Complete Guide to Thread Lift in Singapore

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Cosmetic surgeries and facelift now constitute a booming industry that caters to women and men across the world.

The Asian cosmetic industry is fast growing into a market leader especially with South Korea receiving thousands of medical tourists from all over the world seeking surgery.

These are usually cases where people are looking for extensive surgical procedures for cosmetic corrections.

Many of these are easily available in Singapore for an affordable sum and with the best quality. One such increasingly popular procedure is the PDO or Silhouette Soft thread facelift which is also commonly known as a thread lift.

It is an anti-aging treatment that ensures that corrects sagging skin and gives the face a youthful appearance.

With more and more numbers of women in Singapore as well as across Asia joining the work, societal pressure to look attractive and desirable is even higher.

These days the onus to look good and appear young has also fallen on men. Consequently, facelift, especially thread lift have proven to be a hassle-free process due to its quick results as well as negligible risk factors.


Why should you go for a Thread Lift?

Have ever worried about loose or sagging skin appearing across your face? Have these visible effects of aging made you feel conscious about your looks or given your headaches regarding how to fix them?

Then, you should stop worrying about this as everyone all over the world undergoes the same natural process.

Despite rationally being aware of this fact, it might often be difficult to not let societal expectations color your perceptions and drive your actions.

But if you wish to take corrective measures to boost your confidence, then you should unselfconsciously go for it.

These signs of aging have now become easier to counteract with thread lifts that take only an hour to complete with barely any downtime required to heal.

An ever-increasing number of people across Singapore are now looking to thread lifts as an effective alternative to painful surgical procedures.

Not only do thread lift give your face more volume thereby inducing a youthful look, but they also lend a better shape to your eyebrows and your jaws.

This procedure is especially suited to men and women who want immediate results but cannot afford or are not willing to undergo a longer recovery period.

If you are such a person then this is the anti-aging treatment for you.


What is a Thread Lift?

A thread Lift is a facial lift carried out with threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO) or Silhouette Soft threads.

Silhouette Soft is a suture thread with the component being a polymer called Ploy L-lactic Acid.

PDO on the other hand, are monofilament threads which are introduced underneath a layer of the facial skin in order to tighten the skin and lift it.

The process achieves this by catalyzing collagen growth which in turn has a rejuvenating effect. This corrective treatment for sagging and wrinkled skin is one of the most convenient currently available.

Not only does it show quick and visible results, but the process barely takes more than an hour.

This hassle-free process combined with a quick payoff has made it a very popular alternative to the traditional facelift carried out through cosmetic surgery, with more people across Singapore opting for it.


What does the process of Threat Lift constitute?

Thread lifts are a minimally-invasive treatment that seeks to correct the effects of aging that become evident due to loosening skin around the cheeks, neck, as well as jowl area.

The dissolvable monofilament thread used in the process is made of Polydioxanone and generally used by doctors to stitch up surgical incisions.

The process involves inserting these threads under the skin to form a support structure or framework that holds the skin into a tight position.

This gives back a shapely look to the face that may have been lost due to aging. Furthermore, it also induces the production of rejuvenating collagen that lends the face a naturally youthful look.

Nine months after the procedure the biocompatible threads are absorbed into the skin by hydrolysis.

The effects of the facelift continue to remain effective for another two years.


What are the different types of thread lifts?

Thread lifts, as implied by the very name, is carried out with the help of threads implanted underneath the skin.

These threads may be of two different kinds, the Nova or PDO threads and the Silhouette threads. Both of these have more or less the same benefits with some slight variation.

If you are contemplating getting a thread facelift, you might get confused about which one of the two FDA approved threads to opt for.

So let us look into the features and benefits of each type in detail.

