Criminal on-the-run gets plastic surgery to attend Jay Chou concert

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We’ve heard many absurd stories of how zealous fans go over and beyond for their beloved idols but trust us on this, nothing beats this 23 year-old, Hong.

Hong’s love for Jay Chou was so extreme, he adopted some seriously over the top measures just to catch a glimpse of the Asian Pop King. You must be wondering, why the need for extreme when it really doesn’t take much to attend your idols’ concert or their meet-and-greet sessions.

Jay Chou

All you need is some patience, some extra cash and you’re on your way to meeting your one true love. While that’s very true, you see, things are slightly different for Hong since he’s a wanted fugitive, who had been on the run for 6 months.

Being an escapee makes attending Jay Chou’s concert all the more challenging but Hong isn’t about to give up any opportunity he has to see Jay Chou (not even when the police are on the hunt for him).

After having his mole removed, some aesthetic changes done to his face and a little make up going, Hong was ready to rock the night away at Jay Chou’s concert in China’s Anhui’s province.

But all that fun and laughter was short lived as Hong was soon arrested at Hefei train station. Police initially was unable to recognize Hong but his identity was later confirmed after a quick check of his identification card.

“It’s alright. I do not want to hide anymore. I am satisfied after listening to him sing,” claims Hong.

Hong has earned himself some major brownie points for loyalty and a die-hard Jay Chou fan. But now that it’s time to face the music and pay for his mistake, we’re not quite sure if those brownie points earned, can help lessen his jail time.

Alas, all good things come to an end, but on the bright side, at least Hong managed to indulge in a night of Jay Chou before he serves time and becomes completely deprived of them.

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