 4MEN & MI’s “That Man, That Woman”.

All that success is not easy to come by. Talent help, but good looks sure go a long way.

And Jiyul has plenty of that after her Dal Shabet plastic surgery.

For instance there’s this: evidence of Dal Shabet plastic surgery to her eyes.

Can you see how much bigger and wider they’ve gotten since then?

No more sleepy looking eyes for Jiyul.

Indeed this change can only be attributed to double eyelid surgery, which creates and maintains that missing connection between the underside of the skin and the levator muscle.

This is achieved by using sutures (stitches) that connect those two structures along the line of the intended lid crease.

This Dal Shabet plastic surgery has raised Jiyul’s attractiveness level by many notches!

Of course Jiyul didn’t just stop at blepharoplasty.

She took it a step further by getting rhinoplasty.

Although the results aren’t earth shattering, it has definitely improved Jiyul’s overall look.

The overly bulky tip has been toned done and given some shape towards the end.

Her bridge has also become more defined and the alars have been shaved down to create a slimmer end.

Her new nose is an improvement to her look, but given that she has a broad face, we think she should shave down her cheekbones as well to go along with the new, slimmer nose.

Bae Woo-Hee aka Woohee Plastic Surgery Transformation

Bae Woo-hee, commonly referred to as Woohee, is a wearer of many hats.

She’s a model, actor, singer and owner of the best dimples in showbiz.

While her dimples may be natural, we can’t speak for the rest of her features.

There’s a high chance they’ve been altered with Dal Shabet plastic surgery.

Take a look at her nose.

It seems the same at first glance but there has definitely been some alterations here.

The bridge has become slightly higher and the tip has been reshaped to be less fleshy.

This before and after collage of Woohee seems tricky.

After all, make up does make a difference to the size of your eyes.

However, we can see that the inner corners of Woohee’s eyes have been cut so deep it’s unnatural.

This shows she’s had epicanthoplasty which cuts the inner corner of your eyes to make it bigger horizontally.

The risk of this Dal Shabet plastic surgery includes the possibility of destroying your tear ducts.

Worth it? We think not!

Cho Ga Eun aka GaEun Plastic Surgery Transformation

Our next Dal Shabet plastic surgery contender was a former model for Project Runway Korea.

She was also a runway model for the Suecomma Bonnie Show.

Having such impressive credentials, we have no doubt that GaEun born Cho Ga Eun is a physically attractive human being.

After all, models make their living by their looks.

But this being Korea, one has to question if the models themselves have had Dal Shabet plastic surgery.

We think the one thing that makes Gaeun stand out from the rest are her uniquely Oriental eyes which she proudly has not altered, at least going by all her pictures thus far.

Why alter something that’s your money maker anyway.

Gaeun has withstood the double eyelid surgery tide and come out untouched.

So far so good.

Will Gaeun pass the Dal Shabet plastic surgery test or will her nose prove to be her Kryptonite?

Judging from the photos above, Gaeun’s nose seems Silicone free.

She had a prominent nose bridge then and a petite shapely tip that needs no altering.

Current and pre debut photos prove she’s a natural beauty free of Dal Shabet plastic surgery and there’s nothing more beautiful than someone confident in their own skin!

Park Subin Plastic Surgery Transformation

Can we say the same thing about Gaeun’s fellow group mate Park Subin?

Just like Gaeun, Subin was also a model in Seoul with a modelling contract to boot.

Subin is so tall she’s not allowed wear heels around the others.

Fun fact: Subin is the tallest and youngest of the group!

The comparison between the model lives of Gaeun and Subin end there however.

While Gauen is free of Dal Shabet plastic surgery, Subin is on the other end of the Dal Shabet plastic surgery spectrum.

The model cum singer has obviously had blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty to open up her tiny slits for eyes.

We think this hideous pre debut picture must be Subin’s worst nightmare.

Thankfully, Dal Shabet plastic surgery has saved Subin from a lifetime of tiny, squinty monolid eyes and given her mesmerizing big wide eyes.

Having had her biggest flaw fixed, Subin turned her focus towards her nose and rightly so.

We’re pretty sure that modelling contract wouldn’t have been hers if she hadn’t done something about her thick fleshy snout.

Such noses don’t photograph well and Subin must have got the memo.

The after picture shows her with her model worthy, photograph ready nose, that is slim, slender and shapely.

It’s hard to fault Subin for her decision to fix her nose with Dal Shabet plastic surgery. We would too if we had a nose like that!


Dal Shabet Plastic Surgery over the years

Now that we’ve covered each members Dal Shabet plastic surgery, let’s take a trip down memory lane to chronicle their plastic surgery progress.

We only have this to say about the group: Dal Shabet should continue to make the catchy infectious music they do and the world is theirs for the asking!


[Photo credit: dalshabetina, yangjiyul, gokpop, kdramastars, gurupop, allkpop, en.korea.com, seoulbeats, wallpaperup]


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