  1. Silhouette Instalift – This process is carried out with biocompatible threads called Silhouette Soft containing the well-known polymer called Poly L-lactic Acid. This polymer has common usage in many medical applications such as suture threads, screws and rods for treating bone breakage and fractures, orthopedic pins, etc.Silhouette Soft threads contain small protrusions shaped like cones that provide traction and are designed to grab the skin. The introduction of the foreign body induces collagen growth around the thread. This gives the face a lifted look due to the production of new facial tissue around the strategically placed threads underneath the skin.
  1. PDO Facelift – This process uses synthetic suture threads whose main component is the perfectly biocompatible Polydioxanone or PDO. PDO facelift treats the visible after effects of aging in the form of wrinkles or loose skin primarily through the stimulation of collagen growth. The introduction of the foreign threads causes collagen stimulation that creates a rejuvenating effect lasting for about two years.There are three kinds of PDO threads used in facelifts which include cog sutures, mono threads, and screw threads. While the threads themselves provide support to sagging skin, each different kind produces varying levels of collagen growth and as such has slightly different treatment goals.Cog threads contain barbed protrusions that provide optimal support to sagging skin. They seek to stimulate maximum collagen growth to give your face a lasting youthful look. Mono threads, on the other hand, are smooth and minimally invasive. They are usually introduced into the skin in mesh-like patterns to produce a tightening effect.Mono threads are particularly effective in smoothening of wrinkles but do not ensure as much lifting as the other types of PDO threads. Screw threads are inserted into the needle in an intertwining pattern in combinations of two. They lend your face volume by reversing sunken parts of facial muscles to produce the much desired V-shaped jawline.


What are the benefits of a Thread Lift?

As evident from the previous sections, thread lifts are an easy and viable alternative to traditional surgical facelift.

People all over Singapore and across are the world are choosing to opt for it in higher numbers due to the many advantages it has over other anti-aging treatment methods.

The benefits that are characteristic of this procedure include:

  • Non-time consuming process – This treatment is also often referred to as a weekend facelift or lunchtime facelift. This is a reference to the one hour period of time it takes to complete the process as well as the short recovery period. Unlike surgical anti-aging treatments, this process is extremely helpful for people with busy schedules and for those who cannot afford to take a long time off from work or studies.
  • Lack of required downtime – This process, unlike regular surgical treatments, does not necessitate a long recovery period. This again ensures that working people, as well as those with important social obligations, can carry on with their business without having their cosmetic procedures hinder their routine.
  • Collagen growth induces natural rejuvenation – Apart from the facelift itself, the threads left underneath the skin have the positive effect of catalyzing the growth of collagen. This goes a long way to lending the skin of the face a naturally glowing and energized look.
  • Painless process –Unlike other surgical methods, Thread lifts are painless and the recovery process too is completely devoid of the usual side effects of surgery that include swelling, pain, and general soreness.
  • Minimal chances of risk –Since this process does not involve full out surgery it does not come with any of the risks usually associated with surgeries. Rather, leaving behind dissolvable PDO threads in the subcutaneous layer of the facial skin is medically proven to be harmless. After all, doctors have been stitching up cuts and surgical incisions which require the same threads to be behind in the wounds with no records of further harm.



What results can you expect?

The naturally dissolving sutures left in the skin remain there for about nine months. During this period, they lend support to your facial skin in order to lift them and set it in that position.

The threads have tiny barbs attached that allow them to provide better support to the face. This also ensures the restoration of that youthful plumpness that an aging face loses for the years.

These threads, when left strategically, can also lift your eyebrows and cheekbones, thus, giving your face and jawline that much sought after V-shape. A thorough consultation with your doctor will ensure that both of you can agree upon the best treatment process to give your face and features the shape you desire.


How safe is a Thread Lift?

Thread lift are a progressive anti-aging treatment process the goes on long after the threads have dissolved due to induced collagen stimulation.

As such, the process is free of any unanticipated risks. These threads tend to break down and dissolve within 4-6 months after their introduction in your face.

The threads as well as their components have been in use in various forms across pharmaceutical and surgical practices for many years without any known cases of complications arising.

This fact should be effective proof of their harmlessness.


What Complications or side effects are to be expected?

Thread lifts are generally safe procedures due to the biocompatibility of the threads used.

While soreness in and around the facial skin may persist for 2-4 days, they usually do not last for longer than a week. Compared to traditional surgical treatment methods, the aftereffects of thread lifts are quite mild.

An important thing to keep in mind before going for a thread lift is the experience of the doctor performing the treatment.

In case the doctor is inexperienced, there is a chance of a botched attempt. This might end with irregularities of skin ranging from outwardly visible subcutaneous knots to puckered or depressed skin.


Aftercare of Thread Lift

There are a few dos and don’ts that anyone undergoing thread lifts must keep in mind for the ongoing treatment to progress in the desired manner.

While the list is not extensive it is in no way any less important and must be followed for optimal success of the procedure. Some of the aftercare steps to take include:

  • Patients must sleep on their backs to help the swelling go down and to avoid exerting any pressure to the face.
  • Patients must avoid going for any dental treatments for at least two weeks after getting a thread lift as this may again cause displacement of the threads.
  • The face or any other treated area such as the neck must not have any pressure exerted on it to avoid causing any misalignment to the thread structure underneath the skin.


What is the price of Thread Lift in Singapore?

The final price depends on the doctor and clinic. In general, here is the approximate pricing for thread lift in Singapore, which includes doctor fee, reviews, consultation and also GST:

The price for thread lift in Singapore ranges from $1600 – $4800.


How to find the best Thread Lift doctors in Singapore

The doctor performing your procedure have to be certified by the Singapore Medical Council and licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Shenthilkumar Naidu

Plastic Surgeon

3 Killiney Road, #09-08
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

1 2 3 4 5
4.8 stars from 10 reviews
1 2 3 4 5
4.8 stars from 10 reviews

Colin Tham Hsien Jen

Plastic Surgeon

304 Orchard Road
Lucky Plaza #05-06
Singapore 238863

1 2 3 4 5
5.0 stars from 3 reviews
1 2 3 4 5
5.0 stars from 3 reviews

4D Facelifting Package (Silhouette Threadlifting + Liquid Facelift + Fillers) $7,000

Vaser LipoSelection Package $4000

Facial V-shaping (PDO Threads + Botox + Fillers) $2,500

Gerard Ee

Aesthetic Doctor

24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

1 2 3 4 5
4.9 stars from 3 reviews
1 2 3 4 5
4.9 stars from 3 reviews

Botox + Filler (Jaw & Chin & Nose) $2000

Q-switch + HF Laser x 10 package $3000

Fractional CO2 Laser x 5 package $2450 x 10 package $3900

Ivan Puah

Aesthetic Doctor

140 Arab Street
Singapore 199827

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In summary, here is the complete guide to all you need to know about thread lift in Singapore.

The myriad benefits of each type of thread lift over regular surgical treatments are clearly evident from this article.

Not only are these minimally invasive and painless, but they also enable natural rejuvenation of your facial skin apart from other benefits.

These may include the altering of eyebrows and jaws into a more desirable shape.

If you are feeling self-conscious about aging and how it affects your look, then you should definitely book an appointment with a specialist for a thread lift.


Customised Plastic Surgery Package

Why look to a customised package?

Every patient may have their own individual needs, and Dr Ng will be able to specifically identify the exact combination of treatment that one might need. Get a customised package today!

Ng Siew Weng

Plastic Surgeon


Facial V-shaping (PDO Threads + Botox + Fillers) $2,500

What is Facial V-shaping?

A lunchtime, minimal-downtime procedure for V-shaping the mid-lower face for more youthful, heart-shaped proportions. A combination of the popular Korean Ultra V-lift using PDO threads with Botox for jaw slimming and fillers for chin enhancement.

Colin Tham Hsien Jen

Plastic Surgeon


Fractional CO2 Laser x 5 package $2450 x 10 package $3900

Why undergo Fractional CO2 Laser?

The Edge Fractional CO2 laser, the latest CO2 technology in the market, for pores, depressed acne scars and radiance for your skin.

Gerard Ee

Aesthetic Doctor

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